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Pr .Perf. or Past Ind.
Which tense form should I use? You look tired. Haven't you slept well? or Didn't you sleep well? Thank you.
english 0 votes, asked Apr 11 by btm2ty
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Am I correctly using the word "indubitably" if I state that someone looks "indubitably ravishing"? My friend and I cannot ...
indubitably help arguing grammar english 0 votes, asked Mar 26 by Katelyn Tobianski
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2 Paragraph Assignment
Write a well developed multi-paragrah essay delineating the elelments of the short story that were excluded from the play "The ...
english 2 Paragraphs assignment -1 votes, asked Mar 25 by Tybault Cook
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To comma or not
Hey guys got a question, should I use a comma or not after the word structure "My role has been ...
english grammar commas 0 votes, asked Mar 11 by Gabriel Armancas
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Grammer Correction
What is wrong with follwoing sentences. I can speak fast My brother sleep at 7 pm She catch a ball ...
english correction help learners 0 votes, asked Feb 23 by sami
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How to correct these misplaced or hanging modifiers
Stan is a successful architect and interior designer whose custom-built homes stagger the imagination. Priced beyond what the average person ...
grammar english modifiers misplaced 0 votes, asked Feb 19 by Bob Stevens
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Which of the following sentences uses a verb incorrectly?
A) Without all the previous criticism, you might never have grown. B) No one is breaking any laws. C) We ...
english English3 verb Sentence incorrect 0 votes, asked Dec 22 '14 by Chloe rose
2 answers
The most creative way to use the word hunger in a paragarph
How to use the word hunger in a paragraph, instead of simply using the word ? Something like, 'The burn ...
Word Usage grammar english 0 votes, asked Dec 21 '14 by Anna Vinaya Xavier
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please check my grammar For english class I need to write a sentence that defines the word deride
I told the girls not to deride as they were mocking the new girls accent in class.
deride english grammar help Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 28 '14 by Ana ilic
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What's the difference between "extend and "expand"?
Thank you for your kind answer in advnace :D
Difference expand extend english 0 votes, asked Oct 10 '14 by Carter Kim
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A sentence from architectural book.
Hey All, This sentence is so confusing to me. " Yet the very mechanics whom Ware credited with creating sound ...
Architecture grammar ESL Sentence english 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '14 by luke
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Use incalescence in a sentence?
Could you help me out by telling me if this sentence is worded right? "She hands you a piece and ...
english Word-choice homework help Sentence 0 votes, asked Sep 11 '14 by Lucy
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I want to use the word compose in sentence and make it strong gramatically correct: Composing music from notes or ...
grammer english tagline 0 votes, asked Sep 05 '14 by Kelly
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US and U.K English
I want to understand the difference between U.K and US English, and the type of English (U.K or US) used ...
english 0 votes, asked Sep 02 '14 by Natalia
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English Grammar
I'm trying to translate from Italian to English . Can someone please tell me if any of this sentence make ...
english 0 votes, asked Aug 29 '14 by comfort bassey
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help me solving these grammars..
1. 'who are you?' [change the mode of narration] 2. He was too nervous to recollect his arguments. [omit"too" and ...
english grammar 0 votes, asked Jul 06 '14 by Roumya Das
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Had/had had??
He____a shower yesterday before he went to bed.Had or had had?
help grammar had english 0 votes, asked Jun 12 '14 by Niz
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Usage of "it"
"Though the artifacts of pre-Columbian civilization created a stir from the very first European contacts with th New World in ...
it pronoun grammar english 0 votes, asked May 08 '14 by Sukrit Pal
2 answers
need grammer help for "has brought" or Alternative
My question is a about a sentence I formed with in my book. no matter how I seem to word ...
english grammer brought sentance 0 votes, asked Apr 23 '14 by allen
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What To Do
Sir When Did IS Used Question In Question ,What Will be The AnsweR Form(Tense)
english 0 votes, asked Apr 18 '14 by Dilshan Sandhu
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What's wrong with my sentence! Please Help!
So, I'm doing a play, and Iam acting as a nurse.. I had to write my own script, I was ...
grammar english spelling punctuation 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '13 by Mia Vaafusuaga
0 answers
Are these questions right grammatically?
Q: What did you paint white? A: I painted it white. Q: Who did you appoint chairman? A: I appointed ...
english grammar Sentence Wh-question 0 votes, asked Aug 28 '13 by Yoon Sam
0 answers
Hi everyone! Need help, the question is in english grammar
Can I change the phrase "all I want to do is be more like me and be less like you" ...
grammar english 0 votes, asked May 28 '13 by Dima
2 answers
Whom or Who?
I have no idea whom you are. I have no idea who you are. It sounds correctly as who, but ...
english grammar help who whom 0 votes, asked Apr 26 '13 by Sheridan Harris
1 answer
Sstudio name. Which one is correct?
Hi there! I have a question about studio name. Please, explain me, will it be grammatically correct to name it ...
grammar english 0 votes, asked Mar 08 '13 by Alexander
1 answer
words concise
how to make this less wordy. Bob provided an explaniation of the computer to his grandma. A) bob gave his ...
grammar concise english words 0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by shannonst
1 answer
concise words
How to make this sentence this wordy He found his neighbor who lived next door to be attractive in appearence. ...
words grammar help concise english 0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by shannonst
1 answer
How do you make this sentence less wordy. He dropped out of school on accuont of the fact that it ...
words concise grammar english 0 votes, asked Feb 12 '13 by shannonst
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)):!!please correct this!!:(((
please check for: 1-Punctuation within a sentence. 2-Writing style. 3- Vocabulary use. 4-Wordiness. ____ My favorite fruit is apple, it's ...
help Me please english 0 votes, asked Feb 10 '13 by Jessi Jessi
1 answer
Is this sentence correct?
He shifted his eyes between the other people sitting there.
sentance vocab vocabulary english 0 votes, asked Jan 26 '13 by user22
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