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I don't know nothing.
Why do Americans say "I don't know nothing" when they clearly mean " I don't know anything"? According to me, ...
negation negative american english doublenegative +1 vote, asked Oct 17 '15 by Razin Shaikh
1 answer
it's no use - not worth - no point
Complete this sentence 2)there's nothing you can do, so ......... a) it's no use to worry b) it's not worth ...
negation negative +1 vote, asked Sep 04 '15 by expaectopatronum
2 answers
Change into negative sentence
There were many people at the fair.
negative -1 votes, asked Aug 24 '13 by Shriya Padhi
1 answer
use of "and" and "or" with a "negative verb" ??
For the sentence "The squamous architecture is mature, without dysplasia or single-cell atypia." is the use of "or" incorrect (have ...
negative Verbs 0 votes, asked Aug 15 '13 by Barbara Rowell
3 answers
I ain't got no problem with negative concord. Do you?
I'm not talking about using a construction like that in formal writing, but in your own native variety of English, ...
negative double concord aint +1 vote, asked Jan 15 '13 by Rev. Gerry Turner
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