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Which sentence is correct?
'Try slowing your speech down a little' or 'Try slowing down your speech a little'.
Word position order Sentence +2 votes, asked May 25 by Steve
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in my current role, i can demonstrate this by
I am writing a selection criteria where i need to demonstrate my abilities , how can i reword this so ...
rewording grammer Sentence Structure +1 vote, asked May 23 by larissa
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Help to make a sentence more concise
Any suggestions for tightening up the following sentence? The responsibilities of the Senior Graphic Designer is to create original designs ...
Sentence run-on 0 votes, asked May 14 by Sheri Gold
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This sentence correct or not ?
This sentence correct or not ? The buyer can cancel the order if the seller does not accept/cancel the order ...
england Sentence 0 votes, asked May 12 by Mongkon Taweebunlon
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Does this sentence make sense?
I live outcast in segregation Does this makes sense?
sense Sentence 0 votes, asked May 10 by JhWOLFJh
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What is the type of this sentence?
I was wondering if a sentence started with something like "for example" does it make it a compound sentence? like ...
grammar Sentence english Structure 0 votes, asked May 05 by Suzie Toumeh
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Correct Form of Passage
Is there anything wrong with the below sentences? I would like to know whether the phrase "something to filter out" ...
sentence-fragment Sentence passage sentence-structure 0 votes, asked Apr 28 by Sangdo Lee
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correct the sentence
News paper gives us information. it awares people of different situations.
Sentence correction 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by zeniaa
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sentence correction
is this the correct way to write this sentence- Karen told me she saw you and that you sent your ...
Sentence correction 0 votes, asked Mar 15 by JT
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Begin the sentence with "Have you...."
Begin the following sentence with "Have you" :- Has Alia written to you?
Sentence begin written Has have 0 votes, asked Mar 05 by sankaps
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Is it correct to say "it may not seem it", or should it read "it may not seem like it"?
Sentence 0 votes, asked Mar 05 by sharleenhanson
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please tell me how to explain this sentence's grammar structure
MaxiMed care also has the right to enforce such limitation mentioned above for minor health problems the insured previously had ...
grammar Sentence Structure verbsequence 0 votes, asked Feb 26 by yin cruz
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How do I write this question?
How could we gain that hold as fans? or How as fans could we gain that hold?
Sentence 0 votes, asked Feb 26 by john sinclair
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English grammar
the milk processing industry is a small one _ make it a complex sentence
complex Sentence hsc2015 +1 vote, asked Feb 23 by tanmay
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Where or were?
Hello, Sorry silly question but which one applies for the following sentence: Food passes through the mouth where accessory organs ...
Word-choice Word grammar Sentence 0 votes, asked Feb 20 by Saab
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Each of the children have a bicycle.
which mistakes is this Sentence 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by Kavitha
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sentence is correct or not
Mr. Sunil stop putting words in my mouth.
Sentence 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by ritu mahajan
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check wherher the sentence is correct or not?
The pictures have come out really well.
Sentence 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by ritu mahajan
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which of the two sentence is correct?
From where did u buy dat bag? Or where did u buy dat bag from?
Sentence 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by ritu mahajan
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Fragment or complete sentence
Is the following a complete sentence? "But don't just take our word for it." The context is that it would ...
complete Sentence fragment Semicolon 0 votes, asked Jan 08 by Alex
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sentence structure
Are both of these sentences grammatically correct? He picked up the books.He picked the books up. Thanks.
Sentence Structure 0 votes, asked Jan 07 by hakesad
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Tell me the meaning of a sentence, is it correct to say it like this
"A creative fresher with zeal to make a winning career as a Mechanical Engineer" is it correct how it can ...
meaning grammer Sentence 0 votes, asked Jan 06 by Debraj Roy
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Which of the following sentences uses a verb incorrectly?
A) Without all the previous criticism, you might never have grown. B) No one is breaking any laws. C) We ...
english English3 verb Sentence incorrect 0 votes, asked Dec 22 '14 by Chloe rose
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Is this sentence grammatically correct/make sense?
Exactly as the title says. "My parents possessed the language trifecta under their belts; fluent in Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin." ...
Sentence grammar correct sense 0 votes, asked Dec 21 '14 by Angel Chang
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please check my grammar For english class I need to write a sentence that defines the word deride
I told the girls not to deride as they were mocking the new girls accent in class.
deride english grammar help Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 28 '14 by Ana ilic
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sentence grammar - help!
Can someone offer me any advice on this sentence? It doesn't sound or feel right, and I'm not quite sure ...
Sentence grammar Structure 0 votes, edited Nov 20 '14 by Sierra
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Sentence grammar - Help!
Can someone please help me with the below sentence? I'm not sure if it should be 'emergency service administration' or ...
Sentence grammar nouns 0 votes, asked Nov 13 '14 by Sierra
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Grammar of a sentence
Hello! I believe you all know the quote: "Experience is a brutal teacher but you learn. My God do you ...
grammar Sentence quote 0 votes, asked Nov 07 '14 by Goda Kiškūnaitė
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Is this sentence correct?
"How can one thing be different every time we lay eyes on?" If this is not correct or easy on ...
grammar Sentence question Structure help 0 votes, edited Oct 30 '14 by user22
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A sentence from architectural book.
Hey All, This sentence is so confusing to me. " Yet the very mechanics whom Ware credited with creating sound ...
Architecture grammar ESL Sentence english 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '14 by luke
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