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How can i correct the modifier
Confusing modifier The ethical dilemma about Jocelyn case is that she has not yet qualified as mental health counselor to ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '12 by ayowole adeoti
1 answer
faulty parallelism
n conclusion, encouraging infant male circumcision it is not a prudent public health intervention in response to the increased rates ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '12 by Noela Chicuecue
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Passive voice
What is a better way to structure this sentence with out the use of passive voice? By a copy, of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '12 by G Briggs
3 answers
Looking for the right verb
What's the best verb for these phrases "the beautiful view................ onto a picture/ a painting", meaning that it'll stay on ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '12 by Loreta
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Need help with a sentence. It doesn't make sense to me. Can someone help me out.
Normally, this would have been fantastic, but upon exiting Hannah’s car, her umbrella is broken by a huge gust of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '12 by Tamie
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How to make this sentence correct, "I accidentally submitted one of those materials i had reviewed for the white paper ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '12 by Frederick Lumeh
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Unacceptable sentence starters
My professor just told us never to start a sentence with "this." I have never heard this before. Where does ...
0 votes, asked Mar 21 '12 by Helen Pratt
1 answer
Squinting Modifier?
Does this sentence contain a squinting modifier. If so, how would you fix it? See example: During Sunday school class, ...
0 votes, asked Mar 21 '12 by Ruthie
1 answer
correct it
how can i change the below sentance? See example: I went to the washroom; it was not maintained properly.
0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by MUHAMMAD ALI
1 answer
once i heard in bbc world news that "2 foreign journalist reported killed in homs" in fact that's this sentence"2 ...
0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by Amirhossein
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Commas in a certain phrase needed?
If you begin a sentence with 'We at such and such company....,' do you need any commas within the phrase ...
0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by John
2 answers
Plagiarism turned off
In the past I was able to turn plagiarism on or off. However, there is not even a way for ...
0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by Margaret Flink
1 answer
I was checking my document and it said ok for plagerism before it even finished. It doesn't seem to be ...
0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by Barbara Deridder
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how do i turn it on? See example: These conflicts are as old as time; when one nation or race ...
0 votes, asked Mar 20 '12 by Alan E. Perry
2 answers
Can I upgrade my account? See example: If students are working in groups errors should be corrected after the lesson ...
0 votes, asked Mar 19 '12 by Gaibrielle Peters
0 answers
go + ing form for activities
I go dancing, but I don t know if I can say: I go classical dancing, I go modern dancing...
0 votes, asked Mar 19 '12 by carmen
1 answer
relative clause
If the antecedent of a relative clause is the personal pronoun "you", say, for example, second person singular, should the ...
relative clause pronoun antecedent 0 votes, asked Mar 19 '12 by Marian Babiak
1 answer
Reworking my Conclusion
My conclusion: Although the relationship between a Korean immigrant mother and a 2nd generation Korean American daughter remains unclear, it’s ...
conclusion rework teacher help ideas 0 votes, asked Mar 19 '12 by Natalie Swope
1 answer
Hi,how do you write and organize an expository essay?
0 votes, asked Mar 18 '12 by Khulood
0 answers
regarding "who"
I do not know how to make it better See example: Lourdes Josol's history inspired a part of who I ...
0 votes, asked Mar 18 '12 by vid
0 answers
punctuation or grammar
How would you make this grammatically correct? (change puncuation... etc.) An important covalent molecule that is commonly used today is ...
punctuation grammar +1 vote, asked Mar 18 '12 by Annie Asal
3 answers
Can you make a comment on my writing which is about the heart as a symbol?
+1 vote, asked Mar 18 '12 by Karla Diyab
0 answers
Word replacement
Why on earth would you suggest "son" as a replacement for "child" especially since this is a memoir of a ...
+1 vote, asked Mar 18 '12 by Zain
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How can I better frame this sentence? Thanks.
Grammarly shows a squinting modified in this sentence. See example: He turned on his night vision and limped toward a ...
0 votes, asked Mar 18 '12 by Gb
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spelling check
how do you spell the Islamic holy book See example: In fact with the authority of 'Allah's own words' outlined ...
0 votes, asked Mar 18 '12 by ibrahim
1 answer
looking for better expression
Is "realized" right expression? And Is "like" needed here? See example: Anyway, I went to the restaurant and then surprised, ...
0 votes, asked Mar 18 '12 by moon myunghee
1 answer
correction of punctuation within a sentence
why is the sentence not correct. See example: In the article, the authors previously mentioned there were limitations in existing ...
0 votes, asked Mar 17 '12 by Barbara E. Douglas
1 answer
I was home by myself when the tank burst, but I managed to makeit out alive. Jack explained to Frank ...
0 votes, asked Mar 17 '12 by Peggy Lance
2 answers
confusing modifiers
For the life of me, I can't figure out how to re-word this. Help! See example: Individuals in this town ...
0 votes, asked Mar 17 '12 by Denise Mcnulty
0 answers
please help me check this summary .
The graph provides information about the factors affecting work performance on two groups of workers: those aged from 18-30 and ...
0 votes, asked Mar 17 '12 by nguyen thi phuong
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