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Question form
Which is the grammatically correct sentence? What do you think is the tense of the following sentences? What do you ...
question +1 vote, edited Dec 22 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Hey, which one is correct?
Which sentence is correct? I am letting this flat to my friend or I am renting out this flat to ...
grammar question please help ASAP 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '15 by Katja
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Please, help! ASAP
My friend has visited a Harry Potter studio in London and sent me a picture of Albus Dumbledore standing in ...
grammar question please ASAP 0 votes, asked Dec 03 '15 by G
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tense within a 'question'
how will their cost of living differs? or how will their cost of living differ? should the tense be 'differ' ...
tense question 0 votes, asked Oct 27 '15 by Regina
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Asking about Who to Ask
What is the proper way of saying the following (and is there a colloquial vs. written difference?): Who can I ...
question asking preposition whom 0 votes, asked Sep 02 '15 by Shiva Ashrafzadeh
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Font usage on your program question
What is the type of font you use on your program on the web? It's really awesome and professional!
font question grammarly +6 votes, asked Aug 26 '15 by Paris Sklavos
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How many different ways can questions be phrased?
are they only 12 or no limit
question Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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Proper sentence structure
Is the following sentence grammatically correct and acceptable or should it be changed and how? ¨I begin to question what ...
proper Sentence Structure question grammatically 0 votes, asked Aug 20 '15 by max
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Supply question tags to the following sentences:
Kindly check them are they right ? 1. She has got the highest mark, ................... ? 2. The boys have ...
question tag 0 votes, asked Aug 14 '15 by Nikki
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grammar and usage
My I come in
question 0 votes, asked Jul 31 '15 by janhvi agrawal
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Another "is" vs. "are" question
Strolling through the internet, I came across a "quote" picture saying, "people who who have perfect bodies but eat junk ...
is-are question +1 vote, asked Jun 08 '15 by Brynn E Kelly
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Sentence problem
Hi! Some time ago I saw a comment on one page which was gramatically a bit weird for me (I'm ...
Sentence if will question inversion +2 votes, asked Jun 01 '15 by Dawid
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Tag question.
Every mother loves her child, ____? What question tag should be used here? Doesn't she or don't they? My textbooks ...
question tag +1 vote, asked May 29 '15 by Deep
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When adverbs get confusing...
I'm doing some practice with overall sentence diagramming by diagramming sentences I see in everyday conversations. This is one I'm ...
adverbs converting question to statement +2 votes, edited May 27 '15 by Francesca
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what is the meaning of the sentence?
"People with status don't need status.." what does this sentence means?
question 0 votes, asked May 27 '15 by Sara Rahman
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"Why are you" or "why you are"
Hi, I would like to ask, for example, if someone has bought something from eBay and resell it in a ...
question why 0 votes, asked May 23 '15 by Osul
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Test Questions
Well What Is the Right Answer for this Question? A Small Amount Of Something To Test IS Called_______? 1)Base 2)Sample ...
test question english answer -1 votes, asked May 19 '15 by StrangeGr
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reply of question using "IF"
If someone says " If you really want to play football then i will come to your home" Second person ...
if question 0 votes, asked May 10 '15 by elyaas
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Identifying person and number
What is the person and number of the verb in the sentence "Who dismissed the messenger?" Also how would you ...
verb question person number 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '15 by BRitta
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Correct the mistakes
I woke up at 7 o'clock for being at school in 9 and coming back at 10. I have just ...
school question grammar correction mistakes -1 votes, asked Apr 15 '15 by Mariam Harutyunyan
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Is appendable a word ? How could you describe something with the ability to be appended to something else? Eg. ...
Word words question 0 votes, asked Feb 24 '15 by Julian Caruana
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Combination of "how does" and "like"
Is "How does it taste like?" correct grammar for requesting a description of a taste? Alternatives questions: "What does it ...
help Structure question 0 votes, asked Feb 04 '15 by Garrett
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matter or matters
Which of the following questions is gramatically correct: How does it matter you? / How does it matters you? Why?
singular plural question -1 votes, asked Jan 22 '15 by hajera
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phrasing question
hi, please which one of those two question is correct ? what are the complications that may happen ? or ...
question 0 votes, asked Dec 26 '14 by mohammed
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asking question
If someone ask me a question but i do not know the answer, what should i say if i want ...
asking question expression speaking 0 votes, asked Nov 13 '14 by alan
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Where would the comma go in this sentence?
'I will pass on your message to Jane Smith owner of the shop.' I guess it's after the name, but ...
commaplacement commas help names question 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by Sophie
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Is this sentence correct?
"How can one thing be different every time we lay eyes on?" If this is not correct or easy on ...
grammar Sentence question Structure help 0 votes, edited Oct 30 '14 by user22
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What question is being asked when "Which" is followed by a possessive?
This question relates to a dispute over an answer in the game Trivial Pursuit. The original question was something like, ...
possessive which question 0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by RSW
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I'm not sure if my sentence makes sense and/or is grammatically correct?
These freedoms can be as simple as saying “The Pledge of Allegiance” or they can be of a higher importance ...
question Sentence grammar 0 votes, edited Sep 03 '14 by Jenny Nguyen
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Does the following information mean a prior offense of the same type is required for a final warning
Final Written Warning. The purpose of this step is to correct an additional or serious performance/disciplinary problem or because a ...
question contract conjunctions 0 votes, asked Jul 30 '14 by Daniel Quinones
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