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Hi everyone! Need help, the question is in english grammar
Can I change the phrase "all I want to do is be more like me and be less like you" ...
grammar english 0 votes, asked May 28 '13 by Dima
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Is correct the next sentence?
"Would be difficult for me to justify a price over $1000 paid for an underwater housing for my camera." Thanks.
0 votes, asked May 28 '13 by Lucian
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Active to Passive
What wud b da passive of "where do u live?" n "He goes to School."
-1 votes, asked May 28 '13 by Muhammad
1 answer
confuse about a sentence
please tell me what's wrong about this sentence? Thank you See example: Second, will PV generation be replaced by nuclear ...
0 votes, asked May 28 '13 by Bonnie Lee
1 answer
opion essay
how power can control education from different points of view. See example: We cannot escape from our reality since there ...
0 votes, asked May 27 '13 by Yulian Andrea Perez Villamizar
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whats wrong with it?
dont understand what is wrong whit it? See example: So as, she didn't have fairly confidence, to go and talk ...
0 votes, asked May 27 '13 by daniel
2 answers
to answer my question i asked my neighbor who is from india, and who i felt comfortable asking queestions. See ...
0 votes, asked May 26 '13 by Emmy Recendez
1 answer
Shifting of words
Are both sentences grammatically correct? and Are both sentences have the same meaning? as to each number? 1.) "He is ...
0 votes, asked May 26 '13 by Ernest Estrella
1 answer
early childhhood
i am looking for a better ending to this text any suggestions? See example: Secondly, the results and analysis of ...
0 votes, asked May 26 '13 by patricia macfarlane
1 answer
What should be the right sentence
it is necessary for every business owner to have in place their core values; these tends to be like a ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Olaoluwa Nene Eberemateme
1 answer
writing position paper
"On the other hand" need help with new word. See example: On the other hand most of the language on ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Geraldine Parham
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Who or Whom that is the question.
Hi, I have always been plaqued with the inability to determine if the word who or whom should be used. ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Colleen Rispoli
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how to rephrase this paragraph
A significantly large number of women operate as portfolio entrepreneurs, preferring to grow more than one enterprise rather than expanding ...
-1 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Alisha
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how do I rephrase this sentence
Women entrepreneurs are less likely to be members of associations than men entrepreneurs it is four-times more likely that men ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Alisha
1 answer
Reword this sentence
The crime is compared to other men's reality and the imaginary concept of being able to beat this guilt compare ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Andre James
2 answers
Passive voice
Can someone explain to me how to avoid talking in a passive voice on a paper? See example: The recently ...
0 votes, asked May 25 '13 by Mary Quinones
1 answer
Individuals who make $200,000 and couples who make over $250,000 will pay higher Medicare taxes from
What is a better way to word this sentence? See example: Individuals who make $200,000 and couples who make over ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '13 by terrance.noel
1 answer
Need help with "as happy as"
How to write : You are as excited as your daughter for her performance. The daughter is performing on stage ...
as happy as 0 votes, asked May 24 '13 by Richa Vala
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Which is correct? The 2nd one has less words, but is it OK?
He wanted there to be no doubt that the victory came from Him. He wanted no doubt that the victory ...
0 votes, asked May 24 '13 by Susan
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safety culture is multileveled, it involves of a learning culture, reporting culture and a just cul
what is wrong See example: According to El-Jardali et al. safety culture is multileveled and comprises of learning culture, reporting ...
0 votes, asked May 23 '13 by T.M SADERA
2 answers
Organization Structure vs. Organizational Structure
When referring to the structure of an organization, I often see Organization Structure used instead of Organizational Structure. I have ...
-1 votes, edited May 23 '13 by Jon M.
1 answer
does the program make corrections?
The program is not making any changes. See example: The BOM is constantly thinking of ways to improve the organization, ...
0 votes, asked May 23 '13 by wyman brown
1 answer
Writing Style
How can i improve this? See example: Due to the fact that many saw a so called link in HIV ...
0 votes, asked May 23 '13 by Lupita Hernandez
1 answer
Punctuation (commas)
Hi, Is the punctuation in this sentence correct? "Also, if we go with the first option, can we make some ...
punctuation comma commas punctuations +1 vote, asked May 22 '13 by Astra
1 answer
I want u make correction my essay. how u do this for me
-2 votes, asked May 22 '13 by reza
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what form of verb is used with unless?
is this correct form of verb"pass"to use in this tense? unless you work hard, you ...........examination.
pass CANNOT had not unless -2 votes, asked May 21 '13 by saliha zain
1 answer
i don't get it See example: One day a long time ago I was really angry and made a tiny ...
0 votes, asked May 21 '13 by Leighton
2 answers
needs to be restated
But it's only their mouth that have uttered those words, while inside them; theri heart silently shouted deafeningly saying, :I'm ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '13 by faith bacus
1 answer
How should I say this?
I need a way to say the following statement. It is about how accepting jail time was an important tactic ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '13 by Bella Menscer
1 answer
sentence help
Is this sentense correct? See example: Here are my unofficial transcript; their not as good as I thought they were, ...
0 votes, asked May 20 '13 by chase
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