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does it sound right?
does this sentence sound correct? "Only are there a few moments in which there is a gap or a pause ...
english essay Sentence correction 0 votes, asked Nov 08 '15 by Ashb
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Can someone help edit my essay please
Hi, my common application essay is due in 2 days can someone pelase read it over and give me constructive ...
College essay common application +1 vote, asked Oct 14 '15 by angie
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Wording "is that of a"
Is it grammatically correct to say "woman is that of a man"? If not, when is it grammatically correct to ...
essay wording isthatofa essayhelp +1 vote, asked Oct 10 '15 by Ori Hara
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How to write a single descriptive essay about many things
How does one write a descriptive essay that ask you you to describe many things. e.g Describe your best moment ...
essay letter 0 votes, asked Jul 12 '15 by Adeolu
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What is the purpose of writing a nursing personal statement?
The nursing personal statement ought to give knowledge into the candidate's purposes behind tightening the degree system, including long haul ...
essay Name 0 votes, asked Jun 26 '15 by florencelogan
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Who or Whom
I am writing an essay and am unsure whether to use who or whom. The sentence is: They are also ...
who whom essay grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 21 '14 by meghan
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Revising/Rewording the fluency and appeal of my Research Paper
I am writing a Research Paper as a portion of a massive grade that will help me graduate high school. ...
Fluency Persuasive essay revision editing 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '14 by Christopher Robinson
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how to write about "micro economic"
hai guys, I am a commerce student from usa, i am in a big problem that i need to do ...
essay assignment microeco economics 0 votes, asked Aug 01 '14 by DavidFrazier
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Trying to write a resume that doesn't make me look stupid.
I feel like my sentences run on and on, but can't see how to fix them. Any thoughts? Diverse background ...
resume essay summary objective paragraph 0 votes, asked Jul 17 '13 by M
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How to properly cite references?
Hello, I've continuously received citation audits throughout my essay for like random words and phrases that were from sites featuring ...
essay -1 votes, asked Jun 05 '13 by Whitney
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Whom or Who?
Here is the sentence from my essay: Those who opposed this belief, such as abolitionists whom/who denominated the North, were ...
who whom essay history grammar +1 vote, asked May 11 '13 by Britney
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Is my essay will publish in the websites after I edit ?!
If I check my essay •Grammar and usage, spelling and punctuation or every thing edit on my essay , then ...
check copied essay 0 votes, asked Apr 15 '13 by jawaher khalied
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Rate my essay introduction.
Studying abroad is a trend in some countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. The intro.: In some ...
essay Structure writing grammar 0 votes, asked Nov 01 '12 by user22
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Rate my essay introduction.
Studying abroad is a trend in some countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. My Intro.: To many ...
essay writing Structure Style 0 votes, asked Oct 31 '12 by user22
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How could you help an ESL student to write an essay without any mistakes?
I am learning English as a second language. I am now near to take TOEFL and IELTS exam. I need ...
essay 0 votes, edited May 26 '12 by hadi
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Is this worded correctly? V for vendetta essay help
The character V in “V for Vendetta” wanted to go back to a time where individuals could control their own ...
V grammar punctuation essay 0 votes, asked May 09 '12 by BobyJonas
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