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have you ever seen him dance or have you ever seen him dancing
have you ever seen him dance or have you ever seen him dancing and why?
english grammer +1 vote, asked Feb 12 by Ghaida Ioi
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grammer check
She was rushed to the hospital with her servant.
grammer check +1 vote, asked Feb 05 by maureen Perera perera
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Grammatically Wrong Question!?
Is this/next question wrong grammatically? Which are the languages and dialects you can express yourself to a(nother) learnt person of ...
grammer +1 vote, asked Dec 14 '15 by Maneesh Kumar
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English grammer
Which one of these is correct and why? 1) If I play football, I feel tired.2) If I will play ...
grammer +1 vote, asked Oct 07 '15 by Anand Rajendran
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grammer question
"you had to have a hair cut" is this correct sentence according to english grammer rules?
had have grammer +1 vote, asked Sep 22 '15 by amit mann
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Is there any problem in my grammer?
I have write an essay for my self,but I have doubt on the correcness of the follwing paragraph The reading ...
grammer paragraph +1 vote, asked Sep 12 '15 by mary1992
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When you come or came
My friend texted me this. When you came over do you want to go swimming stright away or play out ...
grammer 0 votes, edited Aug 17 '15 by dats deprogrammer
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in my current role, i can demonstrate this by
I am writing a selection criteria where i need to demonstrate my abilities , how can i reword this so ...
rewording grammer Sentence Structure +1 vote, asked May 23 '15 by larissa
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Which one is right she had beem.opersted yesterday or she has been operated yesterday.
Which one is right she had been operated yesterday or she has been operated yesterday?
english grammer 0 votes, asked May 21 '15 by abhishek sangwan
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Types of pronoun
She herself say so, is this reflexive or emphatic pronoun.
grammer pronoun reflexive 0 votes, asked May 04 '15 by Ahmed Sami
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Is this sentence grammatically correct, and does sadistic fit within the context of the sentence?
He also has some bad qualities; how he ominously looks upon the valley of ashes adding a sadistic aura to ...
grammer 0 votes, asked Apr 15 '15 by KJ Stahl
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is this sentence correct?
One of the passengers has injured.
grammer +1 vote, asked Apr 03 '15 by appus
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Not only do we arrive professionally manicured, but we also leave your lawn in a safe and freshly manicured condition, ...
commas grammer 0 votes, asked Apr 01 '15 by Carmen Williams
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Grammer correction
There is apparently something wrong with this sentence. I can only find one thing. Please help me!!! Galapagos are the ...
grammer correction help middleschool 0 votes, asked Feb 17 '15 by becka
1 answer
Need help with grammar and punctuation.
Any help with grammar, punctuation and word choice for the sentences below will be appreciated. As I began to remember ...
grammer 0 votes, asked Feb 10 '15 by Fox
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askin by " How"
which one is correct? " how similes have been translated by translators in this text? " or " How do ...
grammer 0 votes, asked Feb 07 '15 by reza raheleh
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Tell me the meaning of a sentence, is it correct to say it like this
"A creative fresher with zeal to make a winning career as a Mechanical Engineer" is it correct how it can ...
meaning grammer Sentence +1 vote, asked Jan 06 '15 by Debraj Roy
1 answer
I want to use the word compose in sentence and make it strong gramatically correct: Composing music from notes or ...
grammer english tagline 0 votes, asked Sep 05 '14 by Kelly
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which is correct one ?
A new rise in salaries are likely. The salaries rises are likely. Are both of them true ? Thank you ...
grammer 0 votes, asked Aug 24 '14 by İngilizce Ogren
2 answers
need grammer help for "has brought" or Alternative
My question is a about a sentence I formed with in my book. no matter how I seem to word ...
english grammer brought sentance 0 votes, asked Apr 23 '14 by allen
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english language preposition
fill these with preposition 1.we failed to agree____a common plan of action. 2.when i exlained my plan of action to ...
preposition grammer -1 votes, asked Feb 26 '14 by siddharth
3 answers
Title for a science fair project
Does this question make sense? We are comparing the effectiveness of different detergents for a science fair project. We were ...
title grammer Usage rhyme 0 votes, asked Apr 12 '13 by melinda
0 answers
please can anyone please change this paragraph into a parallel paragragh? Our family tradition is every Friday because it’s a ...
grammer fix -1 votes, asked Feb 16 '13 by maria
2 answers
American english grammer and speaking book
Please advice me with some books since I'm new in USA. I thought I would focus on improving speaking. I've ...
grammer book spoken american +1 vote, edited Dec 17 '12 by Robi
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use of having
how we can use "having"in sentence?
grammer meaning +1 vote, asked Sep 03 '12 by shumaila
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