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what is right way to re-write the next sentence. Let's swim over the river so that we can get to ...
0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by Andre
1 answer
Grammaticaly speaking,we say I was born and grown up in xxxx or I was born and grew up in xxxx ...
0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by frederico
2 answers
The use of need vs needs
I have a problem determining when to use need vs needs. For example, Sam from Quality asked to be included, ...
+1 vote, asked May 02 '13 by Chris
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Can you please the correct sentence? Thanks
Regarding the issue, I have checked your computer on Symantec console(server). It shows virus definition has updated upto date. So ...
-1 votes, asked May 02 '13 by charnitha
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how should this be written to that there is no confusion between "to" and "two"
She is not thinking of the moment when a male monarch turned, and bowing regally in the wind invited her ...
0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by Ron Starbuck
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Account access
Can I access and use my grammerly account from any computer? Do I have to download anything?
+2 votes, asked May 02 '13 by Susan Gardner
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Is it: It is (It's) or Is, in the beginning of a sentance
Is obvious that their main goel is to convince their readers that...
0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by Mario Flores
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Married name
I just got married and my husband is a "the 3rd." His father was Jr, his Grandfather was Sr, and ...
Marriage names husband Wife married 0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by Nakita Horsley
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Plurals and apostrophes
Family names of Travicich and Longo: the Traviciches? the Longos? Sentence: And one of their daughters lives on the same ...
0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by val holmes
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where is my verification number
I need to know where my verification number is located.
0 votes, asked May 02 '13 by lacey
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Are commas used correctly
Dear Rich, As per our telephone conversation this morning and as per lease stipulation "Option to Extend", this is to ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Zaherali lalji
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help grammar
I do not know what is wrong with this sentence, Can anyone help? See example: Criminalize cyber bullying could act ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by pim m.
2 answers
future and present forms
what's wrong with this sentence I can't come to you because I will have dinner with my family tonight.
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by reda
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Need proper Word
What is the proper word to describe people from Grand Bend?
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Frank Angus
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could you please correct?
Dear Sir We are a travel agency in North London. We have held IATA and ATOL and we would like ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by NATHAN
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Faulty sentence
How can I change this sentence so that it's gramatically correct? See example: The decision is therefore reversed and remanded ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Glendo Jeffers
1 answer
Who vs Whom
In whom I have hugged and whom I have failed to hug Are these supposed to be "who's" or "Whom's?" ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by samer naoum
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Are the grammar mistakes etc highlighted on the given text?
Hi - I am interested in subscribing to Grammarly but I would like to ask one question. If I have ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Sally-Marie Rahbek Sander
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which is it?? it keeps making me chaning it back and forth See example: There are many immigrants in America ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Nalee Yang
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reword this sentence
By actively listening, being non-directive, having unconditional positive regard, and empathy allows the group members to feel that they are ...
+3 votes, asked May 01 '13 by La Tanya Reed
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I am a owner and publisher of a monthly bulletin in English contains in between 50 to 100 pages.
1. Whehter instantly the grammar errors will be rectified/edited or it will take time. If so, how much time it ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by M.NAGESWARA RAO
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inculde the Multicultural considerations
i'm trying to inculde the Multicultural considerations with statement. See example: Most groups are small in nature and are very ...
+1 vote, asked May 01 '13 by La Tanya Reed
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haw to use this book
you are overring . garemar chedker . what is the form of this ?
-1 votes, asked May 01 '13 by thomas sia
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Is "mine" OK here?
Her life seemed to flow effortlessly while mine swam against the current.
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Susan
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mark student papers
I'd like to use grammarly to mark student papers and return them with errors noted, but without the long pop-up ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by michael Burnett
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What is the meaning of interaction?
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by amisha
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help with a run on sentence
When do I put in a semi-colon in a run on sentence?
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Hayden Nicolescu
1 answer
College student
I have a daughter entering college this fall...please direct me to some info that would convince me to purchase your ...
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Erik Olson
0 answers
Identifying plagiarism
Can my own chioce of words result to palgiarism when detected? How can I avoid Palgiarism in my writing?
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Livhuwani Manenzhe
3 answers
0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Nathan
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