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I was assigned a punishment consisting of a very large sentence. I'm trying to find discrepancies.
What's wrong with this sentence? Anything at all. Nitpick freely. "In the future, especially after I have been admonished several ...
help technical expert fallacy error 0 votes, asked Nov 18 by Augustus
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Deference between can help doing sth and cannot help doing sh
I want to know the deference between can help doing sth and cannot help doing sh. Actually, I encountered a ...
CANNOT help 0 votes, edited Nov 07 by
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Is supplication used correctly and does the sentence sound awkward?
Many people ask with supplication about which generation is happier?
supplication help Sentence vocabulary 0 votes, asked Nov 02 by christine
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Is it Grammatically correct? Does the sentence make sense?
If you were at a place and you wrote something on the wall before you leave that place to keep ...
grammar Sentence help english 0 votes, asked Oct 29 by Lisa
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Is " there were more" an official sentence
Is " there were more" an official sentence
help emergency school english british 0 votes, edited Oct 28 by Suzaan
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Does this make sense?
I was wondering if this sentence made any sense and if not, how could I fix it? Omitted, it will ...
weird Sentence science wordchoice help 0 votes, asked Oct 28 by Jayden
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Hi all, I have been tasked to spot errors in the following sentences then rewrite them with the correct usage ...
sentence-structure help grammarcorrection vocab grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 25 by midnightt
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Proper usage of 'literally'
Can the usage of the word 'literally' in the following sentence be justified? Gold 'literally' makes our world go round. ...
Literally grammar help 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by Jordan
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Inner or internal?
What is the difference between inner and internal? and I'm studying drama, So why do we say "internal conflict" not ...
drama important help please International 0 votes, asked Sep 30 by Hanaalaa5
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Possessive determiner 'next year's'.
Hi guys. I was wondering if you could help. In the noun phrase 'next year's prestigious parade' is 'next year's' ...
Determiners help possessive Possessives determiner 0 votes, asked Sep 30 by Lee Northway
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Does this sentence make sense
Using big words here, not sure if I'm using it right in the sentence. All these objective occurrences I went ...
help 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Bobby
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how to get synonyms to appear?
I was wondering how do you get the feauture for synonyms to be suggested as i can not find it? ...
synonyms help 0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Selina
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Help with tablet use
I am trying to open my account on my tablet. It will not accept my email? Help! Thanks in advance, ...
help Tablet Login 0 votes, asked Aug 26 by Wendy Tobias
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Please help quick!!
Does this sentence make sense? "The teaching, idiosyncratic to Mr keating assisted the students to learn to seize the day." ...
DeadPoetsSociety help please Quick english 0 votes, asked Jul 21 by Grace Macaa
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is this a complaint?
Question, i need some advice on whether or not this is a complaint. So i see this guy complaining over ...
help 0 votes, asked Jul 14 by null. wav
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Usage of by
Someone said "slept at 5 by 9". What did he mean by that?
by TIME urgent help grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Jul 12 by Zayana Al habsi
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grammer answer
Please answer this.Confessing is not easy.It is not........
help 0 votes, asked Jun 12 by aungkyawsoe
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Which sentence is correct...?
Greetings! I would like to write " ....for helping to ensure a high quality of life...". However my colleagues tell ...
grammar Ensure Sentence help +1 vote, asked Jun 02 by Sierra Fournier-Bonin
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how to say when you are going to someone's place?
Is "I'm on your way" true?
help your way +1 vote, asked May 27 by Kim Taeyeon
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Word choice, use. Sincerely.
Can I use sincerely in a negative way. "I sincerely worry about the future." Or is there a word that ...
ly adjective sincerely help wordchoice +1 vote, asked May 10 by Danika
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converter active to passive
1- He expected us to ofter him the job.2- They showed her the eastier way to do it.3- Lightning struck ...
active to passive help Thanks +2 votes, asked May 10 by Maria
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can someone please help me find run-ons thank you
Elie Wiesel, in Night says it is more important to preserve one’s life than to preserve one’s dignity. After they ...
run-on help lit grammar fragment 0 votes, asked May 03 by nick hernandez
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help to enable grammarly
Help me enable grammarly. The program is still under the control panel.
help to enable grammarly 0 votes, asked Apr 25 by JC Page
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Am I correctly using the word "indubitably" if I state that someone looks "indubitably ravishing"? My friend and I cannot ...
indubitably help arguing grammar english 0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Katelyn Tobianski
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What's the difference here?
I used to use the below expression like this: I need you to study these tips to help you achieve ...
help to achieve 0 votes, asked Mar 25 by Hisham
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Right grammar
What should i say? Penny's little house or The little house of Penny? Or do those sentences mean something different ...
confusion right grammar help please 0 votes, edited Mar 18 by Summer
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Grammer Correction
What is wrong with follwoing sentences. I can speak fast My brother sleep at 7 pm She catch a ball ...
english correction help learners 0 votes, asked Feb 23 by sami
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Grammer correction
There is apparently something wrong with this sentence. I can only find one thing. Please help me!!! Galapagos are the ...
grammer correction help middleschool 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by becka
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Verb phrase help
In the following sentence, "his ideas can be considered useless.", is the verb phrase "can be considered" the verb phrase ...
verb Phrase help 0 votes, asked Feb 05 by Casie
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Combination of "how does" and "like"
Is "How does it taste like?" correct grammar for requesting a description of a taste? Alternatives questions: "What does it ...
help Structure question 0 votes, asked Feb 04 by Garrett
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