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Are the following sentences correct? 1. I studied on the Creative and Professional Writing Degree and I loved it. 2. ...
on Prepositions +1 vote, asked Jan 02 by Veronica
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Simple Sentences
Can a simple sentence contain an appositive, or does it turn into a complex sentence? Example: " The librarian, Ms. ...
Prepositions appositive +1 vote, asked Aug 27 '15 by ELISE
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"in the street" or "on the street"? Plz let me know the difference.
I am very confused about the difference between "in the street" or "on the street".I've asked some of my American ...
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '15 by Su-min Han
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susceptible to...
I have a (very bright) ESL student who wrote "Obese people are susceptible for chronic diseases." When I corrected (susceptible ...
ESL Prepositions 0 votes, asked Apr 24 '15 by c.y.
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Which of the words are prepositions? What's the simplest way to identify prepositions?
In silent films, the actors did not speak but short written summaries of what was happening appeared on the screen ...
Prepositions identify partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Jan 21 '15 by Sharleen Hanson
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Proper emphasis of a preposition in spoken American English
When emphasizing words within a sentence containing a preposition, I was taught that usually the subject of the sentence would ...
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jan 20 '15 by Bob Shaffer
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Is the word "these" sometimes the object of a preposition? When?
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Nov 04 '14 by Debbie
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count upto vs count to vs count till
What should be the best way to say- count to/till/upto 100.
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Oct 31 '14 by manish
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Some issues with why certain prepositions are wrong and concord
I am having some trouble explaining why using certain prepositions in certain phrases is wrong. For example, to say that ...
Prepositions concord 0 votes, asked Oct 28 '14 by John
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"for example" as prepositional phrase
Is "for example" a prepositional phrase?
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by Joe Cameron
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Who pays... the bill when you have dinner at a restaurant?-Oh, each... us pays ... What he has hadA) for,of,-B)-,of,atC)-,of,forD)for,-,forE) ...
Prepositions +1 vote, asked Apr 28 '14 by english10
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Could you please answer the following 2 questions related to prepositions in ESL program? Question is: Identify the preposition mistakes ...
Prepositions grammar rules 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '13 by ROD CHISHOLM
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That last comment was the final straw on the insults she was prepared to take from Josh.
Which is the best preposition word for the above sentence - on -of -or even - with?
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '13 by carol powney
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Is "the" a preposition or an article?
Articles Prepositions 0 votes, asked Oct 24 '13 by Amy
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noun vs adjective
In the sentence "A flash of brilliant blue caught his eye." I know that the prepositional phrase "of brilliant blue" ...
Prepositions adjectives nouns 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '13 by TMVine
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sentence structure
What part of speech is 'for you' in the sentence,"This is for you" ? Is it an adverbial ? If ...
sentence-fragment Sentence Prepositions adver 0 votes, asked May 20 '13 by abk_101
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'at which' or 'to which'?
Do you use 'at which' or 'to which' when you write, for example, X said ....., __ which Y replied ...
which and Prepositions 0 votes, asked Apr 06 '13 by Grace Yee
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Prepositional Phrases
Is a preposition that comes before a pronoun considered a functioning preposition? Such as: "she looks at me"? Or: "I ...
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Mar 30 '13 by Emma
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prepositions & articles
Hi, I have two doubts. Please go through the following lines. 1. a. In bed with 2 cute kids. (Do ...
Articles Prepositions +1 vote, asked Feb 27 '13 by Johnie Lenn
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It is contingent on an intact rotator cuff with dynamic compressive forces. Question; in this sentence, If I change "with" ...
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Feb 24 '13 by lee
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"on accident" vs. "by accident"
Grammar Expert, Growing up my mother was adamant we use "by accident" and "on purpose" vice "on accident", which is ...
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by Djt Barber
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Is this sentence correct?
This is a thought I've tried to block out of my mind for so long.
Sentence vocabulary grammar Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jan 26 '13 by user22
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Help me with my sentence please.
I lie there, not taking my gaze away from the ceiling. Is this sentence and the use of the word ...
Sentence vocabulary Structure Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jan 16 '13 by user22
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Revising suggestion
"During the fifth grade my mother took notice of my deficient in math I end up staying up till six ...
example of Prepositions revising tips 0 votes, asked Dec 29 '12 by yu june lee
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The preposition "into"
In the phrase "long walk into obscurity" (or similar), is "into" regarded as a preposition? I have heard it described ...
Prepositions into 0 votes, asked Dec 18 '12 by scjessey
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Can "of" be used with the verb "drench"?
Can the preposition "of" be used with the verb "drench"? Example: But of Gatorade he was drenched after the team's ...
drench of Prepositions Verbs 0 votes, asked Nov 30 '12 by Jeremy Birch
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On diagraming a sentence with an adverbial phrase followed by a preposition
"Because of you, my life has changed" Please help me diagram this. I find it very confusing
Prepositions Adverb Phrase diagramming Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '12 by Denise De Jesus
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Case of pronoun when used as an adjective
Does the case of a pronoun change when the role of the noun it modifies changes from subject to object? ...
Prepositions +2 votes, asked Nov 01 '12 by David Smith
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Can we say falter at ? Example : Her voice faltered at the last word. By the sentence I mean: ...
vocabulary Structure sentences Prepositions 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '12 by user22
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How do we say this : There are fruits in the tree or There are fruits on the tree
Prepositions 0 votes, asked Jul 18 '12 by neeza
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