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What's wrong with this sentence?
What is wrong with the following sentence: "Bob is a curious person, collecting things." My instinct tells me that the ...
participle progressive 0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Eddie
0 answers
Combine into single sentence. Ihave completed the task.I went to play
participle 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by carolyn
0 answers
Confused about the verbs in this sentence
I'm teaching English and my students recently had a question about a sentence that has 6 verbs. They asked what ...
verb participle Conjunction 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '13 by MrAdamSK
3 answers
Gerunds as Prepositions
Often I see gerunds used in a prepositional manner. For instance: 'I saw him hitting John' or 'the documents concerning ...
gerunds participle preposition +1 vote, asked May 30 '13 by Geoffrey
2 answers
Verb forms used as other types of word
When a verb form such as a gerund is used as a noun, or an adjective or such as a ...
conversion gerund participle verb 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '13 by Hannah Mace
1 answer
I decided to ask several questions. (1a) Are the following constructions equal? : After doing smth, he did smth = ...
participle gerund 0 votes, edited Mar 24 '13 by Jonny English
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