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Passive voice use
How can I reword this to avoid passive voice usage? See example: With the assistance of the company we work ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 21 '12 by Rodella Celi-Bugayong
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Please clarify the correct spelling of co-culture. Grammarly says that it does not have the hyphen, but my Communication textbook ...
0 votes, asked Sep 20 '12 by Jennifer Taubert
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Works Cited
Should I use 2nd Ediition or Second Edition or The Second Edition See example: Second Edition.
+1 vote, asked Sep 20 '12 by KIM
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Passive voice
How do I change sentence to active voice See example: In 2007, an Educational Revolution was announced by the government.
+1 vote, asked Sep 20 '12 by Joshua Morgan
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Passive Voice
How do I fix my passive voice sentence? This authority was first provided, as mentioned in Clement's first letter, in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 20 '12 by Megan
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how do i put this into the active voice
It accepts patients who has been diagnosed with cancer and is referred by a physician. See example: It accepts patients ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 19 '12 by alisha
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check the sentence See example: From the intellectual competencies section, i will acquire observing skills--recognizing objectively what is happening in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 19 '12 by Chaminerdene Natsagdorj
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Hi, can you please proof?
Good Morning, everyone. Good Morning, everybody. See example: Good Morning, everybody.
0 votes, asked Sep 19 '12 by shirley tooks-wadlington
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passive voice
admissions essay See example: It will have me reassure myself that my customers are satisfied.
0 votes, asked Sep 18 '12 by Tierra
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what is wrong with this sentence See example: All of the students were convinced that their answers were well.
0 votes, asked Sep 18 '12 by Haris Rizvanovic
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Proper sentencing
How could I make this sentence proper? See example: This time it would feel as if a knife was shoved ...
0 votes, asked Sep 18 '12 by Heath
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we want this to be kept ready
We need this to be kept ready in advance.
0 votes, asked Sep 18 '12 by KANNAN VIJAYAKUMAR
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Is this a correct sentence? If anything is wrong, please someone correct it. Thanks.
"From our report, we find Antivirus disabled on ABC PC. Since this protection is off. Kindly follow the instruction to ...
0 votes, asked Sep 18 '12 by Charnita
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How to fix the sentence
In summary, through “Blackberries”, Komunyakaa explored the racial inequalities that characterize society. The misery of being black and poor, and ...
-3 votes, asked Sep 18 '12 by Aida Kattan
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What is the important of being english by profession
what is actually being important in english /
-3 votes, asked Sep 17 '12 by James Tongun Ajeo Tongun
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how can I repharse this sentence.
The spectrum of health ranges from good to poor;one can be in good health or anywhere in between. See example: ...
0 votes, asked Sep 17 '12 by Janice
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Sentence Fragment or Regular Sentence with Elliptical Construction
For good reason, we teach students that incomplete sentences are wrong. Later, as students master the various sentence structures, we ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 17 '12 by Jeff Pribyl
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comment on the sentence
After the constraint problem is solved, start the TOC process again. What is wrong with this sentence? See example: After ...
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by Sharon
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help plz
i want to see this essy is it true or not? Education is such an universally utilized issue in the ...
-1 votes, edited Sep 17 '12 by sama
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introduction for essay ,help me
i wanna see this essay is it true or not ?In the present age education issue have been dazzlingly soaring ...
0 votes, edited Sep 17 '12 by sama
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the rationale for choosingb this theory is that it definesthe purpose of nursing intervention in helping patients and their families ...
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by michelle campbell-edwards
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How should this sentence be written.
My concept map provides an outline of my management knowledge. See example: My concept map provide my existing management knowledge.
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by Delores Hillman
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i want to see the next sentence is true or not ?"Education is such an universally utilized idiom in the ...
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by sama
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Help fix my run-on sentence
The importance of noticing the above warning signs and physical symptoms can save a loved one from hiding their pain, ...
grammar run on Sentence fix 0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by Mark Wilson
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However, after several years of not having any luck getting a full-time employment that would further my academic career in ...
0 votes, asked Sep 16 '12 by John Aluge
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Being in a position of authority to address public concerns has both positive and negative aspects See example: In critical ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '12 by Sera Dooley
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However, if the wrong decisions made, losing respect, collaboration and even the position as an authority are at stake. See ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '12 by Sera Dooley
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does these need to have closing puncitation?
What is wrong with the passage below? See example: According to Think American Government book, politics "is the process that ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '12 by Ashely Polce
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"carry on" meaning to continue.
Correction says "on" should not occur at the end of the sentence. See example: The locker room's metal doors clattered ...
0 votes, asked Sep 15 '12 by Anthony Dennis Caeton
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how to reword See example: Scared, I pleaded with my eyes to my parents to take me away.
0 votes, asked Sep 14 '12 by Ronnie
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