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Conditional of remember in future tense
Why do we say : If you remeber anything, please contact me. rather than: If you will remember anything, please ...
future conditional tense verb 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by Mikael Viktor
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Past tenses in the phrase "I've heard"
For example if I found out about the side effect of a pill and wanted to tell someone about it ...
grammar past tense english 0 votes, asked Oct 02 by Bill
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What is the past tense of riding a horse
"I have ____ a horse before" Is it rode or ridden or am I saying it incorrectly?
past tense 0 votes, asked Sep 04 by Andy Darling
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which tense forms this sentence
so a week before, my teacher asked me a question. what tense is this sentence in. and the sentence was ...
grammar tense presentperfectcontinuous pastper 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by mfarizi
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Tense Query
My Question is...What will be the correct tense of the below given sentence... Q)_ You (sleep) for three hours now.
tense 0 votes, asked Aug 30 by shubham Karmakar
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convert into past tense
Reality TV star Jade Goody dies at the age of 27
past tense 0 votes, asked Aug 19 by Muhammad Nabeel
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When is it okay to switch tenses?
In creative writing, when is it okay to switch tenses? I feel like I might have a misunderstanding of past ...
tense grammar dialogue past present 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by Brad Taylor
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tense the question is to find the incorrect tense usage
A I cant believe you are late for school. you havent been late until today.B Im sorry, Ms. Brown. I ...
tense awkawrd Usage 0 votes, asked Aug 11 by kimm
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Verb tense switching when describing a living person in the recent past
Which verb tense should be used when describing a living person in the recent past? example: This morning I left ...
verb tense tenses switching 0 votes, asked Jul 28 by Kymahi
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Use of the word Encounter or Encountered
Is is acceptable to use the word "Encountered" in the following manner? "We were encountered by a dolphin." Or would ...
tense tenses use Usage 0 votes, asked Jul 16 by Jennie
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did you hear her ...... in the next room just now? a.sing b. singing
did you hear her ...... in the next room just now? a.sing b. singing. which one is right and why ...
tense present continuous 0 votes, asked Jun 30 by Jay
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What tense is this sentence?
Drinking coffee isn't as bad as you think. Is this a present continuous sentence? What function is 'drinking' in this ...
continuous tense 0 votes, asked Jun 25 by Lee
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What tense is the following sentence?
What tense is the following sentence? "If another website containing the statement is re-posted using our services will remove such ...
tense 0 votes, asked Jun 18 by Andy Ell
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Past perfect or not?
There is a lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ........................ A) Than there was about a century ago. B) ...
had pastperfect pastperfecttense tense 0 votes, asked Jun 14 by berra ince
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is vs are, which case?
This is driving me up a walk ... "Bonds of Affection: What Else Is There?" or "Bonds of Affection: What ...
is are case tense 0 votes, asked Jun 04 by Camille Mercurius
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Tense question by sonny7
Mr. Han announced his plans to retire next month, when his work on the convention center -------. (C) was completed ...
tense sonny7 0 votes, asked May 13 by 승훈 한
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tense confusion
I want to explain two object seen in the past. One still exist until today, but the second is already ...
tense 0 votes, asked Apr 10 by Bld Bld
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Present Perfect Tense
I am struggling to understand the difference between the present perfect tense and the the present perfect progressive tense. Is ...
tense tenses perfect present presentperfect 0 votes, asked Mar 31 by Aidan Miller
3 answers
Past-tense verbs that differ in form between first person singular and third person plural?
In English, the past tense of "to be" is different between the first person singular "I was" and the third ...
tense plural third-person first-person verb 0 votes, asked Mar 12 by R Scott LaMorte
1 answer
Past habit usage
I am writing a children's story, and so far I've been writing in past simple tense (I'm relatively sure) with ...
pasthabit tense pastsimple storytelling Narration 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '14 by gbacq
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Correct form of the verb
Write the correct form of the verb in the bracket: While I was studying, I didn't think about work and ...
Verbs tense correct form 0 votes, asked Dec 06 '14 by cotos
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tense shift when a condition is ongoing
Is it technically correct grammar to use a tense shift to imply the assumption of a continuing condition? Example. I ...
tense shifted future shift 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '14 by Keith Emmer
0 answers
Dear Staff, Please guide me how to apply a tense changes in eassy or stories writting. If poosible, please give ...
tense 0 votes, asked Oct 25 '14 by PAUL
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Is this sentence grammatically correct?
She was must to wear formal clothes.
grammar tense 0 votes, asked Oct 15 '14 by Marcin Baranowski
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How to describe this sentence grammatically
Was that the last report?Was is the past tense of the verb to be,was is singular. Report is countable and ...
tense Sentence Structure 0 votes, asked Sep 14 '14 by Choc
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Compound predicate - must tense agree?
Is it correct grammar to construct a sentence with multiple tenses in a compound predicate, such as in: "Mary knew ...
compound predicate tense 0 votes, asked Aug 11 '14 by Jason J Hoogervorst
2 answers
The past tense
In the statement, "It's time you did your homework," why is the past tense used? Why isn't it, "It's time ...
past tense 0 votes, asked Jul 09 '14 by Elaine Johnson
1 answer
Correct Tenses
Are the tenses in the following sentence correct: After James left for Johannesurg, Peter started working at the Accounts Department. ...
tense 0 votes, asked Jun 20 '14 by Sharon Miltiadou
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Is this proper grammar: "to of have made that happen" or "to have had made that happen" ?
Hi I am writing to someone about the fact that I had greatly wanted to make it "down there" to ...
tense of have had past 0 votes, asked Jun 17 '14 by nothankyou
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Narrator in fiction using here or there, these or those
Hi, I'm writing a short story (fiction) and i'm a little bit confused. I'm writing third person, past tense. Should ...
here there past tense narrator 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '14 by Angelos Kuklinski
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