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Since my employ vs since my employment
Which is correct? 1. since my employ 2. since my employment. i've been told that employ is used by american ...
grammar gramma punctuation 0 votes, asked Sep 12 by raj
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Excessive commas? I also cannot tell if my intro lead is in the present tense, despite being active
A 45 year old Queens Park man is in a critical condition after crashing his Holden utility through the Welshpool ...
grammar commas tenses journalism punctuation 0 votes, asked Sep 11 by Kelly Bailey
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I'm not sure if my sentence makes sense and/or is grammatically correct?
These freedoms can be as simple as saying “The Pledge of Allegiance” or they can be of a higher importance ...
question Sentence grammar 0 votes, edited Sep 03 by Jenny Nguyen
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Hi, I'm looking for advice on how to use "intolerant" in a sentence. The following examples *sound* correct to me: ...
grammar +1 vote, asked Sep 02 by Sabrina Smith
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Can you help me change this direct narration into indirect?
Here's the passage that I need to get changed into indirect narration: "Exmyex here," I brain-waved sleepily, "who's calling please?" ...
grammar Narration 0 votes, asked Aug 28 by Lance Corby
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Is this sentence correct? If not, what's the alternative?
Some context: I was talking to a friend, telling him about my day and one of the things that I ...
grammar Sentence correction -1 votes, asked Aug 18 by Impecunious
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Proper punctuation: bulleted list, dashes and commas
When making a bulleted list of names with a request after each name, which is the appropriate way to separate ...
grammar punctuation 0 votes, asked Aug 10 by Anne Stoneberger
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Is beautifully healthy body grammatically correct in regards to a blog or website? Example:
grammar 0 votes, asked Aug 06 by Felicia
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HiI've written a sentence using "reductions"; I'm wondering whether it's right: "Returning home from work, entirely fatigued, one finds home ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 31 by meysam
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Which sentence is grammatically correct?
Which sentence is grammatically correct? Or maybe both? Sentence 1: The employee has updated. Please allow up to 30 mins ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 28 by always90s
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Omission of verb
The following sentences have been taken fromCAMBRIDGE IELTS 4. "These observations are generally consistentwith our previous studies of pupils' views ...
grammar 0 votes, edited Jul 28 by Nousher Ahmed
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Comma Placement?
Is this sentence grammatically correct? "Another example of how hard work leads to success can be seen in the case ...
comma commasplice help grammar commaplacement 0 votes, asked Jul 27 by Nancy Chang
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Using quotes for rhetorical questions
What is proper grammar/comma usage, etc. for the following: Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”? If it ...
quotes comma grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 24 by Lea
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Would rather
Which one is correct between "I would rather she wrote a letter rather than telephoned." and "I would rather she ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 23 by kobatannn
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for example or for instance
What's the difference between 'for instance' and 'for example'? Are they different in the usage? Thanks in advance
Phrase grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 10 by steven
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"An" vs "A" with acronym that can be said with or without vowel pronunciation
I know this is a confusing subject title, but I was wondering if the rule for "using "A" before a ...
an a grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 07 by Scott Boeser
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help me solving these grammars..
1. 'who are you?' [change the mode of narration] 2. He was too nervous to recollect his arguments. [omit"too" and ...
english grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 06 by Roumya Das
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I'd like to know whether it is appropriate to use "in to" or "into"...
I have a sentence I'm writing where I describe making a turn, as I run, into an empty alleyway. Here ...
into in to grammar help 0 votes, asked Jun 26 by Joshua Neumann
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Preposition Usage
What preposition would follow "disingenuous" in the sentence "I am being disingenuous (to/of/?) myself" ? (An additional question: should that ...
preposition disingenuous grammar Word-choice 0 votes, asked Jun 25 by T
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Using commas around "in fact"
I was provided a newsletter with this sentence, "Birds and rodents, in fact all insects are attracted to areas where ...
comma in fact grammar Usage 0 votes, asked Jun 24 by Nicole Drach
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Finding the correct sentence ?
Please help find the correct sentence : 1-"The processing of separations of the referred cases were delayed on account of ...
Sentence grammar 0 votes, asked Jun 19 by Natalia
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Identify the different elements (past, present, modal, perfect, progressive, passive)
Identify the different elements (past, present, modal, perfect, progressive, passive) underlined in the following verb phrases. They were being questioned ...
passive grammar identify elements 0 votes, asked Jun 19 by yuki joseph ouchi
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Had/had had??
He____a shower yesterday before he went to bed.Had or had had?
help grammar had english 0 votes, asked Jun 12 by Niz
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Correct the statement
Almost everyone enjoy going on a vacation
grammar 0 votes, asked May 27 by Aisha
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direct indirect speech
Hari said "I need some money
grammar 0 votes, asked May 13 by rangeela mehra
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"Look not further than" vs. "look no further than"
Can someone explain the grammatical difference between "look not further than" and "look no further than?" Is only one correct ...
grammar further 0 votes, asked May 13 by Sarah
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Usage of "it"
"Though the artifacts of pre-Columbian civilization created a stir from the very first European contacts with th New World in ...
it pronoun grammar english 0 votes, asked May 08 by Sukrit Pal
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Usage of "only"
A: We are leaving to go out of town on Friday. Thursday would work best for us. B: Unfortunately, I ...
Word Usage only grammar 0 votes, asked May 07 by Rebecca
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the usage of as in this sentence??
Dear Sir or Madam, i feel confused about the usage of as in the following sentence: As it will be ...
grammar 0 votes, asked May 07 by stefan
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I and my wife or My wife and I
I notice that it sounds wrong to put "I" first when there are two subject. Why? Is there a grammar ...
grammar 0 votes, asked May 01 by Niki Thompson
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