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I need help with this.
it says wordiness See example: After a little while of sitting and swinging their feet in the cool water they ...
0 votes, asked Jun 06 '11 by trixie
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i need help fixing this parallelism
i don't know what it is talking about See example: Doc turned to see her holding her panties out at ...
0 votes, asked Jun 06 '11 by trixie
2 answers
Indirect questions
how do you check sentences with 'indirect questions'? I wrote some examples to know how it works and I didn't ...
0 votes, asked Jun 06 '11 by Sandra Jardim Oliveira
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Pls correct this sentence
I experienced everything for a week without my parent.I cooked, worked at home and enjoyed myself... As compared to Japan, ...
0 votes, asked Jun 05 '11 by Arti Umrotkar
1 answer
as vs. like
what is the problem with as in this sentence? See example: Hinge upon statistical data, about one third of children ...
0 votes, asked Jun 05 '11 by soheia
2 answers
automaticly correct errors
Can my errors be corrected automaticly.
0 votes, asked Jun 05 '11 by donna Swing
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I'm being asked about the usage of the word "at" in the sentence below
Should I say, At this point, who knows what's going on, but I'll meet with surgeon etc? See example: Who ...
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '11 by robert
2 answers
Is this sentence grammatically correct? "However, as their lifestyle became more nomatic they began to use tipi houses which are ...
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '11 by juline
1 answer
Passive Voice Use
How could this sentence be re-phrased correctly? See example: The analysis was returned to the students for validation.
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '11 by Odysseus
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what do you mean by chromlogical sense
raised and became how can i put in the same tense See example: She was raised like a Baptist and ...
0 votes, asked Jun 04 '11 by Clyde Fisher
2 answers
What is wrong with that sentece
Any ideas on why its wrong and how to fix it? See example: This sudden loss was very hard on ...
0 votes, asked Jun 03 '11 by Kyle Johnson
1 answer
Unable to use grammarly after Upgrade of Account
Why am I unable to use grammarly to edit my work even after upgrading my account. I paid for a ...
+2 votes, asked Jun 03 '11 by Asky
1 answer
How this sentence should re write over coming the observations shawn See example: The nature of civil and military relations ...
0 votes, asked Jun 03 '11 by Nishantha Manage
1 answer
How would you word it See example: I am looking forward to a new productive learning experience.
0 votes, asked Jun 03 '11 by Bianca Tristan
1 answer
The use of "foundation"
I am using the word "foundation" specifically to refer to a foundation that was esteblished by a company. Am I ...
0 votes, asked Jun 03 '11 by Greg Wilson
1 answer
can you correct my whole paper whatever i am going to write. See example: don`t want to hurt their patient ...
0 votes, asked Jun 02 '11 by jaspal
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does this software indtifiy any plaigrism?
does this software identify any plaigrism? See example: However, effective management cannot be achieved in the absence of radical leadership ...
0 votes, asked Jun 01 '11 by Simon Rassel
2 answers
Proper salutation order
Which is the proper order for an informatl saluation? Dear Bill and Jill, or Dear Bill and Jill?
0 votes, asked Jun 01 '11 by Patricia Sissom
1 answer
account error
I tried to create an account using my waldenu.edu but kept getting in error message......Could not locate my email address ...
0 votes, asked May 31 '11 by respent.green@waldenu.edu
1 answer
How is success deposited in your heart the same as joy? See example: Just hearing the children's laughter deposited joy ...
0 votes, asked May 31 '11 by jean
1 answer
make an appointment
how can i put on it if don't put "you" See example: I could not hold on Tuesday 14th to ...
0 votes, asked May 31 '11 by Sarwar
1 answer
Usage of infinitives
1. “It is our contention that a deterministic model in conjunction with a stochastic model, in the higher hierarchy, seems ...
0 votes, asked May 31 '11 by Sheung Kim
1 answer
Leading Strategic change at DaVita
Having trouble with forming this sentence Therefore, “Adopt” a center was created, and each person, including top managemetn had a ...
0 votes, asked May 31 '11 by Emma Sharif
3 answers
Incorrect use of prepositions
How would you reword this sentence? The act of killing your own child was one of many pagan rituals that ...
0 votes, asked May 31 '11 by Christina
1 answer
I am trying to desrbie y uncle work he is an artist. So If I say: I admire my uncle ...
0 votes, asked May 30 '11 by NM
2 answers
What's wrong about "e.g." in academic contexts?
0 votes, asked May 30 '11 by Uwe Bellmann
2 answers
nominal that clause
where can we omit that in nominal clause?
0 votes, asked May 30 '11 by nazli
1 answer
Per APA formate, 'as' & 'like
I was instructed to cahnge the as to like, that seems wrong, am I right? See example: It is exciting ...
0 votes, asked May 30 '11 by laura cox
1 answer
how do you make corrections
if I change the corrections, I have to redo the changes that I already completed. Alway srarting from the beginning ...
0 votes, asked May 30 '11 by JOEVELYN jordan
1 answer
I don't know what it is trying to tell me.
It says: This clause may not be clearly phrased as a question, despite the use of a question mark. Consider ...
0 votes, asked May 29 '11 by Jerry
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