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Is this sentence grammatically correct/make sense?
Exactly as the title says. "My parents possessed the language trifecta under their belts; fluent in Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin." ...
Sentence grammar correct sense 0 votes, asked Dec 21 '14 by Angel Chang
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Correct form of the verb
Write the correct form of the verb in the bracket: While I was studying, I didn't think about work and ...
Verbs tense correct form 0 votes, asked Dec 06 '14 by cotos
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is my sentence correct
Hi. I want to know if the sentence, "We provide premium tv shows, with more than one million subscribers" is ...
correct incorrect 0 votes, asked Oct 27 '14 by Neth Neth
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awoke or woke
Hi. I need to know which of these words 'awoke' or 'woke' is correct to use in the sentence below ...
correct Usage 0 votes, asked Oct 09 '14 by Lee
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Correct form
Is it correct to say let's go surf instead of let's go surfing?
grammar correct 0 votes, asked Oct 04 '14 by Fratelli Mamaia
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Correct word
Please assist about chosing the appropriate word to be used in the below setences ? Please be precise in your ...
correct 0 votes, asked Aug 16 '14 by Natalia
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plurization of common and proper nouns
Common nouns are both countable and uncountable, but proper nouns, with some exceptions, are uncountable. Is this correct? Please help ...
correct 0 votes, asked Aug 05 '14 by Aslam Khan
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Is this sentence correct?
Adrian Cola Rienzi born Krishna Deonarine changed his name because the name "Cola Rienzi" was that of a 14th century ...
grammatically correct or incorrect 0 votes, asked Jun 12 '14 by Happy
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Bring or take?
Should I say 'Bring your things back home' or 'Take your things back home' talking to someone who, in that ...
bring take Verbs correct use 0 votes, asked May 13 '14 by Manuela
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I've broken my arm or I broke my arm.
I figured that present perfect is used when there's a connection to the present. So for instance if someone asks ...
correct tense sentance 0 votes, asked Oct 21 '13 by ferka1
2 answers
The next year we got married
correct 0 votes, asked Sep 16 '13 by bo.98eer
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Why is this sentence grammatically correct?
I know it is, but I need help explaining why... She’d abandoned her partying days a long time ago, but ...
drink drank drunk correct why 0 votes, asked Sep 04 '13 by MM
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Passed or past
I'm a little confused about which is the right word to use in the sentences below. I have been looking ...
correct Word 0 votes, asked Aug 27 '13 by Lee
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correct text
I am writing in order to appeal against the negative decision that has been taken in regard of my bachelor’s ...
correct text -1 votes, asked Jun 22 '13 by riad
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what word and why
Hi, I am having a little difficulty with this sentence and hope someone can help. The sound was terrifying and ...
words correct Usage 0 votes, asked May 14 '13 by Lee
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Correct word usage
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the correct or appropriate word would be to use in this ...
correct Word Usage 0 votes, asked May 07 '13 by Lee
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Does this sentence make sense
"Conflict arrises when (event/person)" "Conflict arose when (event/person)" thanks, Cambel
is-my-sentence-correct Sentence correct check help 0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Cambel McGregor-Fernee
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Does this sentence make sense
"Conflict arrises when (event/person)" "Conflict arose when (event/person)" thanks, Cambel
is-my-sentence-correct Sentence correct check help 0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Cambel McGregor-Fernee
1 answer
Kindly Suggest.
Dear Experts, Request your review on the below paragraphs, in terms of correct use of words, sentence framing, punctuation, and ...
is it correct 0 votes, asked Feb 26 '13 by Joseph
2 answers
Correct way to write this sentence
Can someone tell me which of these is the correct way to write this sentence The Town Hall lights are ...
correct sentences Usage 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by lee leeeder
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please check my sentence.
The next morning when I went to university, I asked my friends about the test. Is it correct or should ...
grammar the sentences correct 0 votes, asked Jan 24 '13 by user22
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Proper usage of "Can be said to be"
When is the proper time, if any, to use the phrase "Can be said to be"? My wife and I ...
proper grammar correct can said 0 votes, asked Oct 31 '12 by Minsoo
2 answers
Check the tenses in my sentence
I'd never thought of taking sleeping pills, but now I think I can use some. Are the tenses correct in ...
tense grammar correct commas 0 votes, asked Sep 08 '12 by user22
1 answer
Example: I wore my pink T-shirt; one of my favourite T-shirts in my wardrobe. Is this a correct use for ...
grammar sentences correct grammatically 0 votes, asked Sep 06 '12 by user22
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Correct the following sentence.
"By the last sentence, her voice became louder than it already was." Is the sentence okay? If not what is ...
correct sentences grammar grammatically 0 votes, asked Sep 01 '12 by user22
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Is this sentence correct?
The room has everything, a bathroom even.
correct Sentence grammar commas 0 votes, asked Aug 26 '12 by user22
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Is my sentence correct?? If not what is the correction please...
I'm the first and only vampire "for example" of all ages. By the sentence I mean, he's the first and ...
grammar Creative wrong correct 0 votes, asked Aug 23 '12 by user22
1 answer
What do You think of my grammar? THANK YOU! :)))
What do you think my grammar? THANK You! We'd love, absolutely adore offering you our free 60-second voiceover gift and ...
grammar correct mistakes 0 votes, asked Aug 21 '12 by N
1 answer
Are my sentences correct?
Hi! What do You think of my sentences - are they correct? You'll see the quality of your future voiceover ...
grammar correct mistakes 0 votes, asked Aug 19 '12 by N
1 answer
Does this sentence have too many "ands"?
The sentence: "There is a relationship between schizophrenia and knowledge and contact." What I'm trying to say is that there ...
and correct wrong Sentence cheeseburger 0 votes, edited Aug 19 '12 by eduardo
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