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What question is being asked when "Which" is followed by a possessive?
This question relates to a dispute over an answer in the game Trivial Pursuit. The original question was something like, ...
possessive which question 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by RSW
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I'm not sure if my sentence makes sense and/or is grammatically correct?
These freedoms can be as simple as saying “The Pledge of Allegiance” or they can be of a higher importance ...
question Sentence grammar 0 votes, edited Sep 03 by Jenny Nguyen
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Does the following information mean a prior offense of the same type is required for a final warning
Final Written Warning. The purpose of this step is to correct an additional or serious performance/disciplinary problem or because a ...
question contract conjunctions 0 votes, asked Jul 30 by Daniel Quinones
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Is or Are?
Throughout the play, more and more information is revealed about the characters. is or are?
is are problem question 0 votes, asked Jun 13 by Ting Lai
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Ask questions for 'used to'
My statement is - "I used to work in Deloitte" Is this question correct - "Where did you used to ...
question 0 votes, asked Apr 28 by Georg
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uitizing a question and answer as the thesis - ok? puctuation correct?
What do Kendrick Johnson, al Qaeda, aliens, Don Henley, and Shakespeare all have in common: the psychological and social phenomena ...
question punctuation thesis 0 votes, asked Apr 12 by Tara Parker
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Question to Sentence
Can you help me convert this question into a sentence: "If the only way to fulfill teh prime purpose of ...
question Sentence Convert 0 votes, asked Feb 11 by nishtha
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Use of a question mark
Do I need a question mark? Tony was seeking could PAPER be differentiated
question 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by Chris
2 answers
making question sentence by using "COULD" (as past ability)
Stone age man could only sleep in the dark at night because there was no sunlight. I think, "could" is ...
question could 0 votes, asked Oct 23 '13 by Eddy
2 answers
Okay, so I really tried to find this answer on my own because I think I am getting better at ...
who whom question 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Lina Newbride
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Gerunds (instead of infinitives) in WH-questions
Is it possible to use a gerund instead of an infinitive in questions such as: 1) Why wait until tomorrow? ...
Infinitive gerund question why 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Lorenzo
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Is there a software from Grammarly?
I wanted to know if there is a software which i will get after subscribing from Grammarly. I would like ...
software question questions grammatical grammatically 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '13 by Chinmay Gupta
1 answer
An Historic or a Historic
Is it an historic or a historic? I'm told this is a great place to get answers for tricky grammar ...
question historicorahistoric 0 votes, asked Aug 09 '13 by Francesca Benetazzo
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Is this use of "where" correct?
Is this sentence grammatically correct: Where will Mary visit this year? Thanks in advance, kb
where help question grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 16 '13 by kb
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Modifiers !
" What are supplied by the Municipal Corporation, is not free from contamination." Find out the Post Modifier.
modifiers question grammar vocabulary adjectives 0 votes, asked Mar 14 '13 by Pyaree Dash
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Indirect questions
Hello, which one is gramatically correct: 1. May you please advise who should be the new Finance approver for these ...
indirect question 0 votes, asked Mar 04 '13 by gytis90210
2 answers
Grammar question
Is this statement grammatically correct?: "I can only think about succeed" or should it instead "succeeding"? Thanks !!
grammar question succeed life 0 votes, edited Feb 27 '13 by Jose Chong
2 answers
I fail to comprehend the corrections
I'm new using this program so i'm testing it, just for you guys to know. Also i'm not a native ...
question error corrections cohession +1 vote, asked Dec 22 '12 by Lionel Thomas
0 answers
question format
I'm baffled. How do I format the following 'question+' properly: "What begins and never ends?—a child’s riddle. Perhaps ..." I'm ...
question format 0 votes, asked Oct 12 '12 by Kevin Sprague
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