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for example or for instance
What's the difference between 'for instance' and 'for example'? Are they different in the usage? Thanks in advance
Phrase grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 10 by steven
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"An" vs "A" with acronym that can be said with or without vowel pronunciation
I know this is a confusing subject title, but I was wondering if the rule for "using "A" before a ...
an a grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 07 by Scott Boeser
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help me solving these grammars..
1. 'who are you?' [change the mode of narration] 2. He was too nervous to recollect his arguments. [omit"too" and ...
english grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 06 by Roumya Das
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I'd like to know whether it is appropriate to use "in to" or "into"...
I have a sentence I'm writing where I describe making a turn, as I run, into an empty alleyway. Here ...
into in to grammar help 0 votes, asked Jun 26 by Joshua Neumann
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Preposition Usage
What preposition would follow "disingenuous" in the sentence "I am being disingenuous (to/of/?) myself" ? (An additional question: should that ...
preposition disingenuous grammar Word-choice 0 votes, asked Jun 25 by T
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Using commas around "in fact"
I was provided a newsletter with this sentence, "Birds and rodents, in fact all insects are attracted to areas where ...
comma in fact grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Jun 24 by Nicole Drach
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Finding the correct sentence ?
Please help find the correct sentence : 1-"The processing of separations of the referred cases were delayed on account of ...
Sentence grammar 0 votes, asked Jun 19 by Natalia
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Identify the different elements (past, present, modal, perfect, progressive, passive)
Identify the different elements (past, present, modal, perfect, progressive, passive) underlined in the following verb phrases. They were being questioned ...
passive grammar identify elements 0 votes, asked Jun 19 by yuki joseph ouchi
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Had/had had??
He____a shower yesterday before he went to bed.Had or had had?
help grammar had english 0 votes, asked Jun 12 by Niz
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Correct the statement
Almost everyone enjoy going on a vacation
grammar 0 votes, asked May 27 by Aisha
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direct indirect speech
Hari said "I need some money
grammar 0 votes, asked May 13 by rangeela mehra
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"Look not further than" vs. "look no further than"
Can someone explain the grammatical difference between "look not further than" and "look no further than?" Is only one correct ...
grammar further 0 votes, asked May 13 by Sarah
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Usage of "it"
"Though the artifacts of pre-Columbian civilization created a stir from the very first European contacts with th New World in ...
it pronoun grammar english 0 votes, asked May 08 by Sukrit Pal
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Usage of "only"
A: We are leaving to go out of town on Friday. Thursday would work best for us. B: Unfortunately, I ...
Word Usage only grammar 0 votes, asked May 07 by Rebecca
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the usage of as in this sentence??
Dear Sir or Madam, i feel confused about the usage of as in the following sentence: As it will be ...
grammar 0 votes, asked May 07 by stefan
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I and my wife or My wife and I
I notice that it sounds wrong to put "I" first when there are two subject. Why? Is there a grammar ...
grammar 0 votes, asked May 01 by Niki Thompson
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grammar question
which one is the correct way to say this. "The scope of work completed at the site included the following: ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Apr 28 by Nathaniel B
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use of the word 'been'
'He is still the type of person he's been years ago' Is this proper use of the word?
grammar 0 votes, asked Apr 11 by Kris Deilur
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Write in the right tense
The English colony, Plymouth, in Massachusetts, is known ______ (establish) by the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.
grammar test 0 votes, asked Apr 11 by Aida Kulsary
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Singular or plural?
Can I say something like this? 'One more thing that I like is cats'
singular plural grammar 0 votes, asked Apr 07 by Mary
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I can't decide if this sentence is correct or not.
"DO NOT follow trend of the tourists, if you are a well-seasoned traveler, you should know this by now." The ...
grammar comma 0 votes, edited Mar 27 by Vincent Croos
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Is this sentence correct?
Is this sentence correct? "The documentation is very clearly and logically arranged and readily available. "
grammar 0 votes, edited Mar 24 by Gijumon
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What does "come out of his pen" mean?
What do these phrases mean? -- The letter has come out of his pen. -- He did come out of ...
grammar expression example live 0 votes, asked Mar 15 by ershov
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Comfortable "with" or "in"?
Hi, I recently said something like, "He should be comfortable enough in his masculinity to wear pink". OOPS!! Did I ...
masculinity comfortable with grammar in 0 votes, asked Mar 02 by vidhya
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Please tell me how many appositievs are in each sentence. 1. As she slept in her bed, she dreamt a ...
appositive grammar help urgent 0 votes, asked Feb 28 by katherine
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confusion about "on here" vs "here"
I've been hearing a lot of British people say "on here" instead of just "here." Example: "So many people have ...
grammar confusion 0 votes, asked Feb 25 by Jenifer Murphy
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The difference between "having seen and seeing"?
I am disappointed in not having seen any stage plays while I was in New York on vacation. I wonder ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Feb 23 by nature
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Need help with a sentence
Could anyone please explain why this sentence is incorrect? I have been told that "it's just not right". Are there ...
Sentence Structure grammar help 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Sierra
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it or they with use of the word "funds"
Which one is correct and why? If you have funds in your account balance, it will be automatically applied to ...
it they funds plural grammar 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Oren BA
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I only use snack as a noun. Is the verb snacking correct usage?
grammar 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Tanya Boerhave
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