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Quick Comma Usage Question
I was editing an essay I wrote and came across a sentence where I was not sure whether or not ...
comma grammar Usage commaplacement +1 vote, asked Jan 31 by Jordan
1 answer
Comma Placement/Conjunctions
Where is the correct comma placement in the following examples? "But, at least, Daryl provided nachos at the party." "But ...
comma commaplacement conjunctions +1 vote, asked Jan 27 by Snuff Snuff
3 answers
OK without Commas?
Is the following OK without any punctuation? I can't decide if it needs any as it doesn't seem to break ...
comma commaplacement 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '15 by Joseph
1 answer
Do I need a comma?
Does the phrase, "Here I am loved" need a comma after "Here"?
commaplacement comma 0 votes, asked Oct 30 '15 by Cameron
1 answer
Punctuating with Imperatives
Hello all, Could someone help with this problem I have come across with regards to imperatives and independent clauses? Is ...
commaplacement Clauses Imperative independent +1 vote, asked Oct 23 '15 by Joseph
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Examples where a dependent clause following an independent clause needs a comma.
Hello all, So I've been reading up on the use of clauses and have come across something that I don't ...
commaplacement comma dependent independent Clauses 0 votes, asked Oct 14 '15 by Joseph
1 answer
Don't understand the use of a comma before 'so'.
I'm getting confused with the use of commas in general, but especially with the using of them before coordinate conjunctions. ...
commaplacement comma Clauses coordinate conj +1 vote, asked Oct 09 '15 by Joseph
1 answer
Does this need a comma? And why?
The licensee must prepare a written analysis of the debtor’s income and expenses, to substantiate that the plan is feasible ...
commaplacement comma 0 votes, edited Sep 29 '15 by Roger
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Does the comma change the meaning?
When you go to the store, buy apples and shrimp, if they're on sale. Does the comma mean to only ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked Sep 08 '15 by Lisa
0 answers
Use of commas with "given" and "as"
When should you use a comma with "given" (or "given that") and "as"? I know "as" is generally categorized as ...
given as commaplacement Subordinate Clauses 0 votes, asked Jul 20 '15 by Desiree Crossley
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Comma problems
Recently, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, wrote an article about Islamic terrorism in which he used the following sentence: ...
comma commaplacement 0 votes, asked Jun 29 '15 by Vinicius Bremer
1 answer
Comma Placement
I wrote the following sentence for work and cannot decide if there should be a comma between "this" and "let's": ...
commaplacement 0 votes, asked Jun 19 '15 by Alex
1 answer
Comma Usage
Which option has the correct use of commas? 1. During his consultation, the Honduran doctor asked to see his feet, ...
commaplacement commasplice run-on +1 vote, asked Jun 12 '15 by Jayme Castillo
1 answer
Puzzling Comma Use
Is a comma needed after "May" in the following sentence? Either way, what is the grammar rule dictating its use ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked May 06 '15 by Ryan Funkhouser
0 answers
Which is correct: a. "Trees," by Joyce Kilmer b. "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer
commaplacement 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '15 by Bonnie Leitch
0 answers
Comma with "because" clause
What other reasons are there for having a comma between a "because" clause and the main clause, apart from the ...
commaplacement 0 votes, asked Apr 22 '15 by Sean
1 answer
Comma usage
Given the sentence: Ted's personality shaped the way he approached painting, as he worked slowly, thoughtfully and analytically. Is a ...
comma grammar commaplacement 0 votes, asked Feb 23 '15 by Sahil
1 answer
Comma usage directly after a quotation
Here is the sentence I am editing:Marcus responded with a "Yes, ma'am!" But he sounded drained and his voice was ...
comma commaplacement quotation punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 20 '15 by Kat
0 answers
Comma use
I'm making a sign with the simple text "Oh, bless!", in reference to a baby. Is it with or without ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked Nov 15 '14 by Renee
1 answer
Where would the comma go in this sentence?
'I will pass on your message to Jane Smith owner of the shop.' I guess it's after the name, but ...
commaplacement commas help names question 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by Sophie
1 answer
Commas after series in compound subjects.
I have a recurring problem with sentences that have compound subjects. Here's an example: "Being the best person you can ...
commas commaplacement series subject 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by Keith Edwin Schooley
0 answers
Comma Placement?
Is this sentence grammatically correct? "Another example of how hard work leads to success can be seen in the case ...
comma commasplice help grammar commaplacement 0 votes, asked Jul 27 '14 by Nancy Chang
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