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Some situations that trigger aggressiveness in me are that I’m being ignored by the people I’m talking with. When someone ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '13 by Ana Laura Vasquez
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please correct it
Can you correct the grammer for this paragraph? (this is not a school work, these are my own words) As ...
-2 votes, asked Feb 13 '13 by maria
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It is almost the same. VS. It is almost same.
It is almost the same. VS. It is almost same. 'the same' functions the same as 'happy' in 'I am ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '13 by Hans
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Cancelling Account
I would like to cancel my account from the free trial but I cannot. The link provided does not work. ...
0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by Melissa Washburn
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Moving its primary concentrate from services to products, VS is now consistently offering alternatives in diverse areas.
+1 vote, asked Feb 12 '13 by Sara cooper
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Do you think this makes sense?
(This is a part of my project) "Water, it has evolved for long period of time with mankind. Water is ...
0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by Silver Kim
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how to cancelled my subscription See example: We call it a car instead of "an engine driving the wheels with ...
0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by sivagnasuntharam kalaikamal
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Inappropriate word usage for formal writing
how can I make the "you" in more formal writing? See example: In your entries, you have been showing interest ...
0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by Faiza
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I don't see what is wrong with this sentance.
Can anyone point me to a better wording? See example: I think that if Roy was truely concerned with his ...
0 votes, asked Feb 11 '13 by Zach McMahon
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Using "the" in a sign for a visitor centre
hi there, there is a centre called "The Kennedy Homestead", it will be called this on promotional material. On the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 11 '13 by Siobhan Clifford
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passive voice?
I was told by grammarly for this sentence to use assertive voice, rather than passive voice. I don't know how ...
0 votes, asked Feb 11 '13 by Anna Bjork
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who can I fix this, Records; documented in the form of a colletion of funds has their owns purpose. See ...
0 votes, asked Feb 11 '13 by robbie moore
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Reflexive pronouns: singular or plural?
I understand the reflexive pronoun issue. My concern is whether it should be singular or plural. If "Everybody" is singular ...
0 votes, asked Feb 10 '13 by Loren Abbey
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passive voice
how can i re word this to say the same thing? See example: A fine of $250-$500 will be ticketed ...
0 votes, asked Feb 10 '13 by marquita raines
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Pronoun agreement
The preceeding sentences talk about plural diseases. I want the sentence in the example to be the ending thought for ...
0 votes, asked Feb 10 '13 by Elizabeth Connors
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Patricia D Hendy's pen-name is Paterika Hengreaves. She is the author of "Poetry for all Seasons" published by AuthorHouse. Why ...
-1 votes, asked Feb 10 '13 by Patricia D Hendy
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Grammarly says "through us" is a squinting modifier
Not only does He secure our place in Heaven, but He works through us to accomplish His purpose on earth.
0 votes, asked Feb 09 '13 by Susan
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Why is wanting won't instead of want?
“According to Helen, Heather is sleeping. You’ll be able to see her tomorrow. I want you two to wait in ...
0 votes, asked Feb 09 '13 by Dollie Mason
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Ethical issues
How can I change this sentence? I would to start with looking back into history. Reflecting back in history, the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 09 '13 by Nikki Atkins
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is were expected ok as is or not
Instead of always being told what to do, the students were expected to assume the responsibility for getting an education. ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by Shannon
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Need help revising sentence
Tried multiple time to revise still not revising right could someone please help See example: However, I am not saying ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by Audra Johnson
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I asked a proffessional check for 8 minutes. But I have not answer.
-2 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by hiromi hosoya
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0 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by BILJANA RISTOVA
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Conditional statement
"Should there be any inconvenience, [...]." Is this way of writing a conditional statement wrong or correct? Regards, Paola Salviato ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by Paola Salviato
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Passive Voice Use
Hello there Experts! :) Please help modify this sentence from a "Passive Voice" to an "Active Voice" form. Thank you. ...
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by E. Luna
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simple present verb ending spelling rules
what are the spelling rules for the simple present verb endings in third person ?
0 votes, asked Feb 08 '13 by Carolina Perez
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not sure how to fix please help. See example: I enjoy having a conversation with people of different cultures because ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '13 by suzette seelal
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where do commas go if necessary?
Louisa bought mangos and papayas and oranges. See example: My parents did not approve of the behavior that was displayed ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '13 by jody solomon
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APA Formating
Does Grammarly check documents for APA formating?
APA +1 vote, asked Feb 07 '13 by Ann Marie Hornack
1 answer
Sending Students Grammarly's Suggestions
Is there a way to send the student what Grammarly recommends? See example: Both the Mayor and the council members ...
0 votes, asked Feb 07 '13 by Tim Smith
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