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What is the correct punctuation in this sentence?
Putting on her warm coat; which she normally did regardless of the weather, she took one last glimpse about and ...
comma colon Semicolon dash 0 votes, asked Apr 03 by lee leeeder
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I can't decide if this sentence is correct or not.
"DO NOT follow trend of the tourists, if you are a well-seasoned traveler, you should know this by now." The ...
grammar comma 0 votes, edited Mar 27 by Vincent Croos
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Comma usage
I will provide the sentence first and then give the question: I am writing this to tell you how you, ...
comma 0 votes, asked Mar 10 by Leon Phillips
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commas and conjunctions
I have been confused about this issue for years (and I'm old). The following sentence is from the Portland State ...
comma splice Conjunction error 0 votes, asked Feb 20 by Tony Peters
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Comma vs SemiColon
In the following sentence, should there be a comma after marking paint? Or should it be a semicolon? Whether you're ...
comma semi-colon 0 votes, asked Feb 15 by scott
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Inclusion of a conjunction in a list started after a colon & Usage of semicolons vs commas for lists
Here is the sentence in question: "Les Misérables includes several themes pertaining to ethics, such as: the value of atonement ...
Semicolon comma conjunctions colon lists 0 votes, asked Jan 12 by Philip Swanson
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Comma Question
I believe that the following sentence is correct, but I do not know why. "The book was action-packed and filled ...
comma 0 votes, asked Dec 18 '13 by Ben
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Question about using 'that' with a comma before it, instead of 'and' in a sentence.
Hi, I'm writing a book, and I try to eliminate 'and' where I can. Is using 'that', as I have ...
that comma 0 votes, asked Nov 03 '13 by Gabrielle Bergan
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Use of further or furthermore to constraint a topic
I have a sentence establishes a topic and then sets out to show that there is a sutopic that is ...
comma commas further furthermore 0 votes, asked Oct 20 '13 by Matthew Carpenter
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When to use a Comma or Semicolon
In this sentence, which makes more sense, the semicolon or the comma? Here's how I think this should work; put ...
punctuation comma Semicolon 0 votes, asked Sep 21 '13 by Mikiah Fender
4 answers
Missuse of the ","
The Civil Aviation Act 1988 20A states (1) A person must not operate an aircraft being reckless as to whether ...
conjunctive comma 0 votes, asked Sep 11 '13 by Michael Bellamy
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On a side note I have little experience in actually playing ultimate frisbee, would that be a problem? Is it ...
punctuation comma grammar Sentence Structure 0 votes, asked Sep 05 '13 by Anonymous
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Punctuation of long adjective string
I am going back and forth on how to punctuate this sentence: For $100, I was able to buy a ...
adjective hyphen comma 0 votes, asked Sep 02 '13 by Catherine C
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comma rules for noun phrases; pronoun/antecedent
This is the question: With its combination of powerful long legs, large chest, and its build being aerodynamic, the greyhound, ...
comma nounphrase antecedent pronoun 0 votes, asked Aug 22 '13 by Fromagebus
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Flow of the sentence vs. the rules for commas
Does the following sentence need a comma, and where should it go? In and out of the rooms and down ...
comma commas flow 0 votes, asked Aug 01 '13 by M. Lyons
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Punctuation Choice in Strange Sentence - if-conditional/list
I am currently writing a document intended to be informational. Perfect grammar is to be sacrificed for readability. I am ...
if-conditional list comma dash 0 votes, asked Jul 29 '13 by Topknot
1 answer
Series in a nonessential clause
How does one punctuate a series within a nonessential clause? Is one of the following examples correct, or is there ...
series clause comma Semicolon 0 votes, asked Jul 29 '13 by Sahndie
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Usage of "nothing, but"
The following bothers me: "the radio played nothing, but static" As I read that, the first part makes sense, then ...
comma +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by SeaBiscuit
2 answers
What is wrong with the following question? I need to visit my friend, to wash my bike, and buy six ...
punctuation semi-colon comma Semicolon +1 vote, asked Jun 24 '13 by jasvir singh
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Semicolons, commas, or what?
I wrote the following sentences for a letter of introduction and I love the cadence of the phrasing. The phrases ...
Semicolon comma 0 votes, edited May 27 '13 by Charles Sims
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Punctuation (commas)
Hi, Is the punctuation in this sentence correct? "Also, if we go with the first option, can we make some ...
punctuation comma commas punctuations 0 votes, asked May 22 '13 by Astra
1 answer
Punctuation (commas)
Hi, Is the punctuation in this sentence correct? "Also, if we go with the first option, can we make some ...
punctuation comma commas punctuations +1 vote, asked May 22 '13 by Astra
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comma always inside quotes
Student is writing a sentence with the following..... The following books are, "Example 1" by John Smith, "Example 2" by ...
comma quotation title 0 votes, asked May 14 '13 by jkerge
1 answer
comma after a spelled-out date
Which is correct: The meeting is scheduled for April 14, 2013, at the northside office. The meeting is scheduled for ...
comma punctuation dates 0 votes, asked Apr 05 '13 by AngiB
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comma after currently?
Hi, Does the word "Currently" in the beginning of the sentence require the use of comma after it? For example: ...
comma currently 0 votes, asked Apr 03 '13 by Astra
4 answers
comma after a citation ?
The sentence reads: The terms are often used interchangeably (Barak, 2004) and the literature is equivocal on whether there is ...
comma citations 0 votes, asked Mar 25 '13 by ailsa
1 answer
comma usage
Should I put a comma before the word resulting? Deceptive campaign ads have persuaded the majority of California voters to ...
comma 0 votes, edited Mar 25 '13 by betresse
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Comma Splice
“Click the Most and Least buttons, then drag and drop them to one of the four boxes above to indicate ...
comma splice 0 votes, asked Mar 12 '13 by Jim
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incorrect use of comma?
I believe the sentence below is written correctly, but my English teacher said the commas around polyhistor should not be ...
comma 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '13 by lacie boney
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Should I remove or keep this comma?
I think the comma should be removed from the below sentence, but Grammarly thinks it's correct Plan in advance because ...
comma Sentence 0 votes, edited Feb 17 '13 by Carly Jason
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