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Should decision making process be hyphenated to decision-making process
when to hyphenate 0 votes, asked Nov 24 by
1 answer
Finishing a sentence with "to"
Example: My father told me to leave a book on a certain place. What is the correct form to address ...
grammar to preposition +1 vote, asked Nov 23 by
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connecting artists "to" the world or "with" the world?
It's a slogan. Which form is correct? Also, does world need a "the"? Thanks, Amir
to with 0 votes, asked Oct 30 by amir
1 answer
Use of 'From and to '
The company made everything from computers to cameras to microwaves to cars. or The company made everything from computers to ...
from and to 0 votes, asked Oct 20 by Ian Marshall
1 answer
Will vs going to
A movie just came out today. And I want to ask a question to someone about releasing. Should I say ...
will going to grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by ozg
1 answer
Correct wedding invitation wording - to or with?
Mr. and Mrs. X request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter X TO OR WITH ...
wedding Invite correct to with 0 votes, asked Aug 11 by Mixedpoem
2 answers
Ing or to
My question is: I am smoking and the phone calls. I stop reading. And then i answer the phone. How ...
ing to +1 vote, asked Jul 07 by Willhaet
1 answer
The right usage of "to"
Dear friends, I have a question like that. I would like to know which version is correct "To participants were ...
to given preposition 0 votes, asked Jun 20 by Lesman Ghazaryan
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Using "spoke to"
Is it correct to use "spoke to " when describing a topic? As in: "He spoke to the need for ...
spoke to 0 votes, asked Jun 15 by naran burchinow
1 answer
late to/for work
Hello there! Are both these sentences grammatically correct and meaningful? 1) My boss scolded me for arriving late to work. ...
to for preposition +1 vote, asked Jun 10 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
When adverbs get confusing...
I'm doing some practice with overall sentence diagramming by diagramming sentences I see in everyday conversations. This is one I'm ...
adverbs converting question to statement +2 votes, edited May 27 by Francesca
1 answer
Definition of 'is to'.
He is to do it. What does is to mean? Is it the same as to intend to? What is ...
is to +1 vote, asked May 23 by Deep
1 answer
Grammar for a joke.
I used to do drugs. I still do. But I used to,too.
Conjunction comma to too 0 votes, asked May 13 by Dane Cutforth
4 answers
converter active to passive
1- He expected us to ofter him the job.2- They showed her the eastier way to do it.3- Lightning struck ...
active to passive help Thanks +3 votes, asked May 10 by Maria
1 answer
help to enable grammarly
Help me enable grammarly. The program is still under the control panel.
help to enable grammarly 0 votes, asked Apr 25 by JC Page
1 answer
Which one is correct?
"Leave your answer on our facebook page & you're entered to for a chance to win." OR "Leave your answer ...
to for 0 votes, edited Apr 27 by HNLHNL
1 answer
bring vs to bring
Hi, I am having trouble figuring out why I cannot use "to bring" in the following situation. 1: We ask ...
to bring +1 vote, asked Mar 26 by Adolf
0 answers
What's the difference here?
I used to use the below expression like this: I need you to study these tips to help you achieve ...
help to achieve 0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Hisham
1 answer
preposition and object
If there is a preposition that means there is no object to the verb He writes me He writes to ...
to preposition object 0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Anu
3 answers
Obstacle to
Which of the below sentences is correct? why? 1. We have to overcome the obstacle to put on the show ...
to obstacle preposition 0 votes, asked Jan 31 by alan
1 answer
Verb metabolize and its proper preposition
"due to their abbility to metabolize directly malic acid to ethanol" Is it correcto to use metabolize with preposition to. ...
Metabolize to 0 votes, asked Jan 30 by Santiago
1 answer
Used to / Would
I am aware that used to can only be used for describing past states AND past habit, whereas would can ...
used to would habits states -1 votes, asked Dec 16 '14 by Kyle
2 answers
Proper use of "lease" or "rent" in terms of who rents to, who rents from (is rent from proper)
I have a student who asks an interesting question I am having trouble answering. Here was her question on a ...
lease rent to from 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '14 by Joel Nicholson
1 answer
have to do smth
Have I to do smth? Is it correct?
have to do 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Lilit
1 answer
(was used to - used to)
I used to get up early. = I don't get up early now. I was used to getting up early ...
was used to 0 votes, asked Aug 30 '14 by eslamfarag
1 answer
In this BBC paragraph, why is "to became" used and not "to become"? "People who had previously been strongly for ...
to became 0 votes, asked Jul 31 '14 by Truc Nguyen
0 answers
I'd like to know whether it is appropriate to use "in to" or "into"...
I have a sentence I'm writing where I describe making a turn, as I run, into an empty alleyway. Here ...
into in to grammar help 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '14 by Joshua Neumann
0 answers
Please correct.
wonderful effort, Alex, keep up the good work!
when to include a comma 0 votes, asked Jun 14 '14 by Laurel Donaldson
1 answer
to learn vs learn / to ask vs ask
Hi from Japan and TIA Couldn't understand my teacher's explanation, please help! Is there a difference between the examples here? ...
to 0 votes, asked Apr 14 '14 by Hanako
1 answer
TO or IN?
Free ticket TO or IN the museum?
to in 0 votes, asked Jan 17 '14 by olga
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