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proper sentence structure
. Devices, where the operating system uses it in the firmware and is in use in systems) such as mobile ...
0 votes, asked Feb 21 '13 by jasper jerome fletcher
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Is punctuation required at the end of a quote when the sentence continues?
Which of the following is the correct punctuation? The sentence is a complete sentence so logic would have it that ...
0 votes, asked Feb 21 '13 by girapola
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Where should i put comma in this sentence
We therefore recommend that VAT taken on newly booked loan should be taken to VAT Suspense account and amortise monthly ...
0 votes, asked Feb 21 '13 by ibiyemi abiola
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rewording so it will sounds better See example: Paying attention with sensible contemplation to each event and circumstances without resistance, ...
0 votes, asked Feb 21 '13 by tina
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help in rewaording
This communication with many different people such as guests, directors, management, other leaders and the team members is critical See ...
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by Sawanda Stephenson
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This system is broke.
You're all chizz. See example: The second I see a pizza I fall in love all over again.
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by C-Monkey
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Education management law and policy
The effect of bulling on learners performance at secondary level in Namibia.
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by katanga marcelius mudumbi
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grammer question
hai experts according to english grammer did u see? is correct or did u seen? is correct, if the two ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 20 '13 by Beere Chandra
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I thought this was a grammer check corrector just like the ABC corrections that automatically gives you chooses of words ...
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by Bertha Luna
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how would i change this sentence to make it correct See example: I think having good social skills is important ...
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by sonia lasso
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Prices are approximate because I don't know the real weight of the package but I suppose it.
why is suppose incorrect in this sentence?
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by carol
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APA exercise
IF looking at spelling, grammar, and punctuation how could this sentence be better? It's wheels were completely stuck in the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by roxanne wise
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incorrect use of comma?
I believe the sentence below is written correctly, but my English teacher said the commas around polyhistor should not be ...
comma 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by lacie boney
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Can dashes be used correctly in place of commas to show action in your sentences? eg: The dragon beat his ...
dashes commas 0 votes, edited Feb 19 '13 by Lee
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I keep being told by the grammar checker that this is a fragments sentence but I can't see why.... Nee ...
Fragmented sentences 0 votes, edited Feb 20 '13 by Lee
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Appositive or not?
Is Tom a restrictive appositive in the sentence below? I know it would be a nonrestrictive appositive if it were ...
appositive restrictive non-restrictive +1 vote, asked Feb 19 '13 by Jan Grant
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Using of auxiliary verbs
What is the difference between: The books are not received, and the books not received.
0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by Mohamad A. Mostafa
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how do i rewrite this title?
How can i rewrite this topic? current trends in higher education: effects on workers, companies and institutions of higher learning ...
0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by Esther
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quotation marks
I know that a word or phrase preceded by "so-called" does not need to be set off with quotation marks. ...
0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by Lynn Cross
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Don't throw trash out of the window.
Don't throw trash out the window. VS. Don't throw trash out of the window. Out and out of are interchangeable ...
+2 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by Hans
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Rewrite sentence
The injury was minor. He could not play. Begin: The injury was too .............................................................
0 votes, asked Feb 18 '13 by Marvin Bwalya
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How do you get Grammarly to break down your sentence by parts of speech?
One of the very first times I ever used Grammarly during the free trial, it underlined each word indicating which ...
parts of speech Usage +2 votes, asked Feb 18 '13 by Mandi Cranson
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adjectives of comparison
I have a water in my bottle but you have . He has the water of all.(little)
-2 votes, asked Feb 18 '13 by muhd azrul
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What is Simmons Wedding dress?
What is Simmons Wedding dress?
wedding -1 votes, asked Feb 18 '13 by LUCK
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how the application is suppose to be used See example: Telehealth: Opportunities and Challenges
0 votes, asked Feb 18 '13 by Janet Crittenden
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Grammarly for report writing.
Hi Dear, I would like to know what to select(general , academic......) when I' using grammarly to proof read a ...
-1 votes, asked Feb 17 '13 by regine
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As Tide Water ( DIA 115) would like to open a separate account for their Saudi office but all the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '13 by Ahsan Jameel Hashemi
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How to rephrase?
How do I rephrase this sentence? This decision reaffirmed the power of the Interstate Commerce Clause, and set a precedent ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 17 '13 by Ami Patel
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capital punishment were imposed today less crime will happen?
In your opinion, if capital punishment were imposed today less crime will happen?
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '13 by laura sanchez
1 answer
large numbers of people has or have?I'm too confused about it. My answer was "a large number of people have" ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '13 by Mohamad Meamar
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