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Test Questions
Well What Is the Right Answer for this Question? A Small Amount Of Something To Test IS Called_______? 1)Base 2)Sample ...
test question english answer 0 votes, asked May 19 by StrangeGr
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reply of question using "IF"
If someone says " If you really want to play football then i will come to your home" Second person ...
if question 0 votes, asked May 10 by elyaas
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Identifying person and number
What is the person and number of the verb in the sentence "Who dismissed the messenger?" Also how would you ...
verb question person number 0 votes, asked Apr 27 by BRitta
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Correct the mistakes
I woke up at 7 o'clock for being at school in 9 and coming back at 10. I have just ...
school question grammar correction mistakes -1 votes, asked Apr 15 by Mariam Harutyunyan
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Is appendable a word ? How could you describe something with the ability to be appended to something else? Eg. ...
Word words question 0 votes, asked Feb 24 by Julian Caruana
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Combination of "how does" and "like"
Is "How does it taste like?" correct grammar for requesting a description of a taste? Alternatives questions: "What does it ...
help Structure question 0 votes, asked Feb 04 by Garrett
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matter or matters
Which of the following questions is gramatically correct: How does it matter you? / How does it matters you? Why?
singular plural question 0 votes, asked Jan 22 by hajera
1 answer
phrasing question
hi, please which one of those two question is correct ? what are the complications that may happen ? or ...
question 0 votes, asked Dec 26 '14 by mohammed
1 answer
asking question
If someone ask me a question but i do not know the answer, what should i say if i want ...
asking question expression speaking 0 votes, asked Nov 13 '14 by alan
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Where would the comma go in this sentence?
'I will pass on your message to Jane Smith owner of the shop.' I guess it's after the name, but ...
commaplacement commas help names question 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by Sophie
0 answers
Is this sentence correct?
"How can one thing be different every time we lay eyes on?" If this is not correct or easy on ...
grammar Sentence question Structure help 0 votes, edited Oct 30 '14 by user22
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What question is being asked when "Which" is followed by a possessive?
This question relates to a dispute over an answer in the game Trivial Pursuit. The original question was something like, ...
possessive which question 0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by RSW
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I'm not sure if my sentence makes sense and/or is grammatically correct?
These freedoms can be as simple as saying “The Pledge of Allegiance” or they can be of a higher importance ...
question Sentence grammar 0 votes, edited Sep 03 '14 by Jenny Nguyen
1 answer
Does the following information mean a prior offense of the same type is required for a final warning
Final Written Warning. The purpose of this step is to correct an additional or serious performance/disciplinary problem or because a ...
question contract conjunctions 0 votes, asked Jul 30 '14 by Daniel Quinones
1 answer
Is or Are?
Throughout the play, more and more information is revealed about the characters. is or are?
is are problem question 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '14 by Ting Lai
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Ask questions for 'used to'
My statement is - "I used to work in Deloitte" Is this question correct - "Where did you used to ...
question 0 votes, asked Apr 28 '14 by Georg
2 answers
uitizing a question and answer as the thesis - ok? puctuation correct?
What do Kendrick Johnson, al Qaeda, aliens, Don Henley, and Shakespeare all have in common: the psychological and social phenomena ...
question punctuation thesis 0 votes, asked Apr 12 '14 by Tara Parker
0 answers
Question to Sentence
Can you help me convert this question into a sentence: "If the only way to fulfill teh prime purpose of ...
question Sentence Convert 0 votes, asked Feb 11 '14 by nishtha
1 answer
Use of a question mark
Do I need a question mark? Tony was seeking could PAPER be differentiated
question 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by Chris
1 answer
making question sentence by using "COULD" (as past ability)
Stone age man could only sleep in the dark at night because there was no sunlight. I think, "could" is ...
question could 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by Eddy
2 answers
Okay, so I really tried to find this answer on my own because I think I am getting better at ...
who whom question 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Lina Newbride
1 answer
Gerunds (instead of infinitives) in WH-questions
Is it possible to use a gerund instead of an infinitive in questions such as: 1) Why wait until tomorrow? ...
Infinitive gerund question why 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Lorenzo
1 answer
Is there a software from Grammarly?
I wanted to know if there is a software which i will get after subscribing from Grammarly. I would like ...
software question questions grammatical grammatically 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '13 by Chinmay Gupta
1 answer
An Historic or a Historic
Is it an historic or a historic? I'm told this is a great place to get answers for tricky grammar ...
question historicorahistoric 0 votes, asked Aug 09 '13 by Francesca Benetazzo
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Is this use of "where" correct?
Is this sentence grammatically correct: Where will Mary visit this year? Thanks in advance, kb
where help question grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 16 '13 by kb
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Modifiers !
" What are supplied by the Municipal Corporation, is not free from contamination." Find out the Post Modifier.
modifiers question grammar vocabulary adjectives 0 votes, asked Mar 14 '13 by Pyaree Dash
1 answer
Indirect questions
Hello, which one is gramatically correct: 1. May you please advise who should be the new Finance approver for these ...
indirect question 0 votes, asked Mar 04 '13 by gytis90210
2 answers
Grammar question
Is this statement grammatically correct?: "I can only think about succeed" or should it instead "succeeding"? Thanks !!
grammar question succeed life 0 votes, edited Feb 27 '13 by Jose Chong
2 answers
I fail to comprehend the corrections
I'm new using this program so i'm testing it, just for you guys to know. Also i'm not a native ...
question error corrections cohession +1 vote, asked Dec 22 '12 by Lionel Thomas
0 answers
question format
I'm baffled. How do I format the following 'question+' properly: "What begins and never ends?—a child’s riddle. Perhaps ..." I'm ...
question format 0 votes, asked Oct 12 '12 by Kevin Sprague
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