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What preposition follows the verb "Cautioned"?
preposition +2 votes, asked Jan 16 by Proma
1 answer
Which of the following sentences would be correct? 1. I could guess the truth of the matter. 2. I could ...
guess preposition 0 votes, edited Jan 04 by Veronica
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Grammar Check
Should I use 'in' or 'on' in the following sentence? Today is Robin's birthday, as mentioned _____ (on/in) his Class ...
preposition +1 vote, asked Dec 24 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
Grammar, Parallelism
An SAT Improving Sentences question reads: At graduation, the speaker assured us that our many courses in the liberal arts ...
grammar Parallelism preposition +1 vote, edited Dec 01 '15 by Ze Jay
1 answer
from or of
What is the proper English for the following sentences, from or of ? Thank You to Lowe's Home Improvement from ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Nov 10 '15 by Mary Gaby
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Why writes "in" in the sentence of "The sun rises in the east."
preposition 0 votes, asked Oct 20 '15 by Muhammad Sarwar
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of, with, by which one is correct, and why
clothes made of yak wool or clothes made with yak wool or clothes made by yak wool
preposition 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '15 by Sreehari Saragadam
0 answers
Asking about Who to Ask
What is the proper way of saying the following (and is there a colloquial vs. written difference?): Who can I ...
question asking preposition whom 0 votes, asked Sep 02 '15 by Shiva Ashrafzadeh
1 answer
for or from
fill preposition the labourers were deprived ____ their liberty.[for/from] which is correct
preposition 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '15 by Divyanshi Tripathi
1 answer
fast is… an adverb or adj
In the sentence, “Teresa drives her car fast,” fast is… a. an adverb. b. an adjective. c. a verb. d. ...
Adverb adjective verb preposition 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
1 answer
What type of word is upon?
We often use upon while beginning a story...Once upon a time....What type of word is upon in this sentence?Is it ...
Upon preposition 0 votes, asked Jul 30 '15 by Rahul Gupta
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Preposition - ON, IN, AT
1. The children are playing on/in/at the playground. Which is the best one to use ? Are they all correct ...
playground preposition in on at +1 vote, asked Jun 27 '15 by evelyn lim
1 answer
The right usage of "to"
Dear friends, I have a question like that. I would like to know which version is correct "To participants were ...
to given preposition 0 votes, asked Jun 20 '15 by Lesman Ghazaryan
1 answer
late to/for work
Hello there! Are both these sentences grammatically correct and meaningful? 1) My boss scolded me for arriving late to work. ...
to for preposition +1 vote, asked Jun 10 '15 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
(at) around five o'clock
Hi there! Are both these sentences grammatically correct? 1) He came at around five o'clock. 2) He came around five ...
at preposition Around +1 vote, asked Jun 10 '15 by Abdul Quadir
2 answers
The verb 'signal'
Hi there! It's me again. Is this sentence meaningful? 'The phone rings or makes a noise signaling you to an ...
preposition +1 vote, asked Jun 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
2 answers
Proper Preposition
Which is grammatically correct? Your changes to this step have been successfully saved or Your changes for this step have ...
preposition 0 votes, asked May 15 '15 by Karias Bolster
1 answer
Beginning a sentence with a preposition
I am having trouble figuring out if it would be incorrect for someone to use prepositions at the beginning of ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Apr 26 '15 by Alice
1 answer
Preposition to use
I have a sentence to rephrase! kindly help. "Your land, always at your eyesight,even if you are away!" Whether, "at" ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Mar 30 '15 by kavipriya
1 answer
By vs. Per
Is there a rule that states when and how we would use prepositions by and per? What`s the difference? Which ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Mar 09 '15 by Veronica
1 answer
'at' vs 'in' and about article.
Here's a sentence written in my textbook. The problem isn't just confined to roads, but also the subway systems that ...
article preposition 0 votes, asked Feb 25 '15 by 양지훈
1 answer
how reword this so it doesn't end with a preposition
How can I reword this so it doesn't end with a preposition: This is a topic I currently am researching ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Feb 22 '15 by sarah
1 answer
preposition and object
If there is a preposition that means there is no object to the verb He writes me He writes to ...
to preposition object 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '15 by Anu
1 answer
Briefing of vs on
When using preposition 'of' after the word 'briefing', does it sound different from using 'on'? Someone told me that 'on' ...
brieifing of on preposition 0 votes, asked Feb 13 '15 by Jenny
3 answers
Obstacle to
Which of the below sentences is correct? why? 1. We have to overcome the obstacle to put on the show ...
to obstacle preposition 0 votes, asked Jan 31 '15 by alan
1 answer
Use a preposition or not?
There are a couple trees in the yard. OR There are a couple of trees in the yard. Which is ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Jan 28 '15 by phil
1 answer
Preposition or adverb?
In my english textbook answer key, the word "out" in this sentence is listed as an adverb. Can someone explain ...
preposition Adverb 0 votes, asked Jan 03 '15 by Francesca
1 answer
part of speech
In the below sentence, what part of speech is the word "down"? When the older person ran near him, the ...
preposition Adverb 0 votes, asked Dec 05 '14 by Arpag
1 answer
I often see the construction: "The decision to do X was based off of the consideration Y". Is it ever ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '14 by Evan Meyer
2 answers
Is this correct?
"I came in second in a fishing contest" My question is about the word "in" Q: Can I use the ...
preposition 0 votes, asked Nov 05 '14 by tommi
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