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When to hyphen noun phrases
Hello, everybody. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and reply. I'm writing my résumé in ...
hyphen hyphenation noun Phrase english +1 vote, asked Feb 02 by Cynthiay Penovi
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Gerund phrase
In the following sentence is "stopping us" a gerund phrase? "There was no stopping us."
gerund Phrase 0 votes, asked Dec 18 '15 by Sarah Hillman
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Sentence is correct or not
Hi Need to know if this phrase is correct or not - 'the question doesn't dignify my answer' ?
Usage grammar Phrase Sentence correct 0 votes, asked Dec 08 '15 by Abdul Khan
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None or no one
Hi, I'd like to know which of the two is the correct form of the phrase; "none in particular" or ...
grammar Phrase 0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Deepak Charles
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Please Define: "As many as"
Please Define: "As many as" My daughter was given the following math problem. "10 times as many as 9 equals ...
define Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '15 by Ken
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How many different ways can questions be phrased?
are they only 12 or no limit
question Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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phrase is not correct
The power must of gone out last night, since all the digital clocks are flashing. what the phrase is not ...
Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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keep/stay etc. in touch
Hi there! Are all these sentences grammatically correct and meaningful? I'll be in touch with her. Let's keep in touch. ...
Verbs Phrase 0 votes, asked Jun 17 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Right or Wrong?
In a recent advertising email from *, this was the subject line: Find properties for sale in your choice of ...
Phrase meaning +1 vote, asked Jun 11 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Verb's grammar in a phrase
When using a phrase "one ____, one____" (assuming blank is a verb), what tense should I use for the verb? ...
Phrase idiom verb 0 votes, asked May 28 '15 by jason
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Confusion about Plurals
There is a short phrase we'd like to use on our website. Currently, it says, "Helping 200 Million+ Run Their ...
Plurals business Businesses Phrase 0 votes, asked Mar 18 '15 by Sean Loomis
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Verb phrase help
In the following sentence, "his ideas can be considered useless.", is the verb phrase "can be considered" the verb phrase ...
verb Phrase help 0 votes, asked Feb 05 '15 by Casie
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Clause or phrase?
The following is a Grammarly article that describes time designators, such as, "In 1989," as "introductory clauses:" Missing Comma After ...
clause Phrase +1 vote, asked Dec 02 '14 by Ron Krueger
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Should the noun preceding the phrase "of both" be singular or plural?
Is it correct to say "Please give the title of both your speech and your book" or "Please give the ...
singular plural both Phrase +1 vote, asked Nov 29 '14 by Celeste Behe
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adjective phrase help
Fill in the blanks with suitable adjective phrase1) Listen to the sound__________2)She is a woman___________3) The verdict________ was in his ...
adjective Phrase help -1 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Priya Sharma
1 answer
Noun clause vs. Gerund!! Need help =)
Hello everyone, I came across the topic of gerund and noun clause through my recent study . From this following ...
clause noun Phrase gerunds +1 vote, asked Aug 25 '14 by Pete
1 answer
How to use the participle phrase
Is there a wrong way to use a participle phrase? Like in this example: "I have down most f the ...
participle Phrase phrases participial -1 votes, asked Aug 11 '14 by Kaleb Dodson
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for example or for instance
What's the difference between 'for instance' and 'for example'? Are they different in the usage? Thanks in advance
Phrase grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 10 '14 by steven
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What is the Kernel Sentence of this sentence?
"One other key to creating jobs that will gainfully employ a substantial portion of the unemployed is to boost the ...
Infinitive adjective clause Phrase verbals 0 votes, asked Jun 25 '14 by Jerhewd
0 answers
Here is my example: I alert the people to the problem. Is "alert" a ditransitive verb? Indirect objects are supposed ...
indirect object PREPOSITIONAL Phrase 0 votes, asked Feb 11 '14 by C
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Breaking of relation and embarrassment
The doors of that house has been closed on me now!
Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 29 '13 by Ash Malhotra
1 answer
Identify phrase type
What is the italized phrase By inventing the internet, vint serf mad himself famous i think its either participial or ...
participles absolute Phrase 0 votes, asked Feb 02 '13 by gogol
1 answer
Plural form of a phrase
At our school, we pick one game a week to heavily promote and call it the Game of the Week. ...
plural Word Phrase 0 votes, asked Jan 26 '13 by Josh
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Correct use of commas in this statement(?)
I was told that the following sentence should have 2 commas added to encircle the phrase, "who the item is ...
commas statement Sentence Phrase +1 vote, asked Dec 12 '12 by Mette Greising
1 answer
What is the verb for attention?
Could you please advise me the difference between the following phrases: to take attention to call attention to pay attention ...
idioms Phrase 0 votes, asked Nov 20 '12 by Lola
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On diagraming a sentence with an adverbial phrase followed by a preposition
"Because of you, my life has changed" Please help me diagram this. I find it very confusing
Prepositions Adverb Phrase diagramming Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '12 by Denise De Jesus
0 answers
Is the use of the word "dwelled" correct like that?
The boat dwelled there for a very long time.
vocabulary Style Sentence correct Phrase 0 votes, asked Jun 27 '12 by user22
2 answers
How should I phrase this question? Who produces the most light? The LAMP or the LAMPLIGHTER A friend tells me ...
Phrase 0 votes, asked Jun 23 '12 by Ray Saenz
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