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Still processing
My document (three page resume) has been processing for over 20 minutes. Is that usual?
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Roberta Goughnour
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How many bucks
May I say: "How may bucks do I need to buy a computer". Is HOW MANY BUCKS a proper expression?
bucks how many 0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Juliana dos Santos
1 answer
Doubt about preposition
I was checking the following short text "Once identified how costs are allocated by each channel, it is possible to ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by carlos
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can I put " near" following by noun.
I write a sentence " I found three job postings that are from location near Victoria. " I am not ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by JunweiZheng
1 answer
commas and question marks inside or outside of quoted words
This is what I need help editing: Is it a “change,” or is it merely “revision” or “editing?” Is the ...
0 votes, edited Apr 04 '12 by Cat
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I was charged three days ago and i can't access my account. can anyone response
I need answer now because I had paid and I can't access my account. I am doing my assignment now.
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Diana
1 answer
Grammarly doesn't work in Word
I downloaded the plugin for Microsoft Word but It didn't work. I didn't see any thumbnail of Grammarly in word ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Henri Vanonen
2 answers
Sentence Type
I studied some years ago and in one of my recent questions on grammarly also it came that using 'Wh-word' ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Rahul Gupta
2 answers
Not sure what's wrong. See example: Which led to honors, as a young inventor.
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Nicole
0 answers
my 3 thesis statements are loyal,honest and caring. Loyalty is very important in the real friendship. Finding a loyal friend ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Maghri
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Suggestions to change sentence
Any suggestions? Ideas? See example: If marijuana was legalized, Virginia could build coffee shops that are similar to the ones ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '12 by Billy
1 answer
corret word
correct sentence See example: In detecting single base pair mutations of beta-globin gene is important in prenatal identification of sickle ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '12 by temitayo
1 answer
something wrong?
I think if they make up their object in study clearly,they will do their best to learn.
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '12 by moon myunghee
1 answer
How do I change this sentence? See example: It had been cut off, but it was long when I went ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '12 by Vicky
1 answer
Use and usage
Please it is proper to use kjv dictionary and use the words in regard to their meanings thence in?
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '12 by Ayyoob majidadi
2 answers
comparing two or more things
i dont know how to edit this See example: Stefanson stated embalming is an open choice of the family but ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '12 by Mark Lawrence
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Please reword
The relevancy in clinical supervision shows, and substantiates the fact that my supervisory platform supports this when I mentioned that ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Consuella Johnson-Caldwell
0 answers
I want to say that, I find Marias company to be enjoyable, but instead I'm being corrected in the following ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Ana M Pena
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i need to know what are grammer mistakes in this proposal its urgent
Date: March 6, 2012 To: Patrik Andersson, Managing Director, Bioprocess control From: Pavan Kumar Mokurala, Assistant Director, MS productions Pvt ...
0 votes, edited Apr 02 '12 by pavan kumar
1 answer
Can Grammarly work on Mac computers? See example: A Description of Vividness And Precision Continue
+1 vote, asked Apr 02 '12 by Joy Harriott
1 answer
hi, I would like help on how to make the sentence better
I would like to say all in the sentence in the grammatically correct way See example: You will SCULPT your ...
-1 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Jorge Cajina
1 answer
Big Q
what is the apropriate way to say it ? See example: Why you are late ?
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Asma
2 answers
Regarding specific dates in fiction
Is there a consensus regarding the format of dates used in writting? For example: "On the evening of June 1st ...
dates 0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Tony Proano
1 answer
about grammer mistakes i have 66% correct i am unable to correct them .help me out i have to submit
about grammer mistakes See example: I am looking forward to hear positive opinion and any discussions on our future advancements.
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by pavan kumar
1 answer
Draft for school
Maria and I order Paella for two, which consist of rice, chicken, and shellfish. I also order tapas, which are ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Ana M Pena
2 answers
to read
Please suggest me a book which is easily understandable to improve my grammar.
book 0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Shantanu
1 answer
about grammer mistakes
tell what is grammer mistake here See example: Biogas is produced by decomposition of manure anaerobically(absence of oxygen) into a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by pavan kumar
1 answer
What does it mean to check for commas around "interrupters"?
Where should the comma go in this sentance? See example: To make this move as smooth as possible I am ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Dennis Thomas
1 answer
Can you start a sentence with the word Wheater? Is uncompromised correctly used?
Is this ok: Whether a standard product or a custom design, products of ITW Shakeproof Group deliver uncompromised performance See ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Jim Tierney
0 answers
email writing
When receiving email I see the phrase "Please see the below email" when referring to the last email in a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 02 '12 by Donna Wilcoxson
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