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Finishing a sentence with "to"
Example: My father told me to leave a book on a certain place. What is the correct form to address ...
grammar to preposition +1 vote, asked Nov 23 by
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Is this sentence grammatically correct?
An even smaller percent of people actually care enough to write a piece of literature on it which is exactly ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 20 by Allie Holley
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Additional License or Additional Licenses
Hi, In my webpage, I have to get input from user to purchase addition license. Here my doubt is the ...
singular Pluaral grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 19 by Prakash D
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Which: "When customer service and experience matters, call ____" "When customer service and experience matter, call ____" Thanks!
plural singular grammar matter 0 votes, asked Nov 18 by Kate Carlton
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Is the grammar in this sentence correct? Specifically the use of "though": Until then though, I’ll continue to thank my ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 17 by Nava N
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Use of "which"
Is this sentence gramatically correct? "The professors have research interests and expertise in neuropsychology and assessment, areas I hope to ...
which grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by Phoebe Shepherd
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If there's a sentences with subject "his father", that's plural or singular? So what 'to be' that i should use? ...
grammar grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by Amalia
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Grammar and usage
Which is right to use? (whether or not to V / whether to V or not) a. I’m thinking whether ...
word-order grammar +1 vote, asked Nov 13 by Es shin
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parts of speech
I need to know the parts of the speech for each word in the following sentence: The child didn't like ...
grammar speech parts 0 votes, asked Nov 12 by taylor
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Question about "consistent"
I have a question about "consistent with". I want to write a sentence like "Consistent with my previous experience, I ...
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Which is correct: "Literary Person" or "Literature Person"?
I want to name a new site with one of the names: "Literary Person", and "Literature Person". But I am ...
title grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 10 by Author
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Parts of Speech
What are the parts of speech of each word in this sentence: I want to go to the theater in ...
grammar POS 0 votes, asked Nov 09 by Erik
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Future Perfect time clause. Can both sentences be used? If not, why not?
She is going to have seen the world before she will have gone to university. She is going to have ...
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Is it right to say 'I know you will realise'...
If I want to say in the poem: Sometimes it's hard to believe that you will ever achieve your goal. ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 03 by Tatiana
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subject-verb inversion in questions
Hi.... Which of those sentence are correct,why? 1. How often you had contact with her last year? 2.How often had ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 03 by Manuel Capote Plasencia
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Who or whom and why?
In this sentence, was whom used properly or should i have used who? why?"Everyones favorite character on "Once Upon a ...
whom who grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 02 by Alexander Howard
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Is it Grammatically correct? Does the sentence make sense?
If you were at a place and you wrote something on the wall before you leave that place to keep ...
grammar Sentence help english 0 votes, asked Oct 29 by Lisa
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Petrovski's home/residence or Petrovski home/residence
Note that Petrovski is the last name (family name), not the first name. English is not my native language sorry ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 28 by Bob Sacamano
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What is the correct grammar and punctuation for the following sentence? My answer to the age-old question, "what do you ...
grammar age-old 0 votes, asked Oct 27 by Andrew
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Amount or number?
The second definition of wordage according to is, "quantity or amount of words: The wordage of the document exceeds ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 26 by Gillian
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Hi all, I have been tasked to spot errors in the following sentences then rewrite them with the correct usage ...
sentence-structure help grammarcorrection vocab grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 25 by midnightt
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Grammar check
Hi there! Is the following sentence grammatically correct? The speaker expects a photographer to have been hired by now. Please ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 21 by Abdul Quadir
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comma in a compound sentence with imperative clause
Would you add a comma before the word 'so' (conjunction) if it is a declarative sentence and an imperative/command that ...
grammar comma compound-sentence 0 votes, asked Oct 18 by syl
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is this sentence correct? "Maya fet badly tha she had to chose one icecream flavor so she chose chocolate an ...
grammar pronouns Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Sarah
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Proper usage of 'literally'
Can the usage of the word 'literally' in the following sentence be justified? Gold 'literally' makes our world go round. ...
Literally grammar help 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by Jordan
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Which of the following sentences is not parallel?
Which of the following sentences is not parallel? Malnutrition, stress, overwork, and inadequate, inaccessible, or non-existent health care can hinder ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by As Al
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professional email
Hello R, Thank you for taking the time to test me on October 1, 2015. It was a pleasure to ...
grammar Usage punctuation wordchoice +1 vote, asked Oct 06 by denise
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Is this the correct usage of a colon?
Is this correct? The one word that infuriates, terrifies, and confuses humans even today: change.
grammar grammarcorrection colon Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 05 by Austin
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Past tenses in the phrase "I've heard"
For example if I found out about the side effect of a pill and wanted to tell someone about it ...
grammar past tense english 0 votes, asked Oct 02 by Bill
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I feel confused when try to learn article
I have seen many example sentences about article that I still don't understand why we use it. It seems like ...
Articles grammar +1 vote, asked Sep 29 by Tawan Thampipattanakul
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