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has or have with numbers
1 in 45 has or have been diagnosed with autism?
Has have 0 votes, asked Nov 23 by m fagan
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Has or have?
Can you please advise the correct term (i.e. 'Have' or 'Has') to begin this sentence: Has/Have there ever been more ...
have Has 0 votes, asked Nov 11 by Jo Kennedy
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The war has started
The war has started
the war Has started 0 votes, asked Nov 09 by
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How was or how have?
So a student in class likes to correct the teacher. The question is... Which sentence is correct? Or both? 1) ...
Has have 0 votes, asked Aug 08 by Stella
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Have or has? My x and y has/have not changed.
Which one is correct? My interest and motivation for going have not changed. My interest and motivation for going has ...
have Has 0 votes, asked Jun 13 by igo5
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Begin the sentence with "Have you...."
Begin the following sentence with "Have you" :- Has Alia written to you?
Sentence begin written Has have 0 votes, asked Mar 05 by sankaps
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Has or Have
What is the correct way to say this? "Since graduating from college, my personal interest in biological organisms 'has/have' skyrocketed." ...
Has have present perfect 0 votes, asked Feb 25 by EnglishGrammar21
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subject verb agreement (?)
which is correct "there have been no problems" or "there has been no problems?"
there Has Been no 0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Romnee Clark
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usage of has with time
" World has become a village by now this 21 century." Is this sentence have any grammar mistake ?
Has 0 votes, asked Jan 05 by ROBIN
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"to commence with" usage
why should I use the phrase "to commence with"? A native english speaker told me that he has never used ...
have had Has +1 vote, asked May 07 '14 by alan
2 answers
For this sentence, "The manner in which the government has handled this whole issue, coupled with other concerns, HAVE/HAS left ...
Has have 0 votes, asked Apr 30 '14 by alan
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Intro of a news report
A news report said: world champion aerobatic pilot tamas nadas died In a plane crash while performing a daring stunt ...
Has died 0 votes, asked Mar 08 '14 by Anil john
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