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adjective phrase help
Fill in the blanks with suitable adjective phrase1) Listen to the sound__________2)She is a woman___________3) The verdict________ was in his ...
adjective Phrase help -1 votes, asked Nov 06 by Priya Sharma
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Noun clause vs. Gerund!! Need help =)
Hello everyone, I came across the topic of gerund and noun clause through my recent study . From this following ...
clause noun Phrase gerunds +1 vote, asked Aug 25 by Pete
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How to use the participle phrase
Is there a wrong way to use a participle phrase? Like in this example: "I have down most f the ...
participle Phrase phrases participial -1 votes, asked Aug 11 by Kaleb Dodson
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for example or for instance
What's the difference between 'for instance' and 'for example'? Are they different in the usage? Thanks in advance
Phrase grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 10 by steven
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What is the Kernel Sentence of this sentence?
"One other key to creating jobs that will gainfully employ a substantial portion of the unemployed is to boost the ...
Infinitive adjective clause Phrase verbals 0 votes, asked Jun 25 by Jerhewd
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Here is my example: I alert the people to the problem. Is "alert" a ditransitive verb? Indirect objects are supposed ...
indirect object PREPOSITIONAL Phrase 0 votes, asked Feb 11 by C
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Breaking of relation and embarrassment
The doors of that house has been closed on me now!
Phrase 0 votes, asked Aug 29 '13 by Ash Malhotra
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Identify phrase type
What is the italized phrase By inventing the internet, vint serf mad himself famous i think its either participial or ...
participles absolute Phrase 0 votes, asked Feb 02 '13 by gogol
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Plural form of a phrase
At our school, we pick one game a week to heavily promote and call it the Game of the Week. ...
plural Word Phrase 0 votes, asked Jan 26 '13 by Josh
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Correct use of commas in this statement(?)
I was told that the following sentence should have 2 commas added to encircle the phrase, "who the item is ...
commas statement Sentence Phrase +1 vote, asked Dec 12 '12 by Mette Greising
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What is the verb for attention?
Could you please advise me the difference between the following phrases: to take attention to call attention to pay attention ...
idioms Phrase 0 votes, asked Nov 20 '12 by Lola
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On diagraming a sentence with an adverbial phrase followed by a preposition
"Because of you, my life has changed" Please help me diagram this. I find it very confusing
Prepositions Adverb Phrase diagramming Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '12 by Denise De Jesus
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Is the use of the word "dwelled" correct like that?
The boat dwelled there for a very long time.
vocabulary Style Sentence correct Phrase 0 votes, asked Jun 27 '12 by user22
2 answers
How should I phrase this question? Who produces the most light? The LAMP or the LAMPLIGHTER A friend tells me ...
Phrase 0 votes, asked Jun 23 '12 by Ray Saenz
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