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An example of effects of failing to put priorities first.
" On the other hand, a young girl who she ran over with her truck, died. After the hospital released ...
Parallelism tenses 0 votes, asked Feb 16 by Karen
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had or has been: help!
Hi I'm now studying passive voice and tense, and i have a question. This phenomenon (has described) so often that ...
tenses 0 votes, asked Feb 16 by Youngsun Han
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Can past tense be in the same sentense with present tense
Hi. Are these sentense correct overall? Is my question even correctly formed? 1. The cat urinates on his clothes that ...
tenses present past urgent 0 votes, asked Dec 29 '14 by Diana S
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Tense of the verb in clause following "should have done is"?
Hi, I came across the following sentence: "What the couple should have done to avoid this calamity is formed a ...
tenses 0 votes, asked Dec 27 '14 by Draw Knob
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Excessive commas? I also cannot tell if my intro lead is in the present tense, despite being active
A 45 year old Queens Park man is in a critical condition after crashing his Holden utility through the Welshpool ...
grammar commas tenses journalism punctuation 0 votes, asked Sep 11 '14 by Kelly Bailey
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Choose the correct answer.Use Present simple or Present continous as appropiate:- 1.The film starts/is starting at 2:00pm.
tenses 0 votes, asked Jul 15 '14 by Dibyajit Dash
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English Tenses
hi i would like to ask some questions regarding tenses for example i want to tell my friend that i ...
tenses +1 vote, asked Mar 05 '14 by zaghum
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Question about tenses in a text.
Hello, I would like an expert opinion on this text, yes I know the phrasing and the ideeas are messed ...
tenses text 0 votes, asked Jan 22 '14 by John Dalton
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Why used this tense in this sentence?
Why used present perfect in this sentence ? why did not uses other tense? "There have always been differences in ...
tenses perfect 0 votes, asked Dec 27 '13 by mohammad
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Past tense more suited than present perfect in this sentence?
What I read was this: "Grand Theft Auto V's success over the past month has been huge, but according to ...
tenses 0 votes, edited Oct 10 '13 by Heather
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Sequence of tenses, and exceptions for emphasis
I read this somewhere--a guy (the "candidate") was appealing a decision made against him, and, in his document, in one ...
sequence tenses 0 votes, edited Oct 11 '13 by Heather
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Wrong tense used in the media, I have to argue--do you agree?
Here's a tragic news story: "A 16-year-old has died as the result of a helmet-to-helmet collision during a high school ...
tenses 0 votes, edited Sep 18 '13 by Heather
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Past tense and present tense mixed into one statement--an exception that makes it right?
I know that we should always strive to maintain consistency in the usage of tense when writing. However, I have ...
tenses mixing past present exceptions 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '13 by Heather
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how would u use av aids to teach past simple tense
teching tenses -1 votes, asked Sep 06 '13 by babarkhokhar
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Use of Simple Past Verb in Sentences Involving Past Perfect and Present Perfect
IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THESE TWO STATEMENTS? 1) “I knew John had been influencing Peter, so I ...
verb tenses past perfect present +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by Heather
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Past tenses
Could you explain what is wrong in this sentence: "I had never been visiting a working prison before, so when ...
past tenses 0 votes, asked Jun 02 '13 by Artur Strozynski
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Clearing Up Tense Use Once More
Hi Again All: I’m still feeling the effects—good or bad, depending on how you see of it—of having read "5 ...
tenses 0 votes, edited May 13 '13 by Heather
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One other tense question
Here’s what I read in a Yahoo article today: “Meanwhile, a second team was preparing to leave on a Libyan ...
tenses 0 votes, edited May 06 '13 by Heather
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Another tense-related question
Here’s what I read in an article on Fox News, the last sentence of which I take issue as to ...
tenses +1 vote, asked May 05 '13 by Heather
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Verb tense after "would" and conjunction "and"?
Which of the below sentences are correct? (1) Just a year ago, she would sing and DANCE every day. or ...
tense tenses would Conjunction 0 votes, asked Feb 03 '13 by grizz
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