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Did she gave up? do i still have a shot,or it's too late?
So i like this girl alot, and we have been texting on facebook and i noticed that she was looking ...
girl girls Texting relationship talking 0 votes, asked Jan 22 by Barney Carter
1 answer
Hello there! Little help here. Suppose A and B are brothers and C is their sister. Are these sentences correct ...
relationship 0 votes, edited Jun 27 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Is there a synonym for someone I know?
I am looking for a word that describes a person as someone I know, without describing the actual relationsip I ...
Synonym synonyms relationship person 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '15 by Anonymous
0 answers
making pronoun relationship clear
Mirabelle told Candace that she saw her at her house yesterday. make the relationship to the pronoune clear
pronoun relationship clear 0 votes, asked Nov 12 '14 by rachel kampwerth
1 answer
difference between relation and relationship
What the difference between relation and relationship and uses in a scientific text?
relation relationship 0 votes, edited Oct 14 '13 by Manuel Mendoza
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