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help to enable grammarly
Help me enable grammarly. The program is still under the control panel.
help to enable grammarly 0 votes, asked 4 hours ago by JC Page
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'Much more powerful than enough'' İs this phrase correct?
''You wont be just powerful enough. İf you are willing, you will be much more powerful than enough.'' Can ı ...
much more powerful than enough 0 votes, asked 18 hours ago by mehmet akyar
1 answer
grammatical problem
hello, could you tell me is this sentence true or false? if it is false could you give me the ...
0 votes, asked 19 hours ago by Ali
1 answer
susceptible to...
I have a (very bright) ESL student who wrote "Obese people are susceptible for chronic diseases." When I corrected (susceptible ...
ESL Prepositions 0 votes, asked 20 hours ago by c.y.
1 answer
sense of smelling or smelling sense
Hello, I'm wondering if it is correct to say sense of smelling or, alternatively, smelling sense. Thanks in advance for ...
0 votes, edited 15 hours ago by John
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List all of the Adverbs in this sentence.
Slowly but surely the tortoise won the race.
adverbs 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Sean
1 answer
due diligence
How should this term be used?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Susan Schmeling
1 answer
Do nouns need modifiers
If I say "men like dressing like women" is that grammatically correct? I say that you have to have a ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Old Grammar Guy
1 answer
What is colon in English?
colon 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Jheel
1 answer
I vs Me
Recently, an old post on Facebook has come back to create quite the stir. There was a picture and the ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Julie
1 answer
Them or they
(Them,They) and I were on the championship team.
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by nesreen
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write in negative sentence
Where there is smoke there is fire.
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Seyie
1 answer
Matching tenses
In the following sentence: "I drifted off into that other world where dreams exist" or "I drifted off into that ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by nlsnunez
0 answers
Comma with "because" clause
What other reasons are there for having a comma between a "because" clause and the main clause, apart from the ...
commaplacement 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Sean
1 answer
Simple past with " be "
Which sentence is correct & why ? I was a student or I was student.
I was 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Famous
0 answers
Who do I quote?
I know that if in an article, I indirectly ( paraphrase) cite an author that indirectly cites (paraphrase) an expert, ...
quote quotation 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Annie
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adjective or compound noun?
construction defect or constructional defect. Which is correct?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Michael K Wall
1 answer
how many spaces between zip code and state in addressing letter?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Kim
0 answers
The use of prepositional clauses with conjuctive adverbs at the beginning of a sentence
Sentence examples: Furthermore, on that date, the client alleged that she was assaulted by the Defendant. However, on the date ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by marina
1 answer
change into passive
What are you doing to help him?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Nicolas
1 answer
why does cassius work so hard to bring brutus into the conspiracy ?
Why does Cassius work so hard to bring Brutus into the conspiracy ?
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Carol Singletary
1 answer
is it his celebrating or him celebrating
Here is the sentence: Here is a photo of him celbrating a birthday or should it be: here is a ...
0 votes, asked Apr 22 by arthur
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Identifying Phrases and Clauses
I am trying to identify all of the clauses and phrases in the letter from the movie, Breakfast Club, that ...
phrases Clauses 0 votes, asked Apr 21 by SciFiJunky
1 answer
After finding her classes’ grades were slipping, the teacher decided to stay, for an extra hour after school each day. ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 by Tania
1 answer
Singular or Plural?
Which one is correct? *.....that each of our clients deserve. *.....that each of our clients deserves. I think it's the ...
singular plural 0 votes, asked Apr 21 by nyer
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past participle mis-use
Why is "interested" grammatically incorrect in the following sentence? Buddhism is an interested topic. The student wanted to say, in ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 by Jon Weaver
0 answers
Dialogue: New paragraph when a speaker addresses someone new?
When writing dialogue, I know that a new paragraph is needed whenever the person speaking changes. But what about when ...
dialogue Paragraphs 0 votes, edited 12 hours ago by Don Hamilton
1 answer
Capitalization of class
Should I capitalize the following "Ensures that Direct Supervision principles are followed."Direct Supervison is a class. I believe it is ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 by heather
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which is grammatically correct , whether 'who are you talking to? ' or ' to whom are you talking?' thanks! ...
0 votes, asked Apr 21 by Amit Soni
1 answer
What is the difference between the following sentences? Does she finished her work? and Did she finish her work?
0 votes, asked Apr 21 by kibrom
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