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Word usage question, any help appreciated
I would like to ____ by inviting questions from the audience. (end - stop) fill the blank with one of ...
blank Usage Word Difference 0 votes, asked Jan 17 by Mardin Uzeri
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Is my sentence written correctly?!
She wants to wear another outfit. Only, there's no time. Is the sentence correct, and is the usage of "only" ...
Sentence grammar Word Structure 0 votes, asked Nov 15 '13 by user22
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Passed or past
I'm a little confused about which is the right word to use in the sentences below. I have been looking ...
correct Word 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Lee
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Word 2010 Hangs After Grammarly Runs a Check
I have Office 2010 it is current with all updates. I have reloaded Grammarly. When I run Grammarly and allow ...
Word hangs 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Ron Christian
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Stare or look?
I'm proofreading a book written by a friend, and we're having a disagreement over a word choice. A paraphrased version ...
Word choice idioms 0 votes, edited Jul 20 '13 by Alex Gebethner
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Correct word usage
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the correct or appropriate word would be to use in this ...
correct Word Usage 0 votes, asked May 07 '13 by Lee
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Word Limit
Hello ....Does Grammarly have a word limit? I have recently completed a novel for publishing on Amazon. As i'm not ...
Document lenght number of Word 0 votes, asked Apr 15 '13 by David Dragonetti
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Gramatically Incorrect
I found this sentence in someone's blog. I find it redundant (also, other, too) and the word stories used incorrectly. ...
Sentence Structure Word Usage 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '13 by Lee Stone
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Plural form of a phrase
At our school, we pick one game a week to heavily promote and call it the Game of the Week. ...
plural Word Phrase 0 votes, asked Jan 26 '13 by Josh
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Plural form of the word "word"
Good day, I have seen the plural form of the word "word" being used in many ways. I have seen ...
plural Difference Word words singular 0 votes, asked Dec 13 '12 by Bill Robinson
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Grammarly plugin Word
How many computers may I download Grammarly plugin (Word) to? I have multiple computers that I work on.
grammarly plugin Word DOWNLOAD 0 votes, asked Oct 04 '12 by Southerndayz
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Question using 'as opposed to'
"The man was such a card with the ladies as opposed to his male friends." (Curious of the correct usage ...
grammar Word 0 votes, asked Sep 12 '12 by Alex
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Commas and the word "so"
Example: Nothing in me is normal, so nothing in my diary should be normal. Is the comma in this sentence ...
comma Word Sentence grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 08 '12 by user22
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The word tug
"I tugged at his arm gently" Is this sentence correct? and can tug be used with gently?
vocabulary grammar sentences Word 0 votes, asked Sep 02 '12 by user22
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Is the sentence okay that way?
I used to cry, imploring to go for a walk whenever I want just like my sister. is the sentence ...
Word Sentence vocabulary commas +1 vote, asked Aug 26 '12 by user22
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Please answer my question and help me with this....
Do I use a comma if I want to describe my previous sentence for example ? "But I never heard ...
comma Word grammar Sentence 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '12 by user22
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Plz help me with this sentence!!!!
My room has literally everything. Do I need to put a comma after literally? or is it even correct this ...
Word commas grammar vocabulary 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '12 by user22
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Pleeaase help me with this sentence!!
In her new house, she feels secluded from the rest of the neighborhood, or the rest of the planet for ...
Word sentences vocabulary grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '12 by user22
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Is my sentence and are the tenses correct ?
Seven years ago, her dad used to tell her they lock her up because she is too fragile and because ...
tense grammar Sentence Word 0 votes, asked Aug 24 '12 by user22
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Is the sentence correct ?
Acceptance leads to happiness. A friend once told me those words and I will always remember them. Is this sentence ...
Word grammar Sentence story 0 votes, edited Aug 24 '12 by user22
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Please help me with this!!!!!!
Do we use them with one? like in the example below: "One" should always be careful... because "they" might get ...
Word Sentence help grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 24 '12 by user22
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Is this sentence grammatically fine?
They do this to me everytime she comes to stay with us, comes to stay with them actually; I've never ...
grammar Word commas Sentence 0 votes, asked Aug 24 '12 by user22
2 answers
Is my sentence grammatically correct?
Knowing that people hate you can sometimes strip away your confidence. Is it fine? or should I use "strip off" ...
grammar Sentence Word ideas -1 votes, asked Aug 24 '12 by user22
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Is my sentence correct?? If not what is the correction please...
I refuse to continue this act. I mean by the sentence: I refuse to continue pretending...
grammar vocabulary Word sentences -1 votes, asked Aug 23 '12 by user22
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Is the grammar correct here? Plz help me.
Seeing him with another girl is... at a loss for words, I would only say that it's agonizing. Is it ...
grammar Structure Creative Word 0 votes, asked Aug 23 '12 by user22
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Is the word "perishing" used correctly here?
Is the word "perishing" being used correctly in this story? So cold was she now that she could barely feel ...
Word Usage vocabulary meaning 0 votes, asked Jun 30 '12 by Kathleen
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Help me with the word colloquy pleaaase
Can we use the word colloquy in a sentence like this : People joined the colloquy and said their opinions. ...
vocabulary correct sentences Style Word 0 votes, edited Jun 20 '12 by user22
2 answers
Please help me with vocab.
Does the word " electoral commission " means the place where you go to vote in the elections ?
vocabulary Style Word text correct 0 votes, asked Jun 19 '12 by user22
1 answer
Please help me with this
Is it correct to say for example: There was a throng in the mall Or do we have to say: ...
Word help grammar english vocabulary 0 votes, asked Jun 17 '12 by user22
2 answers
Help! What word would we use for the person who stays in a hostel?
Word Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '12 by Rahul Gupta
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