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Do the names of the grandfather and father here need commas around them? The Medici palace, the site of the ...
appositive comma 0 votes, asked Dec 16 '15 by Katherine Schober
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Must appositive refer to a noun or pronoun?
Here is a correct sentence from SAT Online Course: In the past,many famous painters meticulously ground their own colors,an attention ...
appositive 0 votes, asked Oct 01 '15 by Hongqian Yu
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some of them vs some of which
Owing to acid rain, historic buildings are crumbling into decay,_________.①and some of them world treasures many centuries old②some of them ...
appositive non-restrictive 0 votes, asked Sep 24 '15 by Константин Гундев
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Simple Sentences
Can a simple sentence contain an appositive, or does it turn into a complex sentence? Example: " The librarian, Ms. ...
Prepositions appositive +1 vote, asked Aug 27 '15 by ELISE
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Functions of the Noun: Subject vs Noun in Apposition
In the sentence, "Holden, you need to write this letter yourself.", what are the functions of both "Holden and "you"? ...
subject appositive pronoun 0 votes, asked May 13 '15 by Centaurdust146
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Dependant clause within appositive.
I usually do not have trouble with grammar, however, I need help with this sentence. This provides students, with, tablets ...
appositive dependant independent clause 0 votes, asked Apr 14 '15 by Austin Mulka
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Gerund and Appositive Phrase
In the sentence, "Blanche, who enjoys talking, is very sweet." is the part "Blanche, who enjoys talking," a gerund AND ...
gerund gerundphrase appositive appositivephrase 0 votes, asked Jan 28 '15 by Haven Neiman
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Please tell me how many appositievs are in each sentence. 1. As she slept in her bed, she dreamt a ...
appositive grammar help urgent 0 votes, asked Feb 28 '14 by katherine
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Appositive or not?
Is Tom a restrictive appositive in the sentence below? I know it would be a nonrestrictive appositive if it were ...
appositive restrictive non-restrictive +1 vote, asked Feb 19 '13 by Jan Grant
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