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faulty parallelism
when i check my report with grammerly it shows that the following text has faulty parallelism but i didnt get ...
0 votes, asked May 11 '13 by Arshad Ali Leghari
1 answer
Verb tense agreement
Which shows correct verb tense agreement: "He wants to help but that will bring shame" or "He wants to help ...
0 votes, asked May 11 '13 by Dee Bee
5 answers
Correct the mistake in this sentence
if it doesn't rain, I'll go to the park with the kids
0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by Thais Gomes
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help with reeach papers
I'm having problems regarding my research paper. Can anyone help me with this problem? See example: State by state our ...
0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by patricia ward
0 answers
choose (place - position)
I wouldn't boast about that if I were in your………….. a) location b) place c) site d) position
0 votes, edited May 10 '13 by eslam0123
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letter of appeal
were you to reinstate See example: I would highly appreciate if I am reinstated into school to enable me to ...
0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by malia Harris
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story writting
I have been writing for years and I've written about 5 stories. My question is, how will I know it's ...
0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by buhle mabizela
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Can commas be used to seperate mutiple modifiers and long phrases,etc.
Hi,everyone.I'm a ESL student,and I have been confused about the usage of comma for a long time.Here are some sentences ...
commas 0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by Tina
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active voice or passive voice
change it in to passive voice . i was serious during teaching.
0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by shairyar waheed
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comparing two or more things
I am having trouble fixing this sentence. Its an incomplete comparing sentence. Please help me. See example: The establishment of ...
0 votes, asked May 10 '13 by brenda garcia
1 answer
Passive voice use
I'm not sure how to change this error, is this a major problem to have passive voice in a research ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by claudia driggers
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correct errors in usage
People from five to nineteen years old have discovered some new and important products and processes.
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by ashley
1 answer
hyphenate semiannual?
semi-annual conference or semiannual conference See example: semi-annual
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by Lynn Bostrom
1 answer
Interrogative Modal- Can't
Can you please explain the structure of the following question: Can't you ever take a weekend off?
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by Demi Anastasiou
1 answer
when using the word mines to refer to self is that appropriate
Sentence " I have added mines below" or would it be " I have added mine below" how would you ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by tonya hawkins
1 answer
What is the mood of the sentence's verb were?
If Charlotte were here, she would demonstrate the correct method.
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by Danette Hill
1 answer
Understanding proper use of comma or no comma in a series
Thank you in advance for your help! I'm trying to understand what rules of grammar apply to a particular sentence. ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by Sam Christensen
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passive voice
what is correct See example: PTSD can affect any person and is characterized by duration, and intensity, injuries or casualties, ...
0 votes, asked May 09 '13 by ShaRhonda Gamble
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How do I alter a quote from a movie to make sense in a paper?
I am trying to quote a movie, specifically "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." The direct quote from the movie is ...
quotation quotations citations 0 votes, edited May 09 '13 by Kacie Loura
1 answer
how do you write happy birthday in english
-1 votes, asked May 08 '13 by grace
0 answers
This is flaged up as mistake in comparing two or more things? See example: She was standing in the hallway ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by James
0 answers
how to reword this sentence See example: I also explained how these issues hinder nurses from providing culturally competent care ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by Elicia Armbrister
0 answers
How can i reword this sentence? See example: Another problem that draws men from nursing is the fact that they ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by Elicia Armbrister
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does the last phrase modify the preceding phrase
In the phrase "...allowing for reasonable use and wear and damages by acts of God, including fire and storms" are ...
modifiers 0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by warren spencer
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immgration to another contry my pragraph could you corrected for me
There are many states that suffering in Europe, and they have a bad system of live Moldova is one of ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by amal
0 answers
Fix this please Unlike most kids Demi singing and acting by the age of 10 and before she was old ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by ybgjhv
0 answers
Comparing Two or More Things
How do I fix this? See example: Not using weights right away to start training will help develop proper technique ...
0 votes, asked May 08 '13 by Amy Smith
2 answers
Correct apostrophe usage in this sentence
"The Smiths' have a lot of experience in educational support." Does the plural of Smith in this sentence require an ...
apostrophe 0 votes, edited May 07 '13 by Amanda Davey
1 answer
Passive to Active
How to change from passive to active See example: To me the meaning of the American dream is wanting to ...
0 votes, asked May 07 '13 by Ashley
0 answers
Usage of the verb "limit"
Limit the equipment to its maximum operating temperature. Which of the following is the correct interpretation for the sentence above? ...
0 votes, asked May 07 '13 by young woo chang
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