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What type of phrase is "but not less than $50..."
I'm trying to break down the parts of this sentence: "You must pay the cost of parts and labor, but ...
phrases Conjunction 0 votes, asked Mar 27 by Roger
1 answer
Sentence Labeling/Diagramming
I ran into this sentence in class today: Learning to work with others isn't always easy. I know that "learning" ...
gerund phrases 0 votes, asked Mar 20 by Tom
3 answers
What are these type of phrases called?Are there a list of them somewhere?Parts and Labor, Field & Stream, nuts and ...
colloquial colloquialisms idioms phrases 0 votes, asked Feb 21 by Koguma
1 answer
prepositional phrase
To the hikers, the brief shower was a welcome relief In the above sentence, shower is the subject and 'was' ...
phrases adverbial 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by John
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New timeline is set at midday tomorrow
phrases 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by Benjamin Darko Asare
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"wanting a final decision/proof is impossible"
I used a strange sentence which is semantically similar to the one in the headline, and I wonder if it ...
semantics syntax reference phrases ambiguity +1 vote, asked Nov 27 '14 by Mathias Herrmann
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motivation vs motivational letter
Hello there . I am not a nativa speaker and I decided to write a motivatonal letter in Englisg so ...
grammar phrases 0 votes, asked Oct 27 '14 by dotheevolution
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How to use the participle phrase
Is there a wrong way to use a participle phrase? Like in this example: "I have down most f the ...
participle Phrase phrases participial -1 votes, asked Aug 11 '14 by Kaleb Dodson
1 answer
quoting phrases or slogans
how do you quote a phrase or slogan?
quotes slogans phrases +1 vote, asked Jun 15 '14 by Tess Guerrero
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Parts of Speech Identification
In the following sentence, what part of speech would the words "teaching us" be considered (I am leaning toward participal ...
participles participial phrases -1 votes, asked Oct 19 '13 by Robert Myer
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phrase usage
Is 'in what turned out to be' a proper introducer?
phrases 0 votes, asked Aug 07 '13 by harsha
5 answers
The phrase "scientifically based research" seems to be grammatically incorrect.
In the jargon of the No Child Left Behind Act there is a phrase "scientifically based research," and that phrase ...
phrases 0 votes, asked Jun 10 '13 by Jack
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