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what`s different meaning between with and for?
With( for) this discussion, all the following arthroscopic manipulation positions described pertain to a right sholder. See example: right shoulder.
0 votes, asked Apr 05 '13 by lee
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Confusing modifiers
How do I make this sentence better? See example: Salary range varies starting at 20,000/year to 40,000/year with the median ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 '13 by Amy Wilk
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Please correct the sentence
I am happy to see evidence of implementation of district suggested performance tasks ensuring that practice in writing and application ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 '13 by Ahmed shareef
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Is this correct?
Is this correct See example: I would be very interested in hearing more about the Down syndrome program.
0 votes, asked Apr 05 '13 by michelle
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I've tried to rework this sentence a few times, but I'm struggling with it. Any suggestions? See example: The few ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 '13 by Destini Kirkwood
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Which tense is correct?
"When you edit the document, please could you write a quick comment outlining what you change and add" or "When ...
present past tense 0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Ming Yin
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Punctuation on variation of a repeated refrain
I should supply you with some background to my question. I am writing a specific kind of poem here where ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by CM
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English words that are their own opposites
This is for our friends who often struggle to learn our crazy English Language - an article from Mental Floss: ...
+1 vote, asked Apr 04 '13 by Patty T
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I made a mistake. I have a Mac. Want a refund.
I just spent $59 w/Gramarly. I have a Mac. Didn't realize your program was only for Microsoft. May I have ...
-1 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Berry J Hawkins
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correct usage
Are you supposed to repeat the title in a sentence that is answering the question? i.e. title: What's Happening Today? ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Mar Lou Brown
1 answer
Use of modifying adjective
If I say, "This applies to our key people and employees" does that imply that it applies to all employees ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Louisa Williams
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Plot Summary
Do we use todorov's theory of narrative to write out a plot summary?
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Hamza Qureshi
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Passive voice use
Why I have to change the passive voice use See example: One 6v Ni-MH battery is used to provide power ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Bandar Jan
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How to rewrite this sentence
What is the correct way to word this phase pr sentence? Capital is so much more with globalization. See example: ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Charlesetta Broxton
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making corrections
once the errors have been calculated how do you correct them for a better understanding? See example: Society has often ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by lisa dickson
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The two articles share the same theme, which are patient focused- intervention: patient activation self - See example: The two ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Merlyn Chua
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Sentence structure and grammar
Why is this sentence incorrect ? See example: Teenagers will become more careful when they are about to have a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by Arland Caisip
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why is this sentence wrong and how can i change it?
this is an article that I'm writing about. The question is How did the researcher(s) present their data? Why is ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 '13 by monica myers
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grammarly correction please
Could you please check if i have word it correctly 1) when I became dedicated to full time writing in ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by ROXY
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how should i change this to make it correct See example: Although Sarah wanted to win the golden medal for ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Amy Nicole Roebuck
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The key driver for the internationalization strategy is the development of more foreign markets to achieve their business goals. See ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by fanli zeng
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"then" is not some 'commonly confused word'
The following sentence was marked by Grammarly as an error in the context it's one of those "commonly confused words". ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Camson
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"the" article
salam alikum in english there are alot of expression where the use of the article is difficult to explain , ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by sameh
1 answer
wedding vs. weddings
Which is correct "Share with us your thoughts on all things wedding" or "Share your thoughts with us on all ...
wedding 0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by susan k
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Reword sentence
Is there a beter way to word the below sentence? See example: Neither professor nor students have to worry with ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Camille
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fill in the blanks
I _______ like to try some. _______ you like to try some And _________you like to try some
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Joe Martinez
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Does this sentence make sense: One pleasant day, Albew, as his daily routine was scripted, went out to fish.
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Hamza Qureshi
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Is this sentence correct?
She will be as impressed with your program as I am.
ending Sentence with am 0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Kathie Grant
1 answer
make or made?
Which is the correct question?1. What make is BMW?2. What made is BMW?
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Albert
0 answers
cause of automobile accidents
i think i need another way to reword this sentence , it is a sentence about fast drivers See example: ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by marissa ohara
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