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Missing comma(s) with interrupter
Let's say my sentence is the following, "The event was quite successful though." Grammarly would suggest a comma after successful, ...
interrupter comma 0 votes, asked Nov 26 by ewan
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Comma question - comma splice or comma splice phrase??
I have a question about formal grammar as opposed to casual/colloquial grammatical constructions. Is the following sentence technically correct? The ...
comma a 0 votes, asked Nov 25 by
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Use of comma after about in compound sentence
I have a question about the following sentence. It was in a student paper. I believe there is an issue ...
Conjunction comma about 0 votes, asked Nov 20 by
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OK without Commas?
Is the following OK without any punctuation? I can't decide if it needs any as it doesn't seem to break ...
comma commaplacement 0 votes, asked Nov 11 by Joseph
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When does a list become complex and therefore need semicolons?
Hi all, Do lists need to be seperated by semicolons only when the items contain commas themselves? In the following ...
Semicolon comma 0 votes, edited Nov 01 by Joseph
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H.W. Fowler - Outdated and Incorrect?
I have attempted to try and educate myself on strict, proper grammar usage recently. I read this chapter: from ...
punctuation semicolons comma coordinate Conjunction 0 votes, asked Nov 01 by Joseph
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Do I need a comma?
Does the phrase, "Here I am loved" need a comma after "Here"?
commaplacement comma 0 votes, asked Oct 30 by Cameron
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Do rules for punctuating lists trump rules for punctuating independent clauses?
Hello, all. In cases where there is a list of three or more closely related independent clauses, do commas become ...
lists comma independent Clauses 0 votes, edited Oct 28 by Joseph
2 answers
To Comma or Not to Comma in "Your Spiritual Questions Answered"?
We have a feature on our website called "Your Spiritual Questions Answered" — my question is, should it be "Your ...
comma punctuation 0 votes, asked Oct 26 by Nabha Cosley
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comma after conjunction and before if subordinate clause
Should I use a comma between "for" and "if" in this sentence?: Finally, I will work to ensure my students ...
comma Subordinate for if Conjunction 0 votes, asked Oct 24 by Marton Lonart
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Does the word 'just' have any modifying effect on a clause?
I came across something interesting on the Grammarly checker the other day regarding what it determines as independent clauses. Here ...
comma commasplice 0 votes, asked Oct 24 by Joseph
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comma in a compound sentence with imperative clause
Would you add a comma before the word 'so' (conjunction) if it is a declarative sentence and an imperative/command that ...
grammar comma compound-sentence 0 votes, asked Oct 18 by syl
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Comma Placement
These two sentences are confusing me regarding the placement of commas. Can anyone tell me if these look correct? "What ...
comma 0 votes, asked Oct 17 by sarah kay
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Commas in quote
Hi all, I'm analyzing the comma placement in this Mark Twain quote - "Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but ...
comma 0 votes, edited Oct 15 by sarah kay
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Examples where a dependent clause following an independent clause needs a comma.
Hello all, So I've been reading up on the use of clauses and have come across something that I don't ...
commaplacement comma dependent independent Clauses 0 votes, asked Oct 14 by Joseph
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use of comma with "that is"
Please suggest which sentence is correct:(1) Who is the addressee, that is, the person to whom the letter will be ...
comma 0 votes, asked Oct 13 by Santanu Maity
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Don't understand the use of a comma before 'so'.
I'm getting confused with the use of commas in general, but especially with the using of them before coordinate conjunctions. ...
commaplacement comma Clauses coordinate conj +1 vote, asked Oct 09 by Joseph
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Oxford Comma
It began with the simplest of tasks like feeding and putting my sister, Anna, to sleep. Do you think this ...
Oxford comma ASAP 0 votes, asked Oct 08 by Meg
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Comma in complex compound sentence
When there is a compound sentence joined with a coordinating conjunction, and the second part contains a clause, does the ...
comma compound-sentence 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by Chris Sadler
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capital after comma
The KJV Bible has a comma at the end of verse 9 in Revelation. Then there is a "The" with ...
comma capitalization bible 0 votes, asked Oct 07 by paul ivans
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comma use for prepositional phrase
If there is a preposisitional phrase in the beginning of the second independent clause in a sentence containing two independent ...
comma PrepositionalPhrases 0 votes, asked Oct 06 by Seeker
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Comma Question
I'm unsure of the comma placement in these two sentences: "What I like best about my career in theater is ...
comma punctuation 0 votes, asked Oct 05 by sarah kay
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Is this correct - "I went to his agent, John Doe's house?"
I'm doing transcription so I can't change it too much, but I feel like maybe it should be: I went ...
possesive possession comma sentence-structure 0 votes, asked Oct 02 by Lisa
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correct punctuation
Should there be a comma ( , ) before word 'than' , in a sentence .
punctuation comma 0 votes, asked Oct 02 by shahid
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Comma Usage
Hi all, I am confused about comma usage in these two sentences. 1.) "What I like best about my career ...
comma 0 votes, asked Sep 30 by sarah kay
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Does this need a comma? And why?
The licensee must prepare a written analysis of the debtor’s income and expenses, to substantiate that the plan is feasible ...
commaplacement comma 0 votes, edited Sep 29 by Roger
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use of comma in a series of names
Do I use a comma at the end of a series of names? For example: Frank, Ed, Pete, John, and ...
comma placement 0 votes, asked Sep 28 by scott doherty
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Do I need a comma?
In the following phrase, do I need a comma between tomorrow and today? Ready for tomorrow today
comma 0 votes, asked Sep 24 by Jill Wade
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Parenthetical Commas
Hi, Can somebody help me to better understand the difference between nonrestrictive modifiers (adverbial clauses, appositional phrases, etc., etc.) and ...
comma 0 votes, asked Sep 14 by Sean
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Does the comma change the meaning?
When you go to the store, buy apples and shrimp, if they're on sale. Does the comma mean to only ...
comma commaplacement commas 0 votes, asked Sep 08 by Lisa
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