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Comma in an in-text list?
Within a document, this is my example of objectives: (1) to explore xxxxxx and (2) to interview. Question: is there ...
text list and comma 0 votes, asked May 21 by nancy bonar
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Comma before too.
Can anyone explain when and why I should use comma before too?
comma too 0 votes, asked May 19 by Deep
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Comma usage.
Where should I go with no destiny but a weak heart? Where should I go with no destiny, but a ...
comma punctuation clause 0 votes, edited May 19 by Deep
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use of comma between event and date
I never know how to handle this type of statement: You'll enjoy a night of beautiful dancing when you attend ...
comma dates events 0 votes, asked May 14 by Kayla
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Grammar for a joke.
I used to do drugs. I still do. But I used to,too.
Conjunction comma to too 0 votes, asked May 13 by Dane Cutforth
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Puzzling Comma Use
Is a comma needed after "May" in the following sentence? Either way, what is the grammar rule dictating its use ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked May 06 by Ryan Funkhouser
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When a comma splice isn't a comma splice...
In a grammar workbook, this sentence is posted as a practice compound sentence: "The tree is cacao, the ground bean ...
comma splice Semicolon compound 0 votes, asked May 03 by sarah k
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Comma, semicolon; or em dash --
Hi, this is the first sentence of an essay describing my decision not to go to college immediately after high ...
comma Semicolon dash complex 0 votes, asked Apr 22 by Todd Andrew
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Is a comma necessary? Is it optional?
"I was wondering what you are doing next week as I will be in town" "I was wondering what you ...
comma commasplice 0 votes, asked Apr 10 by Alyssa
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Comma Question
Is the second comma in the statement below grammatically correct, please? We both have stories to tell, but when we ...
comma 0 votes, asked Mar 28 by Boone
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Comma Help!!!! please
in the following sentence do I need a comma? While walking my my dog to day I saw a woman ...
comma urgent 0 votes, asked Mar 06 by Brandon Moore
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Does this sentence need a comma?
Josie's grandfather is a plumber, and so is her mother.
comma 0 votes, asked Mar 04 by Julie
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Comma usage and inverted word order.
In the following sentence, is the comma placed correctly? Resting will prove hard for you, being a busybody.
comma Invertedwordorder 0 votes, asked Mar 04 by Alexis
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Comma usage
Given the sentence: Ted's personality shaped the way he approached painting, as he worked slowly, thoughtfully and analytically. Is a ...
comma grammar commaplacement 0 votes, asked Feb 23 by Sahil
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commas after supposedly introductory clauses
Hi, could you tell me if a comma is needed after "marketing" in "In the international marketing it is important ...
comma clause 0 votes, asked Feb 22 by Annie
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Comma usage directly after a quotation
Here is the sentence I am editing:Marcus responded with a "Yes, ma'am!" But he sounded drained and his voice was ...
comma commaplacement quotation punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 20 by Kat
1 answer
comma - zero conditional
Should I put comma between the two parts of the sentence 'If you arrange a meeting with them they are ...
comma zeroconditional 0 votes, asked Feb 18 by Dasha
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Comma Use
Does the following sentence need a comma (see brackets)? Why or why not? In partnership with the City of Medicine ...
comma commas 0 votes, asked Feb 05 by Courrtney
1 answer
does this sentence need a comma
There is debate about whether this sentence needs a comma and we need to settle the debate so we can ...
comma adjectives 0 votes, asked Jan 26 by Jenny Stevens-Scott
1 answer
Come On with Comma
"Come on, let's party!" Since "come on" can be a complete sentence on its own, should I replace that comma ...
comma 0 votes, asked Jan 24 by Al Guien
1 answer
Comma usage in sentence with two-part instruction
I'm not sure which is correct: 1) Open the folder then choose your file. 2) Open the folder, then choose ...
comma 0 votes, asked Jan 15 by Elle
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Comma Interpretation
I have a technical sentence here that I am trying to interpret, which was not written very clearly in my ...
comma commasplice 0 votes, asked Jan 07 by tyler perrella
1 answer
Problem with commas
Hi, can somone tell me if the comma is well placed in this setence, and if not how it should ...
comma 0 votes, asked Dec 27 '14 by lukas revelo
2 answers
Vocative Case with Commas
I found the following lines of dialogue in some short stories I wrote: "Oh, hi Tom." "Well Sam, ready?" Since ...
vocative comma 0 votes, asked Dec 22 '14 by Al Guien
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Aren't there certain situations when a comma can precede "even if"?
This place is great. Have to say that right off the bat. Sometimes I feel like the "even if" subordinate ...
comma 0 votes, edited Dec 18 '14 by donna
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Compound Clause Comma Rule
When two independent clauses are joined as a compound of a dependent clause, is a comma used? Example: Suzy said ...
comma compound independent 0 votes, asked Dec 13 '14 by Lauren Lindemulder
1 answer
A comma or a hyphen
In the sentance: she rolled and found he was awake, watching, expressionless. between the words watching and expressionless what is ...
hyphen comma punctuation 0 votes, asked Dec 04 '14 by Rachelle
2 answers
Can second clause of two Independent clauses have an implied I?
Hello, Is the second clause in the sentence below an independent clause with an implied "I"? Thanks, Steve I swam ...
Clauses independent comma 0 votes, asked Dec 01 '14 by Steve
0 answers
Comma use
I'm making a sign with the simple text "Oh, bless!", in reference to a baby. Is it with or without ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked Nov 15 '14 by Renee
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Comma before that/which (special case)
Hello, I have a question regarding commas before that/which. Example sentence: "The coordinates of the city, that/which lies south of ...
comma which that 0 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by jel
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