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Social Security
what is the right way to word this in the paragraph See example: Some of the familiar programs dealing with ...
0 votes, asked Mar 13 '13 by Drew Proctor
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Grammar Correct Written-Slang
The common abbreviation/written-slang for 'download' is 'DL' or 'dl'. If one wishes to say 'downloading' or 'downloaded' whilst still using ...
written-slang slang 0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by TheMadKatter13
1 answer
How should I change the voice in following sentences?1. Sugar sells by the kilogram.2. When is he being hanged?3. Why ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by Ashok Meetei
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I need to know if AT is the correct verbage used in this sentence?
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by CICELY WILLIAMS
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Question about "The" / the radio and television.
We usually say the radio, but television or TV(without the) ex) I listen to the radio a lot. I watch ...
+1 vote, asked Mar 12 '13 by JH
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Faulty parallelism?
Well, I've just signed in for Grammarly and want to understand better this kind of mistake. Anybody that can explain ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by Andrea Moro
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Respond or respond to
In the following example the writer of the sentence is responding to the e-mail received. Please accept my apology for ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by Ema Kis
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Comma Splice
“Click the Most and Least buttons, then drag and drop them to one of the four boxes above to indicate ...
comma splice 0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by Jim
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A careful neurovascular examination should be done on every patient. Q; In this sentence, Instead of on the patient, I ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by lee
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Real or True?
Hello! I was wondering what the differences are between the words "real" and "true"? Are they interchangeable? For example if ...
real true 0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by Abby
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how can i change this sentence to See example: Senegalese people were questioning what she was doing there when she ...
0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by mously lo
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Grammatical QUestion
Dear Mr John, I writing to you on behalf of Capita.
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Azim
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is there a better sentence than this one?
This project is for the purchasing of equipment to support the needs of the students and local manufactures.
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Yhacia
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Shouldn't this be "who"? See example: He has had a huge impact on my life and has made me who ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Susan Cosma
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Please check language and punctuation
please check this..it is part of directions for students See example: It is important to talk about : When we ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Linda F. Cox
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Passive vs active voice
"A diagnostic plan and restorative dentistry appropriate treatment developed through several steps are necessary to restore lost tooth function and ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Miguel Carreira
1 answer
we expect good news
we expect good news
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by loliamelon
1 answer
I used the infinite love, and perplexed eyes to concentrate on his photo.
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Wong
4 answers
rephrase a sentence
how to rephrase this I keep making changes but doesnt help See example: To be ready for changes in health ...
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '13 by Lea Anne
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another way to word this?
im writing an evualuative paper on sportsmanship. See example: We've all seen a player gloat after a win or have ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by desique harrison
2 answers
Restated this sentences.
What is the best way to restate the sentence? See example: The new changes also recommended that teachers would stay ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by Meshell Bradley
0 answers
what is the best way to reword the modifier? See example: However, change eventually started happening for the poorest population ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by lashunda
1 answer
Noun Clause
Hi guys, Please clear me, I remember that we went to the picnic with my family. I remember we went ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by Sehrish
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how to correct passive voice usage
I frequently sit down with my employees for informal discussions ensuring their needs are met, and any issues are dealt ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by Len Campbell
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head cook qualifications
Thank you for your email below. We would appreciate if you can find a very qualified Head Cook for our ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by Ousama
1 answer
grammar help
I am not quite sure what a squinted modifer is and how I can fix it. Thanks See example: My ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by clare mc flynn goewey
1 answer
Is this the correct way of spelling Pennsylvania
This is the way i have always spell this word See example: He had just meander out of the Greyhound ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by Shine
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rewrite this sentence
students gain useful real world experience
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '13 by Tina Williard
1 answer
deciding whether to use adjectives or adverbs
is this sentence corect ? politicians have discovered that social networking sites work beautifully for campaigning? or beautiful
0 votes, asked Mar 09 '13 by anna gonzalez
1 answer
should the comma be inside the single quotation?
Kyan was an inquirer throughout our fourth unit of inquiry entitled ‘Shelters’, and was able to effectively and enthusiastically communicate ...
0 votes, asked Mar 09 '13 by Mortalra
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