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Capitalization of the Names of games.
Does the name of the game BRIDGE have initial capitalization when used in a list contained in a sentence?
capitalization +1 vote, asked Jan 27 by Burt
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Using comma in the sentence.
The sentence below; "The last faculty, Medicine, was the considered equally among both female and male staff". Is it correct ...
comma capitalization sentance +1 vote, asked Jan 02 by Mkod
1 answer
If I were to describe a unit I worked in, is it capitalized? Example: I worked in the Safety Inspections ...
capitalization +1 vote, asked Dec 30 '15 by VaNessa
1 answer
The capitalization of non-proper but trademarked nouns
Would you capitalize the words "Xbox Live Gamertag," "Nintendo Wii Friend Code," and "PlayStation Network Name"? I would certainly say ...
propernouns capitalization product plural pluralization 0 votes, edited Dec 09 '15 by Alex Bieser
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capitalization rules
I understand that grammatically speaking, common nouns should be lowercase, except as part of proper names. But then I came ...
Capitalize capitalization 0 votes, asked Nov 15 '15 by Karen Langhauser
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capital after comma
The KJV Bible has a comma at the end of verse 9 in Revelation. Then there is a "The" with ...
comma capitalization bible 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '15 by paul ivans
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Capitalization for words comprising the letters of an acronym
In technical writing it is considered good practice to spell out the first occurrence of an acronym and then place ...
capitalization acronyms 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '15 by Don Goddard
1 answer
Capitalization of course name
When referring to a course name, is it lower case for just the name of the course and capitalized when ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '15 by Don Goddard
1 answer
Measurement Capitalization
When writing the full name for a unit of measure without any numbers, do you capitalize the measurement name or ...
capitalization measurements tech 0 votes, asked Aug 12 '15 by Chris-Tyler Young
1 answer
Should midwest be capitalized in this sentence "At a Midwest institution of higher education in the United States of America
capitalization 0 votes, asked Aug 06 '15 by Dr. Larry
1 answer
A company named usable (sic) spells its name with all lower case letters, not with an initial cap. When starting ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Jul 21 '15 by Robbin Goodman
0 answers
Capitalization in hyphenated words
If the first part of a hyphenated word is capitalized, should the second part also be capitalized? For example, is ...
hyphenated capitalization +1 vote, asked Jul 08 '15 by Mike Connaughton
0 answers
Capitalization of Grand Marshal
In the context of a race, would the words "Grand Marshal" be capitalized? Would it depend on whether or not ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Jul 02 '15 by Al Guien
0 answers
I need to know if titles of groups need to be capitalized, especially if they're separated from their institution. For ...
capitalization groups names +1 vote, asked Jun 26 '15 by Jane Ladley
0 answers
A problem with book/essay titles
I'm having a hard time deciding what should and shouldn't be capitalized in this title. I'm writing an essay for ...
capitalization Titles 0 votes, asked Jun 19 '15 by Morgan
1 answer
Adjectives used for God
Do we capitalize the first letter of adjectives used for God? For instance, should we write "God is the most ...
adjectives capitalization 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '15 by Abdul Quadir
0 answers
Capitalizing titles
"I bestow upon you the title of chevalier." vs. "I bestow upon you the title of Chevalier." When a name ...
capitalization title-naming Titles title +1 vote, asked May 24 '15 by Duke
1 answer
When speaking to a member of the military in text, do you have to capitalize their rank? Examples: "Yes, lance ...
Titles capitalization 0 votes, edited Mar 09 '15 by Roy van Bragt
2 answers
I am writing an application to attend two workshops. Both workshops are written with a capital "w" in their titles ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Jan 12 '15 by Dan Gattuso
1 answer
Should scholar be capitalized in this sentence: Bill Clinton, ex-President of the United States, was a Rhodes scholar.
capitalization 0 votes, asked Nov 26 '14 by Cathy Nierman
0 answers
Capitalization of the word "department" when referring to a specific department
When referring to a specific department, such as the Department of Biological Engineering, in subsequent instances, is Department capitalized: "The ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by Karen Love
0 answers
Letter greeting/Capitalization
Should the second word in "Hello Everyone!" in a letter greeting be capitalized?
capitalization letters 0 votes, asked Sep 29 '14 by Wendy B.
0 answers
Should you capitalize a proper name which has been contracted with an initial apostrophe?
My friend is a fan of the group "The Aquabats". On their television show, they frequently refer to themselves by ...
apostrophe capitalization 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '14 by beavinator1
0 answers
Pronoun capitalization.
My civil service staff write internal reports that refer to the agency with a capital letter, as the "Department," instead ...
capitalization pronoun 0 votes, asked Apr 18 '14 by Steven McCole
0 answers
how do you capitalize hyphenated reduplicated compounds?
How are hyphenated reduplicated compounds capitalized in a title or headline? If I am writing about go-go dancers, does this ...
capitalization hyphenation reduplication compound 0 votes, asked Feb 22 '14 by DEM
1 answer
Capiltalisation of "and" as the first word in a title after an ellipsis
I am part of an art collective, and we decided to name one of our recent projects "... And It ...
ellipsis title capitalisation capitalization 0 votes, asked Jan 05 '14 by S Emery
1 answer
capitalization of "president"
Do I capitalize president in this sentence: I know it would if it said President John Doe, or if we ...
capitalization president 0 votes, asked Dec 23 '13 by Rebecca
1 answer
Capitalization of "the western country"
Can someone please tell me what would be capitalized in the following sentence: "He was talking about the western country, ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '13 by sali
1 answer
I found both answers (yes and no) online already. Do you capitalize the word book in : the Bible book ...
bible capitalization 0 votes, asked Oct 19 '13 by TERRY H.
1 answer
Capitalization of fictional names
Hi If I have a place named 'the Academy of Nyrune', and refer to it as simply 'the Academy', is ...
capitalization Titles 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '13 by Julian Saheed
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