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please check my grammar For english class I need to write a sentence that defines the word deride
I told the girls not to deride as they were mocking the new girls accent in class.
deride english grammar help Sentence 0 votes, asked 10 hours ago by Ana ilic
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Who or Whom
I am writing an essay and am unsure whether to use who or whom. The sentence is: They are also ...
who whom essay grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 21 by meghan
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sentence grammar - help!
Can someone offer me any advice on this sentence? It doesn't sound or feel right, and I'm not quite sure ...
Sentence grammar Structure 0 votes, edited Nov 20 by Sierra
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Correct my grammar please
"We use to hear mostly artificial sounds and to imagine as real. If it happens in other way, we complaining ...
grammar Sentence 0 votes, edited Nov 19 by ayivoo
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"I have spoken english". Is it grammatically correct?
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 18 by Rajasekar Kumar
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Please be reading - is this sentence correct?
I recently read an email from my daughter's teacher which said:"Please be reading 20 minutes every night."Is "please be reading" ...
grammar gerund 0 votes, asked Nov 16 by Beth
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Sentence grammar - Help!
Can someone please help me with the below sentence? I'm not sure if it should be 'emergency service administration' or ...
Sentence grammar nouns 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by Sierra
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grammar test checking
I need someone's help to check my questions from the test.Thank you very much.I am sorry for mistakes 1. Thank ...
grammar questions 0 votes, asked Nov 13 by sky5
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Paragraph seems off.
Something seems to be wrong with my paragraph, it just doesn't look/sound right to me. After two of my books ...
help sentence-fragment grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 10 by Benjamin Gareis
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Which sentence is grammatically correct and why?
1 in 5 women will experience violence in their lifetime. OR 1 in 5 women will experience violence in her ...
grammar pronoun agreement 0 votes, asked Nov 08 by Sara
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Grammar of a sentence
Hello! I believe you all know the quote: "Experience is a brutal teacher but you learn. My God do you ...
grammar Sentence quote 0 votes, asked Nov 07 by Goda Kiškūnaitė
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Definite article with plurals meaning some of a group
Hello everybody. My question might seem quite easy but it brought me to a confusion. 1) Assuming there were many ...
grammar article definite 0 votes, edited Nov 07 by Николай Комолов
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is this sentence correct?
in oxford vocab. book (basic- unit : i can go around by bus) there is a sentence which says: how ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 06 by rayhane
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learning grammar and punctuation
Where can I get a quick refresher on proper grammar, punctuation and spelling rules? I am really frustrated with my ...
grammar refresher punctuation spelling 0 votes, asked Nov 05 by sissy
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Is this sentence correct?
"How can one thing be different every time we lay eyes on?" If this is not correct or easy on ...
grammar Sentence question Structure help 0 votes, edited Oct 30 by user22
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motivation vs motivational letter
Hello there . I am not a nativa speaker and I decided to write a motivatonal letter in Englisg so ...
grammar phrases 0 votes, asked Oct 27 by dotheevolution
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Zero conditional
Is it right to use two commas on the zero conditional like : If you multiply 2 by 10,add 6 ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 26 by Sarrah
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Can I say "I am only living once"?
I'm not very good at english (not my main language) and would like to know if I can say "I ...
live help grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 18 by littlebird
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subject-verb agreement
Which is correct: 1. Savings is a piece of cake. or 2. Savings are a piece of cake. I am ...
grammar subject-verb 0 votes, asked Oct 17 by OWFGcreative
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Grammar and usage of 'bout'
Is saying 'endless bout of...' wrong? I thought I had heard it but I can't seem to find it anywhere. ...
grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 16 by maugrammar
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The number of plural things of other plural things.
Hello. I'm always confused to interpret a sentence like this below: "My parents have engage rings." Which conprehension is correct ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 16 by mechRaY
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Is this sentence grammatically correct?
She was must to wear formal clothes.
grammar tense 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Marcin Baranowski
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is it grammatically correct to say
Tonight, I'm off dinner time/night time/night shift/second shift.(as a restaurant waiter)
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Saf Shah
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Share vs Share In
I am currently writing my wedding invitations and unsure about the grammar in one sentence. The portion of the sentence ...
vs wedding sentence-fragment grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 15 by Clare
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Betting- how does this read
You should start Thompson and Cromwell. I will bet u $20 u dont do that all year.
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by chad
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grammar doubt
"the last date to submit your article is "the" 20th october 2014". in this sentence, is it right to use ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by jai
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Correct form
Is it correct to say let's go surf instead of let's go surfing?
grammar correct 0 votes, asked Oct 04 by Fratelli Mamaia
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pronouns in introductory dependent clauses
I seem to remember a rule that if you use an introductory dependent clause, all the pronouns in it have ...
grammar pronouns 0 votes, asked Oct 04 by Learafyn
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A sentence from architectural book.
Hey All, This sentence is so confusing to me. " Yet the very mechanics whom Ware credited with creating sound ...
Architecture grammar ESL Sentence english 0 votes, asked Sep 22 by luke
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Who or Whom?
Could anyone help me with this sentence? I'm not sure if I should use 'who' or 'whom' and the reason ...
who whom grammar Sentence 0 votes, asked Sep 18 by Sierra
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