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Sentence on Complex Carbs
Not sure if this is the write way to put the information together... See example: Complex Carbohydrates- Are found in ...
-1 votes, asked Oct 17 '13 by Amanda Hutchinson
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How would I correct this sentence so it has proper adjective and adverb agreement?
I need to fix this sentence so that there's proper adjective and adverb agreement. What should I do? This is ...
0 votes, asked Oct 17 '13 by Tyler Williams
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passive voice
I can't seem to get this to be more active. Can someone help me? I often struggle with passive voice. ...
+1 vote, asked Oct 17 '13 by Silvia Rodriguez
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Those with or Them with
I wonder why "them" is not correct in this sentence and those is the correct answer. At the oldcon hotel ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by Priscilla Brissault
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Is this sentence fine?? Plz. correct me if it's wrong.
When you always have no one to talk to, you might just have to write it all down.
sentences grammar Style words 0 votes, edited Oct 19 '13 by user22
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Does this make sense? Is it correct?
Does this make sense? Is it correct? The wind whistles thought the trees, making the trees rustle.
sense text sentance please urgent 0 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by tin
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Why can't I make changes on my document?
WHen the tab comes up about what the problem is in my text, there is no place for me to ...
-2 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by Hannah Johnson
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sentences structure
how would you reword this sentance? See example: When compared to other cities in Texas and to cities nationwide, the ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by Durline Manhertz
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usage of would rather
Is it possible? Mary would rather Joe didn't smoke.
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by Dóri
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Direct object, indirect object, object complement
What are the direct object, indirect object, or object complement in this sentence: During World War II, American mass media ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by paul byrd
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question marks
why is grammerly putting random question marks in my documents like the sentence below. ?Take your time, I?ll start breakfast.? ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '13 by Patrick Hall
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Comma before because
When should I use comma before because? If I understand correctly, I wrote the sentences below without mistakes. I do ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by Vladislav Pastukh
1 answer
Is this a fragment, comma splice, run-on or its ok? If not how would you fix it? The man’s skeleton ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by patty
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A qualitative study exploring the perceptions of 'volunteering' through the eyes of both service users and volunteers.
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by lisa kitchener
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how can I word this sentence
wording of sentence See example: . I am excited to hopefully be one of 500 selected to the VMI class ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by kelly estes
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how should i rewrite my sentence See example: The paper analyzed and expressed the impact of training on the reader's ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by Sangeeta Singh
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Which is correct - this or these?
Which is correct in these sentences? This/These varied knowledge and skills can be acquired through experience, study and training?Once you ...
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by Shirley Allum
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has or have
Which word should I choose, has or have? None of the missing items has/have been found. Also please explain why.
0 votes, asked Oct 15 '13 by Sunitha Srinivas
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From Passive voice to Active
Hi! Please help me to identify the passive voice(s) in the text and change them from passive to active :-) ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by Camilla Christensen
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What is wrong concerning the pronoun and antecedent agreement
This is the sentence: The manager just assumed it was them because of their numerous earlier calls. Another question is ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by Gerrie
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Which one is correct?
The phenomenon of migration is one of the areas where scholars of the New Imperial History HAS challenged the “minimal ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by kieran
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Can I make the sentence sound better
In my considered opinion; partaking in this training program would be an experience beyond measure and it would have an ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by agya prempeh
0 answers
Here is it considered that leadership which focuses upon the emulation of others and tries to develop a range of ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by saffa harding
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Use of commas
Should a comma be inserted after the state abbrievaitions in the following sentence? More than 125 dignitaries, including business and ...
commas 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by Ilene Greenfield
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Grammar and usage, spelling and punctuation
They can comprehend each other if they be more flexible and they learn cultural difference before meeting.
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by shiroiruka
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Use of Were
"Just making sure he wishes he were never born." Is the above sentence correct or one of the following is ...
were 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by Pinakee Mishra
1 answer
a/the umbrella
Need I take an umbrella? Need I take the umbrella? What is the difference between these sentences?
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by Ema Kis
1 answer
check the grammar
Which is right? The committee plans to hold a meeting at the club. The committee plan to hold a meeting ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by Sunitha Srinivas
0 answers
what is the error? See example: Mobile devices are made for better communication and knowledge, and people are taking advantage ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by don thao
2 answers
what error am i doing wrong? See example: The driver is not only putting his or her at risk, but ...
0 votes, asked Oct 14 '13 by don thao
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