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How to I change to active voice
Grammrly says sentence is correct, but not forceful See example: There is no substitute for being brought up in God's ...
0 votes, asked Sep 07 '11 by Clifford Hatcher
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Grammar Support
How would I correct the sentence "Who did the committee appoint?" See example: 6. Who did the committee appoint?
+1 vote, asked Sep 06 '11 by Sarah
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it says i am bad but i am good
this is not a run on scentence. what is wrong with you. i am perfectly fine with having this in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by 1800803
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semicolons and commas only
Professor Choo is dynamic teacher on the other hand he gives quizzes every week See example: Professor Choo is a ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by sharlene akbar
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How to changing it to the active voice.
One drawer is divided 40 compartment for putting checking-out receipt, customers, staffs & storeroom spare key "as well."
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by Celina
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active voice
i need this in the active voice See example: They were commanded to obey all that is written in the ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by lorna mtati
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Conditional Sentences
What is wrong with this sentence ? See example: CoreLogic will receive this document; if a modification was provided on ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by Verna Francis
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I thought this program was designed to help fix a your paper and show you the right way to write ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by sharlene akbar
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'at' 'on' 'in'
Is there any rules to be followed when we're using these words [at, on, in]
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by Mohd Al-Jalori
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correct usage of at and on
Put at or on correctly Ann aimed her camera ......... a bird. There is a factory ........... the top of ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by KOKULARAJ
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grammar check
Dear Abhishek, As discussed with Dr. Manish , kindly book the air ticket of Dr Shailendra Tomar from Delhi to ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by Shailendra
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Too wordy!
I need an example of how to reword this without confusing the reader. See example: Specifically the director, Christopher Nolan, ...
0 votes, asked Sep 06 '11 by pam
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is it
a hundred dreadful things See example: Rio's eyes snapped open, and a hundred dreadful things zipped through his mind in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by April Grady
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How these preposition use for time?
+1 vote, asked Sep 05 '11 by pshko
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how to improve the sentence
Some adults should get one dose of the vaccine if they were born after 1956 and have no record of ...
0 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by karen
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how do i make payments online?
How do i subscribe for grammarly account online using a master card?
0 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by eva ntiritu
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grammar check
please fin• Unauthorized Access 1. Illicit Access from the bag room is very easy. 2. Access near pool side is ...
-1 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by sumit sher
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How to start sentence?
At the movement of writting and speaking, how to start sentence?
0 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by SBW
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Grammatical error
What is an error in below paragraph? Scanner : - We have brought Ln Key from the market. We found ...
0 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by SBW
0 answers
Previously, there was an option to check for more synonyms choices, but this option is no more. Apart from the ...
0 votes, asked Sep 05 '11 by Kenneth
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Am I missing a comma?
Following these directions will enable you to save important family pictures, music, videos and other files and data. See example: ...
0 votes, asked Sep 04 '11 by Chetram Jodha
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Prepositions of home
Does ''home'' have any preposition? Why isn't there any preposition for home in this sentence '' I will be home'' ...
0 votes, asked Sep 04 '11 by sarah
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correction needed -usages below
please advise me the mistake(s) i have committed as per the details mentioned below : In order to streamline our ...
0 votes, asked Sep 04 '11 by Hassan
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Word usage
When do I use "than" and when do I use "then"?
0 votes, asked Sep 04 '11 by Georgiana-Nicoleta Timofte
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Thesis statements
How will improving your writing skills benefit you in your chosen career field? Is this correct or not. This is ...
0 votes, asked Sep 03 '11 by Sarah Opara-Nadi
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Would for Will
When is it right to use "would" rather than "will" in a sentence?
0 votes, asked Sep 03 '11 by kayode williams
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itinerary tickets
Please find the attached files for Itinerary tickets to Paris. All crew flight are with Etihad Airlines. First trip will ...
0 votes, asked Sep 03 '11 by kiki machina
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Choose the corerect sentence from the alternative given below . which is the correct answer Q. I finally decided to ...
0 votes, asked Sep 03 '11 by kezia
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Checking the entire document,
Apart from the current system, which icon do I click to get my entire script controlled by your system. By ...
0 votes, asked Sep 03 '11 by Chucks Nwosu
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Use of em dash and quotation marks to indicate interruption in a dialogue.
I don't know whether to write "Will you—" or "Will you"— to show that the speaker has been interrupted. My ...
0 votes, asked Sep 02 '11 by Liesa Malik
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