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Subject and verb
What is the subject and verb in the following sentence: There must be a good reason for the delay.
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Type of Verb
What type of verb is used in this sentence? "She shall go."
Shall verb tense 0 votes, asked Nov 18 by
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The usage of the word "ever" with simple present and past, and present perfect
Hello. I was wondering what's the difference between these 3 structures: 1) Have you ever...? 2) Did you ever...? (ex: ...
Ever with different verb tenses 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by Priscila Bello
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Is this sentence correct? The usage of "wean"
I found the following sentence in a textbook. "You can give these granules with milk since the baby has already ...
wean transitive verb presentperfectcontinuous 0 votes, asked Nov 07 by Ino
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Why are the verbs present tense after " has yet to" Example: He is yet to eat breakfast. They are ...
present tense verb 0 votes, asked Nov 05 by Gavin Taylor
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Which one is correct? You light up my day. You lighten up my day. You lit up my day.
verb 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Laurence Kuo
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If a compound verb follows a conjunction, then is it a clause?
"Tom went to the store and bought ice." This is an example of a compound verb. Tom does two verbs ...
Conjunction clause compound verb 0 votes, asked Oct 14 by Grant M
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Conditional of remember in future tense
Why do we say : If you remeber anything, please contact me. rather than: If you will remember anything, please ...
future conditional tense verb 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by Mikael Viktor
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In this sentence, which pronoun would one use?"I describe (his, him) dancing in the leaves."
pronoun agreement verb 0 votes, asked Sep 28 by Mallory
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He told me goodbye...
Hello there! Is this sentence grammatically correct and does it make sense? He told me goodbye and left.
verb 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Abdul Quadir
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why is "worry" an action verb?
I am studying stative verb.I memorized the stative verbs by rote.I think that "worry" is the emotional and mental verb ...
grammar english verb 0 votes, asked Sep 12 by u shinn
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fast is… an adverb or adj
In the sentence, “Teresa drives her car fast,” fast is… a. an adverb. b. an adjective. c. a verb. d. ...
Adverb adjective verb preposition 0 votes, asked Aug 10 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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Wake or wake up?
Is it okay and natural(sounds okay) if I use only "wake"? For example, 'Jake wakes Kate.' and what does it ...
verb Wake grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 05 by Elena
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Verb tense switching when describing a living person in the recent past
Which verb tense should be used when describing a living person in the recent past? example: This morning I left ...
verb tense tenses switching 0 votes, asked Jul 28 by Kymahi
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Difference between the meaning of two verb tenses
She is reading a lot these days. or She has been reading a lot these days. Which one is correct? ...
tenses present verb grammarcorrection Usage 0 votes, asked Jul 18 by Debashis
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Helping verbs and compound verbs/verb phrases
I am unsure of how to write a sentence with a compound verb phrase. For example - "She was standing ...
helping Verbs compound verb verbphrases +1 vote, asked Jul 16 by Francesca
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Subject and verb agreements
I go with the first sentence is correct but I am not sure. Which one is correct? I'm looking for ...
subject verb agreement 0 votes, asked Jul 15 by Yena A.
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Import, imports or importer
In my email signature I want to add a short description of what the company does. The company imports and/or ...
noun verb plural singular 0 votes, asked Jun 09 by Pablo Morales
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Verb's grammar in a phrase
When using a phrase "one ____, one____" (assuming blank is a verb), what tense should I use for the verb? ...
Phrase idiom verb 0 votes, asked May 28 by jason
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Use of 'are'.
Sometimes the same words used separately, and the meaning is entirely different than if the words are hyphenated. Where is ...
auxiliary verb 0 votes, asked May 23 by Deep
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Problem interpreting sentence.
I can't undertand the meaning of the following sentece: "For instance, if the loan was floating and the change in ...
verb interpretation semantics conju agreement 0 votes, asked May 20 by lucas farias
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Please find the subject and verb in the sample sentence below: In my class is where you'll find the markers. ...
subject verb 0 votes, asked May 02 by Fian
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Is this the correct verb tense of deserve?
Own all the success you and your business deserve.
verb 0 votes, asked Apr 28 by Sandra
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Identifying person and number
What is the person and number of the verb in the sentence "Who dismissed the messenger?" Also how would you ...
verb question person number 0 votes, asked Apr 27 by BRitta
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Grammatical function of a future tense verb
Please would someone be able to tell me, what is the grammatical term given to the future tense verb in ...
future verb adjective 0 votes, asked Apr 16 by Sethan
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Active Voice to Passive Voice
Can someone please rewrite the ff. sentences in active voice to passive voice? 1) The Philippine mandurugo, for instance, has ...
passive-voice active-voice verb passive active 0 votes, asked Mar 31 by Ivis Baironet
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Noun form of the verb "enfold"
Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the noun of "enfold"/"enfolding" would be? (I.e., the object that is 'enfolded'). I ...
grammar verb noun 0 votes, asked Mar 20 by Asa Skinner
4 answers
Past-tense verbs that differ in form between first person singular and third person plural?
In English, the past tense of "to be" is different between the first person singular "I was" and the third ...
tense plural third-person first-person verb 0 votes, asked Mar 12 by R Scott LaMorte
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Verb phrase help
In the following sentence, "his ideas can be considered useless.", is the verb phrase "can be considered" the verb phrase ...
verb Phrase help 0 votes, asked Feb 05 by Casie
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Phrasal verb
I am poor at phrasal verbs. Please help.Priya is not ______ for this kind of job.A) cut out. B) cut ...
verb phrasal Verbs 0 votes, asked Jan 07 by Rahul Gupta
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