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professional email
Hello R, Thank you for taking the time to test me on October 1, 2015. It was a pleasure to ...
grammar Usage punctuation wordchoice +1 vote, asked 23 hours ago by denise
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Is this the correct usage of a colon?
Is this correct? The one word that infuriates, terrifies, and confuses humans even today: change.
grammar grammarcorrection colon Usage 0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Austin
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Past tenses in the phrase "I've heard"
For example if I found out about the side effect of a pill and wanted to tell someone about it ...
grammar past tense english 0 votes, asked Oct 02 by Bill
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I feel confused when try to learn article
I have seen many example sentences about article that I still don't understand why we use it. It seems like ...
Articles grammar +1 vote, asked Sep 29 by Tawan Thampipattanakul
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singular and plural
Please, I would like an answer as soon as possible. Isn't it true that for such a multiple choice question: ...
grammar +1 vote, asked Sep 27 by RS
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Should I consider "it is easier to learn than teach" incorrect use of parallelism on a test cux it should ...
grammar Parallelism test 0 votes, asked Sep 27 by Falak Gilani
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Use of the word participatory vs. participate
Is it grammatically correct to say " During the meeting, I wanted to be participatory, so I tried to ask ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 23 by Jade Serys
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None or no one
Hi, I'd like to know which of the two is the correct form of the phrase; "none in particular" or ...
grammar Phrase 0 votes, asked Sep 21 by Deepak Charles
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"On" or "over"
I would like to know which is correct: "The alarm clock cried the time OVER the carved nightstand" or "The ...
on over grammar correct 0 votes, asked Sep 20 by Flaísa Tárcila
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Question about subjunctive usage.
Why does this sentence sound so awkward? She is adamant that he do it. After much debate and research we ...
grammar Sentence subjunctive Usage 0 votes, asked Sep 17 by Ray Williams
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why is "worry" an action verb?
I am studying stative verb.I memorized the stative verbs by rote.I think that "worry" is the emotional and mental verb ...
grammar english verb 0 votes, asked Sep 12 by u shinn
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Is there any differences between these two sentences? 'When will you hold your concert next in Osaka?' & 'When will ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 11 by James Yang
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Misplaced modifier?
Hi In this example—"She nodded, eyes scanning her ex-husband's date, dressed in a red, revealing dress."—is "dressed in a red, ...
grammar misplaced modifier 0 votes, edited Sep 08 by M.A.
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Will vs going to
A movie just came out today. And I want to ask a question to someone about releasing. Should I say ...
will going to grammar 0 votes, asked Sep 06 by ozg
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which tense forms this sentence
so a week before, my teacher asked me a question. what tense is this sentence in. and the sentence was ...
grammar tense presentperfectcontinuous pastper 0 votes, asked Sep 03 by mfarizi
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Correct sentence using APA rules
I am suppose to correct this sentence using APA grammar rules and I do not know what is wrong with ...
APA grammar formatting 0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Cheryl
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What is the correction of the sentence?
I have no rupees with me.
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Maqsood Ahmed
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Correct way to use taste.
Is there any reason why I shouldn't write 'get a better taste in music'? It was said in jest to ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 27 by Adam
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Grammar, simple present
"Features like hands-off allow the user to ... " OR "features like hands-off allows the user to ..."
grammar simplepresent subject 0 votes, asked Aug 23 by Naram Muhesen
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Article use for the word "gum"
So when we are speaking to our friends or whoever, we may ask "Do you have gum", or "Can I ...
Articles Word grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 21 by Taylor
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Sentence grammer using "although"
I am trying to use "although" to mean "in spite of the fact" but I'm not sure I'm using it ...
Sentence sentences grammar grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Aug 18 by Robert De Leon
1 answer
Past participle construction
Are the following two sentences both acceptable, is only one acceptable, or is one preferred? If both are acceptable, I ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 15 by Diana Burke
1 answer
When is it okay to switch tenses?
In creative writing, when is it okay to switch tenses? I feel like I might have a misunderstanding of past ...
tense grammar dialogue past present 0 votes, asked Aug 13 by Brad Taylor
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Where is the mistake here?
You’ll never guess what happened today. I seen John at the laundromat downtown! where is the mistake here do you ...
grammar mistakes 0 votes, asked Aug 10 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
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Is this sentence grammatically correct?
Disease is a result of many a thing, one of them poverty. Is using "them" not "it" correct?
grammar Sentence correction Style 0 votes, asked Aug 08 by user22
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Wake or wake up?
Is it okay and natural(sounds okay) if I use only "wake"? For example, 'Jake wakes Kate.' and what does it ...
verb Wake grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 05 by Elena
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Grammar in a cutscene
Hi there. Could you please help me with 3 sentences which I use in my game video. I need to ...
grammar cutscene 0 votes, asked Aug 02 by Tonic
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Is "come in" a phrasal verb?
Hi, does "come in" act as a phrasal verb in the question: "Can I come in?" or is it just ...
grammar partsofspeech 0 votes, asked Aug 02 by Zoltan King
1 answer
English grammar
Sir, I am quite confuse about using the one particular tense which is past perfect tense. I know how to ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 02 by faiz khan
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Is there anything wrong with this sentence
Happy Birthday! Wishing you much love, joy,and happiness on your special day, and always. I was told by someone that ...
grammar commas 0 votes, asked Aug 01 by Shan
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