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faulty parallelism
how should this be written? See example: I accomplished this only by taking myself out of the equation and kept ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '14 by Janis
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so i should start the paper from there? See example: Something about the mining gold group Leadership guide quality facilitator ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '14 by yvonne heath
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Use of Many in this sentence:
Grammarly says that the word "many" should not be used in this sentence: "many people vision world peace." Is that ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '14 by Charlotte
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Faulty parallelism
It is probably impossibly simple but could anyone enlighten me as to what is incorrect with the sentence below? Our ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '14 by Jennifer Butler
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Sentece frangment
Hello! I would like to know you opinion about how to write this sentence without fragmenting it. Thak you! See ...
0 votes, asked Feb 17 '14 by Amir Kadamani
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Into vs. In to
In the following example, is the proper usage "Into" or "In to?" Example: Approximately seven minutes into/in to the test ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Grammar Newbie
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grammar usage
which choise fills the blank correctly?one evening, he suddenly finds himself..................in a neighborhood a couple of miles from his house.1-walking ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by hadi attari
1 answer
I am unable to figure out the problem with the sentence below See example: The quality improvement strategies development plan ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by strawady ballinger
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help fixing sentences
There are a lot of buildings that should be torn down in East Canonsburgh. Every student should do their homework ...
sentences 0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Mary
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Need help
This is telling me I have omitted words. What is wrong with this sentence? I explaied what PSTP means and ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by KP
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Then there the economic that plays a big part in this because if there is not any money to spend ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Clarissa Sanders
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Simile, metaphor, or both?
From MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech: "This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Theresa Ransbottom
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Trouble with passive voice use
How would you change this sentence: "Conversely, information from laboratories and specialist are currently faxed to the office." See example: ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Cynthia Small
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block in text citation
No matter how I change it, it still says I need to cite it? I can't figure out how to ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by suzanne revack
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change into passive voice
Neha is selling fruits in the market.
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by rahul bhardwaj
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Pronoun agreement
Is there anything I can do to make this sentence more clear? See example: If a person follows, they must ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Benjamin Cady
2 answers
Passive voice usage
I was writing a memo to my supervisor about a trip we are taking together. I started it with I ...
0 votes, asked Feb 16 '14 by Traci Morgan
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Sentence structure
What is a noun string" See example: Outcome Questionnaire - This instrument is a 45 item self report scale assessment.
-1 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by Tamiko Kettrles
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Which of these is better? Is the first sentence incorrect?
I would greatly appreciate your review of my CV in consideration for this role. or I would greatly appreciate it ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by EG
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Can a sentence contain only a list?
Can a sentence contain only a list? Consider the second sentence in the following example: "Autumn is an excellent time ...
list 0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by higgy
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passive voice
bust passive voice See example: I have been accused, rightly so, in many cases, as a workaholic.
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by James F (Jim) Hoelscher
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passive voce
In this sentence, is the phrase "is played" a problematic example of passive voice? See example: Buddy Holly left an ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by AJ Funk
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how to write this word in passive voice.
All the baby girls they gave birth were abandoned, or they gave it to the orphanage. See example: All the ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by thakchoe
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personal pronoun
How would you change this sentence? "Let me know if you prefer a phone call or email." See example: Let ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by Gina Thames
3 answers
need assistance for the correct grammer
How do i correct the error in the sentence. This paper examines some of the general competencies that are related ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 15 '14 by terris j. walker
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who would you reword this sentence?
my vehemenc to attain academic excellence especially in a field that deals directly with helping the communit, increased considerably during ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by Eva Diama
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Identifying proper terms of grammar
What should i do to identify the proper terms of grammar instantly while reading a paragraph,as i'll correct the mistakes ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by Hussna Parvin
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Uspe of adjectives and adverbs
As the nurse force is being reduced? See example: As the nurse force is reduced by retiring nurses and resignations, ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by Robbie Renee Burnsed
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is there or are there needed in this question?
Which one is correct? 1. Are there any effects of student's perception on teacher's performance and student's learning styles towards ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by pipit
0 answers
How should I rewrite this sentance? See example: Cross believe that if he was not so wrap up in reading ...
0 votes, asked Feb 15 '14 by Norma muse
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