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Travel as a noun vs. verb
Does it make sense to say, "The subject had travel to France" when you are simply trying to say that ...
noun verb 0 votes, asked Dec 09 by mac
1 answer
Subject and predicate identify
"During Mozart’s final years in Vienna, while he was famous but quite poor, he composed many of his best known ...
subject verb predicate modifiers 0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Arthur Acaster
1 answer
make something happen
"He did everything to make it happen" I have two questions regarding the above sentence 1. Should I use this ...
verb past participial 0 votes, asked Nov 23 by alan
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Blind, slat, curtain and shade
What are the difference between Shade and Blind? Also, I would like to know in case of blind (I mean ...
verb expression 0 votes, asked Nov 16 by alan
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Cutting a verb completely to go to a direct object
Example: His skin was orange, and his lips, a maroon hue. This is a conversational style writing where I skip ...
verb cutting comma 0 votes, asked Nov 02 by Harrison Aye (Oxyborb)
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Whether these sentences are right or not?
Please check the following sentences and let me know why in the first sentence singular verb has been used and ...
verb use 0 votes, asked Oct 18 by Abhishek
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Subject-verb agreement when a preposional phrase follows the subject
Merriam Webster gives: "Grammar is the set of rules that explain how words are used in a language." I believe ...
subject verb agreement +1 vote, asked Sep 29 by Mark McDowell
2 answers
Would plural subject followed by adjective require singular or plural verb?
Which is correct? Cities represented (have or has) grown.
noun verb agreement 0 votes, asked Sep 25 by Maria
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Using 'partner' as a verb
Hello. Which of the following is the right way to use 'partner' as a verb? Does it require the preposition ...
verb preposition 0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Sujatha
2 answers
Subject Verb Agreement
OK, can someone please give me feedback on the following sentences: 1) I personally think the beer and skittles have ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Aug 25 by creztor
1 answer
Subjec and verbs
When he comes,goes and stays, he cuddles,moves and trades. Is this correct? Is it correct to put several verbs after ...
subject verb 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by Милош Милошевић
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Sentence analysis - linking verb/predicate nominative?
1) "It is not for us to decide." It seems as though we have a linking verb, and consequently should ...
linking verb predicate nominative 0 votes, asked Jul 24 by T
1 answer
verb tense
I am familiar with the "have been verb-ing" construction of the present perfect continuous, but is there a name for ...
verb tense 0 votes, asked Jun 01 by DEBRA BOELK
0 answers
verb complementation
Is this sentence correct? He offered to readers a novel of education, clearly influenced by the popular philosophy of Jean-Jacques ...
verb 0 votes, asked Apr 17 by Ania Gawlik
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Past progressive tense
Can 'had been friends' be cited as an example for past progressive tense?
past progressive tense verb 0 votes, asked Mar 11 by R Saleem
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Difference between the use of Enchanted and Enchanting????
Dear Grammarly Answer Community, I'm trying to figure out the difference between the words "enchanted promises" and "enchanting promises", is ...
adjective transitive verb 0 votes, asked Mar 04 by Chris
0 answers
sentense correction
One a lady going by me in the street. or one day a lady went by me in the street.
verb participles 0 votes, asked Feb 20 by Rananjay Singh Allahabad Bank Rannapark Ahmedabad India
0 answers
there is vs. there are
Is the growing use / acceptance of there is - usually in contracted form - a symptom of our society's ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by ...........
1 answer
When to add "ed"
Why should "ed" be added to the following sentence if its tense is present... The mouse is scared.
verb present 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Inquisitive learner
0 answers
How to deal with verb complexes in Sentence Analysis
Hi there, I have an important exam very soon, and I am so confused when it comes to sentence analysis...
Sentence Analysis grammar verb complement 0 votes, asked Feb 06 by samir
0 answers
Come rain or come shine...
'It means that, come full e-conveyancing, it will be obligatory to transfer and register titles electronically and that papert transactions ...
verb 0 votes, asked Dec 02 '13 by Steve Thiele
2 answers
Plural or singular verb
In "insulin and leptin signaling was/were reduced", should I use "was" or "were"?
verb 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '13 by ec
1 answer
transitive verb "to run"
For the sentence Sara runs three miles a day. What is "three miles a day" in this sentence? Is "three ...
verb +1 vote, asked Nov 08 '13 by sali
0 answers
Confused about the verbs in this sentence
I'm teaching English and my students recently had a question about a sentence that has 6 verbs. They asked what ...
verb participle Conjunction 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '13 by MrAdamSK
2 answers
Is "lasted" an Action/Intransitive Verb or a Linking Verb here: " The performance lasted a long time"?
linking or action verb 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by cdenni2
2 answers
Difference between object of a transitive verb and the complement of an intransitive verb
I am having trouble understanding transitive, intransitive and linking verbs: Can a linking verb / "verb of incomplete predication" ever ...
linking verb transitive 0 votes, asked Sep 23 '13 by sali
0 answers
correctness of a question
Is the following question correct: "How do the most popular actors - Brat Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio - compare?" This ...
verb compare 0 votes, asked Sep 15 '13 by Artur Strozynski
0 answers
About auxiliaries
hi there. I wonder if there are more other auxiliary verbs inaddition to that 23 common verbs. for example when ...
verb auxiliary modal 0 votes, asked Aug 31 '13 by iliabala
1 answer
Subject Verb Agreement with "That"
Which is correct? I believe it is required of a pastor that he loves God and lets God lead him, ...
subject verb agreement subject-verb 0 votes, asked Jul 23 '13 by Becky Powers
1 answer
Subjunctive tense
Besides "if" and "I wish," are there any more conditions on when to use the subjunctive tense? If so, when ...
verb tense subjunctive 0 votes, asked Jul 14 '13 by Joey
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