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What had happened or what did happen
His mistake had burrowed itself inside his thoughts when he realized after it happened that it had. or His mistake ...
had or did 0 votes, asked 10 hours ago by
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grammer question
"you had to have a hair cut" is this correct sentence according to english grammer rules?
had have grammer 0 votes, asked Sep 22 by amit mann
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Had or Have
Which is correct to say? I want to recomend you to a restaraunt i had/have eaten before.?
had have 0 votes, asked Jun 20 by Jonathan Delgado
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Past perfect or not?
There is a lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ........................ A) Than there was about a century ago. B) ...
had pastperfect pastperfecttense tense 0 votes, asked Jun 14 by berra ince
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Is this sentence ok
If you have never have had the opportunity to travel outside of the US, this is the trip for you.
have had 0 votes, asked Mar 07 by Jo Gas
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what does it mean by "had the weather been good"??
Hello people, I was looking for some usage of "Would" and I fould this sentence and I don't quite get ...
had Been would 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by Lee Halim
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Is this proper grammar: "to of have made that happen" or "to have had made that happen" ?
Hi I am writing to someone about the fact that I had greatly wanted to make it "down there" to ...
tense of have had past 0 votes, asked Jun 17 '14 by nothankyou
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Had/had had??
He____a shower yesterday before he went to bed.Had or had had?
help grammar had english 0 votes, asked Jun 12 '14 by Niz
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"to commence with" usage
why should I use the phrase "to commence with"? A native english speaker told me that he has never used ...
have had Has +1 vote, asked May 07 '14 by alan
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Was informed that kidney stones are caused by drinkin a lot of sweet beverages such as liquid and su
Was informed that kidney stones are caused by drinkin a lot of sweet beverages such as liquid and such things ...
k karachi had f dash 0 votes, asked Mar 19 '14 by Marlon Dutan
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have or had and do or did?
1 Where have/had you been? 2 I have/had already washed my hands. 3 Didn't/Don't we supposed to use the blue ...
have had do did 0 votes, asked Jun 25 '13 by nero ray
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what form of verb is used with unless?
is this correct form of verb"pass"to use in this tense? unless you work hard, you ...........examination.
pass CANNOT had not unless -2 votes, asked May 21 '13 by saliha zain
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