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positive and negative sentences
Have you been to Goa?
0 votes, asked 2 hours ago by Zeenath Mohammad
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(was used to - used to)
I used to get up early. = I don't get up early now. I was used to getting up early ...
was used to 0 votes, asked 9 hours ago by eslamfarag
1 answer
Book Title without Italics
What is the proper way to reference the title of a book when you are discussing it on Facebook or ...
book title-naming facebook 0 votes, edited 10 hours ago by Simone Sessler
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Hello, may I know which preposition is the correct one in this sentence. Cook over / on /at medium heat ...
0 votes, asked 18 hours ago by ROZAINI AHMAD
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hi. what is difference between prefix and combining form?
0 votes, asked 20 hours ago by Coşqun Qədimov
2 answers
Which preposition fits appropriately in the below sentences? 1- You can inform me Via/Through/On/Over call at 00793890. 2- He was ...
preposition 0 votes, asked 23 hours ago by Natalia
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Is the comma in the correct place ?
Courtesy to others, and an assertive personality are not mutually exclusive.
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Amanda
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Track Changes
How do I permanently delete the track changes from my document after they have been accepted? I turned in a ...
Trackchanges 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Christy Livery
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how to use " of"
I heard Colberl said on his show: " for his own safety, get this man off of television". What is ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by shaoping zhou
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English Grammar
I'm trying to translate from Italian to English . Can someone please tell me if any of this sentence make ...
english 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by comfort bassey
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use of has and have
what bingo have iln breakfast?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by jyoti singh
0 answers
please help i so confused in formation of wh question.either which one is correct "when did u came"or" when did ...
Wh-question 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by asaraf
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Italics or quotation marks
'The plaque was never meant to say Le Cart, but Lec Art instead!’ or 'The plaque was never meant to ...
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Nick Baker
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voice change
See you, friend.
change the voice 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Debashis Sarkar
2 answers
Requesting through a question like May I request you to in business English
Can a request be made by way of a question in business English like "May I request you to grant ...
0 votes, asked Aug 29 by Hitesh Joshi
0 answers
Help me re-word this:
Both should be implemented as soon as possible. This implementation would allow for the realization of strategic goals in the ...
0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Matt
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Can you help me change this direct narration into indirect?
Here's the passage that I need to get changed into indirect narration: "Exmyex here," I brain-waved sleepily, "who's calling please?" ...
grammar Narration 0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Lance Corby
0 answers
Is the word "to" needed?
In a magazine ad for a business reopening after a remodel: Business NameRETURNING SOON (to) Business AddressIs the word "to" ...
0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Mark
0 answers
colons and brackets
Can you use colons and semi-colons before brackets?
punctuation 0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Susan Burchell
0 answers
a seemingly endless series. why there is an adverb in this sentence?
A seemingly endless series. the article + adverb + adj + n. in this sentence is it correct to use ...
0 votes, asked Aug 27 by ve
0 answers
narration change
are u going all the way to dehra? i asked
0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Sourav Sarkar
0 answers
what is the answer for tag question i love you
0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Prasansa Subedi
0 answers
Chage voice
How can I change the voice "Few peopli are respected foe their honesty"
0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Name B. Ruineilal Aimol
0 answers
use of 'would rather'
I am still confused how to use 'would rather' in a complete comparison with 'than' with a perfect tense. Is ...
would rather 0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Muhamad Hasim
0 answers
Using 'partner' as a verb
Hello. Which of the following is the right way to use 'partner' as a verb? Does it require the preposition ...
verb preposition 0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Sujatha
1 answer
Conditional sentences
If it _____________ (not) rain, we _____________ (play) football later.
0 votes, asked Aug 27 by BackStreet Foysal
0 answers
For a title in the biological sciences, can I write: "Altitude- and sex-specific variations......" or is the hyphen after altitude ...
0 votes, asked Aug 26 by Ali
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can not log in
why i can not log in
-2 votes, asked Aug 26 by joe nguyen
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Convert a negative sentence to interrogative
However hard i resisted, I couldn't stop gawking. I thought the answer would be: Could i stop gawking however hard ...
0 votes, asked Aug 26 by jerome
0 answers
reported speech
Hello! How can I take this sentence into reported speech? 'Pete and Sue are getting married tomorrow,' she said.
reported speech 0 votes, asked Aug 26 by Bianka
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