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Difference between the meaning of two verb tenses
She is reading a lot these days. or She has been reading a lot these days. Which one is correct? ...
tenses present verb grammarcorrection Usage 0 votes, asked Jul 18 by Debashis
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Use of the word Encounter or Encountered
Is is acceptable to use the word "Encountered" in the following manner? "We were encountered by a dolphin." Or would ...
tense tenses use Usage 0 votes, asked Jul 16 by Jennie
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Using Lively Present Tense for Past Events
Hi I am in the middle of writing a book which invloves alot of accounting of past events which even ...
grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Jun 10 by William Crockett
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Servicing vs serving
I frequently see agencies advertising their servicies to clients,which are usually within a certain niche of industry, using the verb ...
Usage +1 vote, asked May 23 by A L
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"Night" to mean "near" or "almost"?
I sometimes see the word "night" used in in phrases like "the time is night" or "night-invulnerability" that seem to ...
grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 24 by ja tiezja
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Red Letter vs Red-Letter
I am trying to figure out the correct grammatical usage of "red-letter" as I am planning to add it to ...
dashes Usage 0 votes, asked Apr 10 by Lauren23
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Usage questions
Hi, I'm from South Korea and I took a sample test of a standardized English test in S.Korea. Below I ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Mar 06 by Seok-Jun Kim
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Get to inf vs. get ~ing
Hi, there I was wondering if there are any differences in meaning between the sentences; "I couldn't get the car ...
Usage of get 0 votes, asked Mar 06 by Oodo
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Does this sentence make sense and is it grammatically correct?
"No matter how hard you had studied back then, you would have not got a good score." Or "No matter ...
grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Mar 05 by scott
1 answer
Usage questions
Hi, I'm from South Korea and I took a sample test of a standardized English test in S.Korea. Below I ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Mar 04 by Seok-Jun Kim
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Correct usage of verbs
Which is correct: "The question needs answering" or "The question needs answered"?
Usage 0 votes, asked Feb 09 by Mary
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"Potentially Imminent?"
I have just read the description "potentially imminent" in a document and it struck me as odd. Can something be ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Feb 04 by Rebecca
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Is this the correct usage of a colon?
Turning out to be exactly what I was expected to be: to me, this was failure. Thank you!
colon Usage grammar punctuation 0 votes, asked Jan 30 by Amy Christie
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use of preposition to with verb to write
I want to write my friend. I want to write to my friend. Which is correct?
Usage grammar 0 votes, asked Jan 19 by Lisa Barton
2 answers
The most creative way to use the word hunger in a paragarph
How to use the word hunger in a paragraph, instead of simply using the word ? Something like, 'The burn ...
Word Usage grammar english 0 votes, asked Dec 21 '14 by Anna Vinaya Xavier
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Wrong usage
If there is gramatical mistake in english can we say it as wrong usage or incorrect usage or wrong saying? ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Dec 11 '14 by subin sam
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idiomatic usage
I pulled the brakes. OR I pulled at the brakes. What's the correct usage.
idiom is-my-sentence-correct Usage 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Divyanshu Sharma
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Grammar and usage of 'bout'
Is saying 'endless bout of...' wrong? I thought I had heard it but I can't seem to find it anywhere. ...
grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 16 '14 by maugrammar
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awoke or woke
Hi. I need to know which of these words 'awoke' or 'woke' is correct to use in the sentence below ...
correct Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 09 '14 by Lee
2 answers
Pronoun usage
What do you call using "I" to talk about someone else? To use "you" to talk about yourself?
pronoun Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 03 '14 by hayess
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Is there a need for is in the full sentence below.
. It is highly likely only part of the budget to be obtained through donor support.. It is highly likely ...
Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 05 '14 by Flad80
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Comma usage
I know that commas should be used when a new independent clause is introduced. However, should a comma be used ...
comma Usage Subordinate dependent clause -1 votes, asked Jul 27 '14 by Joe Peetz
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"Either" in a sentence
Hi! I have a question regarding the use of the adverb form of the word "either" in a sentence. For ...
either Sentence Usage Word 0 votes, asked Jun 29 '14 by Lauren
0 answers
Using commas around "in fact"
I was provided a newsletter with this sentence, "Birds and rodents, in fact all insects are attracted to areas where ...
comma in fact grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Jun 24 '14 by Nicole Drach
2 answers
Theoretically vs. hypothetically
Need help settling an argument! My girlfriend and I were getting ice cream with a friend a couple of weeks ...
vocabulary Word Usage 0 votes, asked May 15 '14 by Andrew Fendrich
1 answer
Usage of "only"
A: We are leaving to go out of town on Friday. Thursday would work best for us. B: Unfortunately, I ...
Word Usage only grammar 0 votes, asked May 07 '14 by Rebecca
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Grammarly Usage
I was always able to use Grammarly check on my microsoft word. I had a Grammarly in my Microsoft tool ...
grammarly Usage -1 votes, asked Mar 11 '14 by Andre Minn
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Using the verb "heed" with "consequence"
Would you be able to say "We heed consequence" using the word consequence with the Merriam-Webster definition 3. Importance with ...
heed consequence definition Usage 0 votes, asked Mar 09 '14 by Raymond Martin
1 answer
Word usage question, any help appreciated
I would like to ____ by inviting questions from the audience. (end - stop) fill the blank with one of ...
blank Usage Word Difference 0 votes, asked Jan 17 '14 by Mardin Uzeri
0 answers
Just okay-wasn't bad either
Please consider the following conversation :- [ A: How was today's test? B: It was just okay. A: You've got ...
Usage grammar conversation 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '13 by Justine Mathew
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