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Is the word "don't" appropriate to use or is it slang?
This morning my s/o and I had a huge disagreement over the use of the word "don't". The statement made ...
dont gramar slang 0 votes, asked Sep 03 '15 by Colleen
1 answer
How should I use the title of something that begins with the word "the" in a sentence?
Let's use the band The Killers for example.Would I say "I've been listening to some The Killers lately", or would ...
the title gramar 0 votes, asked Aug 31 '15 by Dillon
1 answer
i want to check my sentence which is correct or not grammatically
One day i will be that what you want, but i never will be that what i want.
gramar 0 votes, asked Jun 29 '15 by Bhavesh patil
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What is wrong with this sentence
All possessions of the Knights Order were confiscated by France.
gramar incorrect wrong help 0 votes, asked Apr 10 '14 by 123
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Can I write “Its color is brown” when writing about animals? Or “Its brown in color”?
gramar Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '13 by Nav
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