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Parts of Speech
What are the specific parts of speech in this sentence? Alba and Reid were invited to interview for jobs with ...
partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by Ashlee Lynn
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Part of speech of an infinitive
What part of speech is "to finish" in the sentence Matthew never starts a job unless he plans to finish ...
Infinitives partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Apr 16 by Brian Maurice
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parts of speech of each word in the sentences. I need pro help
What are the parts of speech of these sentences? I have an idea but I keep getting different results from ...
partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Dec 17 '13 by Ian Tapia
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identify the parts of speech in the sentences below
Kneading the douch sonsumes the most time and energy. Using their time wisely, some can whip up a batch in ...
parts of speech grammar partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '12 by Roxie Polamalu
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