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Come or Comes for a Family
When referring to a family, is it "Here COME the Wilsons" or Here COMES the Wilsons"?
singular plural family 0 votes, asked Nov 24 by Jen Cowans
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Which: "When customer service and experience matters, call ____" "When customer service and experience matter, call ____" Thanks!
plural singular grammar matter 0 votes, asked Nov 18 by Kate Carlton
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Here is a sentence from IELTS exam question. The population of most cities is growing as people move to cities ...
singular and plural 0 votes, asked Nov 05 by
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Plural of 'SMS'
What is the right plural form of 'SMS'? Is is 'SMSs' or 'SMSes'? (SMS is a noun ending in an ...
plural 0 votes, asked Nov 01 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
is and are question
hello I have a question about is and are here is a part of the sentence. ~my academic background and ...
plural singular 0 votes, asked Oct 29 by sophie jh kim
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Plural Brand Name- is or are?
I've got a plural brand name I'm working with. Which is correct "Super Tears is..." or "Super Tears are.."
plural 0 votes, asked Oct 26 by anniekuhl
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Plural "s"?
I am attempting to write "experience only come(s) with age", the question being: is the an "s" at the end ...
plural s singular 0 votes, asked Oct 25 by Philip R.
1 answer
"is" or "are" to follow Homo sapiens
I'm trying to edit my personal statement for an application. It was brought to my attention that the word follwoing ...
is-are singular plural +1 vote, asked Oct 22 by Elizabeth
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"three juveniles and one adult rabbit" - should there be an 's', and if so, where?
Suggestions for rephrasing also welcome!
plural 0 votes, asked Oct 05 by Josh Jones
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Each hospital emergency room... Is that correct?
Each hospital emergency room. The full sentence is "there exists staff in each hospital emergency room in the city." Is ...
possessive plural 0 votes, asked Sep 25 by Holly Wood
1 answer
Members of a group participating in separate activities
Suppose that there is an army of fifty soldiers. Five of these soldiers have each participated in a battle involving ...
group plural 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by rackham
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Is or Are?
"Our love and passion for cars is at the heart of everything we do." "Our love and passion for cars ...
is are singular plural subject +2 votes, asked Aug 13 by Tiffany
1 answer
Singular or Plural?
Should "life" be singular or plural in the following usage? "This is a community for those interested in products that ...
singular or plural 0 votes, asked Aug 08 by Peter
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Grammar (simple) - Something to do with possessive noun, plural, & punctuation.
I had an assignment of writing analysis/reflection of 10 crime documentaries. So, its one reflection/analysis for each of the 10 ...
grammar plural noun possesive punctuation +1 vote, asked Jul 29 by Elena Y. Mijares
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Possessive use
When saying something like boys and girls soccer or girls tennis and so on is an apostrophe necessary?
possessive apostrophe singular plural +1 vote, asked Jun 13 by Ryan Fennell
1 answer
Import, imports or importer
In my email signature I want to add a short description of what the company does. The company imports and/or ...
noun verb plural singular 0 votes, asked Jun 09 by Pablo Morales
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Japanese–English Crossover.
My question is to the Japanese people in this forum. I believe Mr Shawn Mooney here, who lives in Japan, ...
Japanese plural 0 votes, asked May 29 by Deep
1 answer
Singular or plural noun/verb?
Can anyone tell me which is the correct verb in the below sentence (and why, so I can learn)? Thank ...
is-are singular plural +1 vote, asked May 07 by KDL
1 answer
Singular or Plural?
Which one is correct? *.....that each of our clients deserve. *.....that each of our clients deserves. I think it's the ...
singular plural 0 votes, asked Apr 21 by nyer
1 answer
family of familes
Which of the following sentences are correct? As a result, people have less of a connection with their family. or ...
people family nouns agreement plural 0 votes, asked Apr 11 by Joe
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Possessive of Plural "s" Proper Noun
In the instance where a company's name ends in a plural "s", is the correct way to make it possessive ...
plural possessive proper noun Style 0 votes, asked Mar 19 by Sibloe
4 answers
Past-tense verbs that differ in form between first person singular and third person plural?
In English, the past tense of "to be" is different between the first person singular "I was" and the third ...
tense plural third-person first-person verb 0 votes, asked Mar 12 by R Scott LaMorte
0 answers
The Naming of Diseases
As a health care worker, I don't understand why certain diseases have their particular ending. For instance; Parkinson's disease, Lyme ...
plural posssessive 0 votes, asked Mar 06 by 7Song
2 answers
Plural possessive nouns
Getting married. New last name will be Boyle. We are having a crawfish boil and are printing koozies with Boyles ...
plural possesive nouns apostrophe 0 votes, asked Mar 04 by Haley
1 answer
Question vs. questions
What is the proper use of the word question vs. questions? Example: Should you have any question regarding this proposal, ...
singular plural plural-comparative 0 votes, asked Feb 25 by Megan Miller
2 answers
Subject-verb agreement (Presence + s)
Sentence -- A: The police said the boy was not present in the scene of accident. B: Well, the issue ...
Presence plural 0 votes, asked Feb 13 by alan
0 answers
Working/grammar for a tagline
Hi, I'm trying to help my sister with a mission statement. Right now, she has : a team of ...
who that plural singular 0 votes, asked Feb 02 by Hanni Yothers
1 answer
matter or matters
Which of the following questions is gramatically correct: How does it matter you? / How does it matters you? Why?
singular plural question 0 votes, asked Jan 22 by hajera
1 answer
When using the word Collection
Would it be correct to use 'sneaker collection' or 'sneakers collection'?
plural 0 votes, asked Jan 14 by Claudia Wong
1 answer
A singular verb or plural?
Check this and kindly let me know which one is the correct one? He is one of the soldiers who ...
singular plural Verbs 0 votes, asked Dec 19 '14 by Dr-Maulik Vyas
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