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Usage of Each Other
I have actually written something as below:- They feel so warm when each other have ordered the favorite paintings for ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '11 by Betty Chan
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please correct my sentence
As you remember when we were looking for calliper and torque tester. Naeem asked few companies about renting, they said ...
-1 votes, asked May 25 '11 by Nadeem
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Need Help
need help for my sentance See example: As story proceeds, it seems like qualities of Maggie are underestimated, until in ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '11 by bhavik
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Need help
I cannot figerout what is wrong with my sentace See example: Here she is trying to compare Maggie with the ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '11 by bhavik
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Does the sentence make any sense?
Though, efficiency reading is high when measured, but it’s incongruent to the objectives; therefore, it deems ineffective. Please rephrase if ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '11 by azman
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Stop? Breathe? What's a Comma?
How do commas work? They make no sense. Interrupters? Breathe? Lists? How can I tell where to put them?
0 votes, asked May 24 '11 by Tanya
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Please revise this sentence. Finally, I believe neither Carol or John are fault, they are flawed character who represent human ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '11 by Xenia Castell
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Preposition at the end of the sentence- correction?
Is this sentence correct? I have read that a prepostion at the end of a sentence should be avoided. Thanks. ...
-1 votes, asked May 24 '11 by Jelena
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When I use grammarly I have been asked to remove punctuation that I know is correct. I'm told to remove ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '11 by Walker
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organisation or organisational
Organisation goals or organisational goals? See example: Combining our passion for development, our specialist approach and your own knowledge of ...
0 votes, asked May 23 '11 by JAMES REEVES
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Email writing
Dear Sir or Modam, thanks for the usfule grammarly corrictive site, just I have sugestion about email writing if is ...
0 votes, asked May 23 '11 by Nazir
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Special carracters ¢ and parenthisis within a sentence.
When these carracters are used in a sentence the editor does not recognize a period at the end of the ...
0 votes, asked May 22 '11 by H Kenneth Alcornb
3 answers
I find this site very helpful, especially if one did not academically apply his self fifty years ago. I write ...
0 votes, edited May 22 '11 by Dave
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We start from its relevant conditions which including economic background, technological environment, political and legal framework and cultural and social ...
0 votes, asked May 22 '11 by Zhang Ran
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you always be here for us and also you care for us
0 votes, asked May 22 '11 by yogumara
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Sentence length. How do I shorten this?
"The fact that the woman's husband could not stand up to see her position is quite ironical considering he acted ...
0 votes, asked May 22 '11 by April Wallace
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Why is this sentence flagged?
The Grammarly suggests that a comma is needed between the quote "Shadow" and the attribution . And yet there is ...
0 votes, asked May 21 '11 by Jeff Pribyl
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theis statement
does this work as theis statment? See example: This paper will focus on what the local food movement is its ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by Kim Danzeisen
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Presentation VS academic
This is part of a discussion in my class, according to APA format. When I do a review, do I ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by laura cox
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A teenager quote is not a complete sentence. Well, duh. That is the way they talk.
Grammarly's catch is not useful. See example: "Or checking out the girls as they go through the line."
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by Dave Stover
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"This would help us correct the information", "This would help to keep the room cool." Where/how to use 'to' after ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by yousuf
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Words to describe nature
Which words can be used to better describe mountains, lakes and valleys?
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by Julia
2 answers
Сases in English
What are the different cases in English?
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by Julia
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I'm kinda freaking out seeing how my writings horrible. Any sorta help would be greatly appreciated! thanks guys See example: ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by kenneth
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What should i use
This was definately not a positive sign. See example: This was definitely not a positive sign.
0 votes, asked May 20 '11 by Lacaecia
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What is the correct sentence?
where should a write a comma or where are the squinting modifiers See example: In real life Fitzgerald crossed beyond ...
0 votes, asked May 19 '11 by Claudia
4 answers
This is a cite from Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby : are you telling me is incorrect?
the word certain should be there or not See example: His life had been confused and disordered since then, but ...
0 votes, asked May 19 '11 by Claudia
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men is plural not singular. I found it's giving me wrong feedback. I put "Men also have" and it said ...
0 votes, asked May 19 '11 by indah
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In the sentence below, I do not believe that the word "she" should be captilized (though I am being told ...
0 votes, asked May 19 '11 by Michael R. Jennings
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This needs to be fixed
How do i fix this sentence. Having a hard time with this See example: There might be some exceptions for ...
0 votes, asked May 18 '11 by Lisa Jowett
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