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Please let me know where is a location of coma in this sentence ,in some reason when I fallow software ...
0 votes, asked Nov 06 '11 by shahin
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Can someone change this sentences to passive voices please?
1.I have spoken to several students today. 2.They were doing dishes when I got home.
0 votes, asked Nov 05 '11 by Munib Dizdarevic
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how do you correct this sentence
Tis primary question was the justifcation for a more libeeral quality when ivesgating that proposed activities of terrist. See example: ...
0 votes, asked Nov 05 '11 by afsar
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The was performed and included
please check passive voice for me See example: The assessment was performed and included the integration of the theory, nursing ...
0 votes, asked Nov 05 '11 by pargat
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Pronoun agreement
Is this sentence correct? See example: If Hancock Fabrics would like to consider an upgrade on the quality of fabric ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '11 by Heather Wind
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explaintion of constitution amentdment
am not sure if I need to add comas are to this are eaplain the amentdment IV frome the constitution ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '11 by afsar
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sentence structure.
is there a different way to write this sentence. Grammarly says it is passive. See example: No matter what is ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '11 by angela
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pls could someone rephrase this sentence for me
Considering this definition, identity is something that as human we can make a choice of where we want to belong. ...
0 votes, asked Nov 04 '11 by Gyan
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colons and semi colons
when do I use semi colons and colons?
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by Dorothea Franklin
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please help me to correct overused passive voice in the following sentence
The construction of a house should be well built and substantial, but the contractors are corrupted, inefficient, and especially, not ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by SODILA
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please help
ok i dont see anything wrong here please corect me if im wrong. See example: While nick stated "I believe ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by nicky
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Fragmented sentence
What is wrong with this sentence and how can I fix it? Case in point, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by Daniel Reyes
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i use the word experiences or experience alot. any other options?
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by van
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The error is stating that I should remove the infinitive "to" infront of ensure. However, moving it will not make ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by amal
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Is there another way of saying this sentence?
To set the tension that will be applied, refer to the table below and then perform the following steps. I ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by tomo
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want to improve my english comunication
hi, i am a new member of this forum , i want to improve my english communicaation so can u ...
-1 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by anita
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GRAMMARLY is saying that mispelled quotation mark that I placed after my sentence.
Should I remove quotation marks I'm using my present book. For example, I wrote: Sakamoto-san: "Did Kinsley came to your ...
0 votes, asked Nov 03 '11 by Justice Junior Palmer
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Possessive use of apostrophe & s in the above paragaph. Is that correct?
I believe that the words "execution" and "initiazliation" are nouns and that possessive use of apostrophe & s is correct ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by JC
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please can correct the sentence
why choose special needs category blindness children from 7-10 years to creat cloth
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by soso
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Verb use
How can this sentence be re-phrased to use the correct verb? See example: 5. How is student achievement affected by ...
+1 vote, asked Nov 02 '11 by Benson Seisay
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"Petition For Readmission" is a heading for this paper.
Why is this being singled out as incorrect? See example: PETITION FOR READMISSION
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by Wilma Davis
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Passive voice use
The grammer checker keeps noting that "is satisfied" and "was raised" in the sentence are not used in an active ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by amal
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Can anyone check my grammar,grammatical mistakes and sentence structure please?
Summary I am working for large companies producing GRP pipes in Egypt then recently in UAE. I am responsible for ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by mohamed
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Need Help
To reinforce math skills, the student will practice the following fact fluency for +/-/x: 2 digit w w/o regrouping, place ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by Rosario Allen
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comma usage
need more commas? See example: Through this dramatic end Great-grandfather could fetch no physician, as he was completely passed out ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by salem
2 answers
subject verb agreement
Subject is: the validity and credentials of an author Verb is: are Grammerly states it should be is See example: ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by Gail Zitz
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need help
I am having trouble with Passive voice use. See example: This sentence plainly applies to the Emancipation Proclamation that was ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by kerine smith
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Leadership Report
This sentence needs to be in a question form but each time I rewrite the sentence whether it is a ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by Florence Mayhall-Andrews
0 answers
How do I edit this sententence
Grammarly says the her and her family's lives is wrong and I should check if its plural or singular. I'm ...
0 votes, asked Nov 02 '11 by shrav
0 answers
having trouble
how can i rephrase this sentence See example: His speech placed civil rights at the top of political agenda and ...
0 votes, asked Nov 01 '11 by kerine smith
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