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commas and conjunctions
I have been confused about this issue for years (and I'm old). The following sentence is from the Portland State ...
comma splice Conjunction error 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '14 by Tony Peters
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Find the error in the use of comparisons.
1. For many years, the observatory at Mount Palomar was larger than any in the world. 2. Macros make using ...
error COMPARISONS find 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '13 by james parker
3 answers
I don't know what is wrong with this phrase.
A professor of mine does not accept this sentence because she says that contains many errors. I believe it has ...
grammar error 0 votes, asked Apr 19 '13 by Luis Afonso
2 answers
I fail to comprehend the corrections
I'm new using this program so i'm testing it, just for you guys to know. Also i'm not a native ...
question error corrections cohession +1 vote, asked Dec 22 '12 by Lionel Thomas
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When I try to type in a word it does ttttthhhhiiissss - what's up!
When I try to type in a word in Gramarly it does tttthhhiiiss - what's up! How do i stop ...
Tying error -2 votes, asked Nov 23 '12 by jerry gomez
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