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when to lean or when lean in this sentence
In addition, you will be amazed when to lean your body in reclining comfortable cushion and enjoy these outstanding surroundings.
when lean +1 vote, asked Feb 07 by Wasim Firoz
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How to use "when" and "by the time" in past perfect tense?
Which one is wrong? 1. I had finished reading the book when I lent it to Bob. 2. When I ...
when by-the-time past-perfect +1 vote, edited Dec 22 '15 by MSDE
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Sentence structure in past tense using "since" and "when in the same sentence.
I have got to make corrections to the sentence below: "Times have really change since back in the day, all ...
since when past tense +1 vote, asked Dec 11 '15 by Pooja Tare
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Is "the same ... as when" correct?
I came across a difficult grammar question for me, while trying to write a short poem in English (I do ...
same when adverbs 0 votes, edited Dec 06 '15 by poems2015
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Lets start with "Operating Instructions."
Is therer any such thing as instructions for Grammarly? If I start from scratch, it seems to work just fine ...
when -1 votes, edited Sep 12 '14 by Richard Carr
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Please correct.
wonderful effort, Alex, keep up the good work!
when to include a comma 0 votes, asked Jun 14 '14 by Laurel Donaldson
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when do you see films
When do you see films
when do you see films 0 votes, asked Jun 11 '14 by manoj sharma
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When, As
What is the difference between when and as? thanks
grammar when as 0 votes, asked Oct 10 '13 by Fany
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