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Sentence Fragment?
Please help me correct this sentence: With my eyes full with tears and with barely any force left in my ...
0 votes, asked Aug 03 '13 by Gladys Gouvea
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Usage of so that
She drove to England instead of flying so that she could save money. What is the difference between drove and ...
0 votes, asked Aug 03 '13 by ducdang123
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Is this grammatically correct?
God declared the army too large and reduced it to a mere 300 men.
0 votes, asked Aug 03 '13 by Susan
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Relative pronoun
Which sentense is correct Brinda,whome we interviewed,now works for us. OR Brinda,who we interviewed,now works for us.
0 votes, asked Aug 02 '13 by rashid
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please issue me the math book.
can tell me is there any error in this sentence
0 votes, asked Aug 02 '13 by Himanshu Gupta
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Which is the correct way to say a team made up of freshmen players. Is it the Freshman Basketball Team ...
0 votes, asked Aug 02 '13 by Danielle
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Is this sentene correct ?It is a Lester. Thank you How is her school life?I am sure she is having ...
0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by Maki
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what does a phrase modify grammatically
Can someone help me diagram this sentence: "All structures not located in the setback as shown on the plat will ...
diagram grammar adjunct 0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by George
1 answer
There are some more arriving tomorrow.
0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by malik
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How to express the favorite restaurant of multiple people?
Which is correct? "This is Dan's and my favorite restaurant." ~ or ~ "This is Dan and my favorite restaurant." ...
0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by Marcus Wilder
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check grammer and use of proper words
Since the vast use of internet, large numbers of people are being hooked to the convenience of internet facilities. Hence ...
0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by kratika mathur
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Flow of the sentence vs. the rules for commas
Does the following sentence need a comma, and where should it go? In and out of the rooms and down ...
comma commas flow 0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by M. Lyons
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subject-verb agreement rule of English Grammar
Which is the correct sentence? "Ram and Shyam goes to school" or "Ram and Shyam go to school?"
0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by Madhumita Banerjee
1 answer
Usage of the words elicit and exert
I have trouble using those words which are elicit and exert. Can someone give me a clearly explaination about the ...
0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by ducdang123
1 answer
Based on this sentence: the term “underground injection” excludes the underground injection of fluids or propping agents (other than diesel ...
0 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by jason spiritas
1 answer
Missing Grammerly
I would like to talk to someone at Grammerly. My OS is Vista, and I have MS Office 2010. Up ...
Ticket229965 0 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by sammie spencer
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getting a reply to report submitted
How can I get the corrected version of my report submitted for correction
0 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by bibiana okon
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this is about the parts of speech
give me some examples of the future perfect tense and give me also 1 question about it
Verbs -1 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by mary ann
0 answers
Please help me convert these simple sentences to compound or complex?
During the coming holidays, my sister and I are planning to take a trip to Kimberley that are located in ...
help homework -1 votes, asked Jul 31 '13 by PuPa
1 answer
I need examples of a good lead statement for my essay
I need samples of a good introductory statement for my essay. Running into my cousin, Bonnie’s grocery basket at the ...
0 votes, asked Jul 30 '13 by Nedra Williams
1 answer
Use of "thought about" vs "thought of"
I recently wrote: I saw a poem and thought about John Doe. Should I have written : I saw a ...
-2 votes, asked Jul 30 '13 by Sue
3 answers
Punctuation Choice in Strange Sentence - if-conditional/list
I am currently writing a document intended to be informational. Perfect grammar is to be sacrificed for readability. I am ...
if-conditional list comma dash 0 votes, asked Jul 29 '13 by Topknot
2 answers
There are two parts to this question: 1. Can an organization run only by women be named Women Aid Organization, ...
women female all-women women-s 0 votes, asked Jul 29 '13 by Nuria
0 answers
Is it Master's Degree or master's degree?
Mr X has a master's degree in English or Mr X has a Master's Degree in English. I asked this ...
-1 votes, asked Jul 29 '13 by Sarvan Minhas
1 answer
formatting after using proofit
I am using a MacBook Pro. I used the Proofit service for my paper. The paper was then emailed back ...
0 votes, asked Jul 28 '13 by Brian Jones
1 answer
Is these sentence correct?
(At some points of my life i miss you) or what the best sentence to describe this ?
0 votes, asked Jul 28 '13 by Ghada
2 answers
passive voice
How can I reword the statement so the passive voice is not used?In my classes, I try to use every ...
0 votes, asked Jul 27 '13 by dARLENE HAYES
2 answers
Double Check the Punctuation in This Sentence
I think that I already know the answer to this question but I can't remember for sure. So I just ...
Sentence compound punctuations 0 votes, asked Jul 26 '13 by Ashley Wiseheart
1 answer
negative simple and present continuous tenses
Which is the correct answer: we ____ (not, sing) all day. 1- don't sing 2- aren't singing with explanation if ...
0 votes, asked Jul 26 '13 by Mak R.D
2 answers
Age or Grade Level Estimate
I recently started using Grammarly and like it very much. Curious, is it possible to estimate age and or grade ...
0 votes, asked Jul 25 '13 by Lisa Lavaysse
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