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Plural possessive nouns
Getting married. New last name will be Boyle. We are having a crawfish boil and are printing koozies with Boyles ...
plural possesive nouns apostrophe 0 votes, asked Mar 04 by Haley
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Using an Apostrophe
Which of the following is correct? 1) We do not believe CEOs must have financial pedigrees. 2) We do not ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Feb 17 by Laura Ercoli
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apostrophe or no apostrophe
My daughter's volleyball team is having a debate. They are 16 so it's girls volleyball vs womens volleyball. So as ...
apostrophe sports 0 votes, asked Jan 16 by Naia Ohana
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Possessive form of "gov't"? (gov't's???)
In my History research I often shorten government to gov't. My spell checker marks "gov't's" as incorrect, and I am ...
apostrophe possession govt govts history 0 votes, asked Jan 06 by Pudge Pudge
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Apostrophes and possesion
Two men named Steve decide they want to start a business together, and so they name their business, "Two Steve's ...
nouns proper apostrophe possession 0 votes, asked Dec 29 '14 by Chris Raiola
1 answer
Writer's Workshop or Writers' Workshop?
I am writing a supplementary essay, and I wanted to talk about a writer's workshop we did in class. However, ...
apostrophe possession 0 votes, asked Dec 28 '14 by Luc
1 answer
Should years, as in - "last years" - have an apostrophe?
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Dec 07 '14 by Joanna
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Plural possesive: bodies'
If I understand the rules, the correct possesive form of the biochemistry of our bodies would be our bodies' biochemistry. ...
plural possesive apostrophe bodies 0 votes, asked Nov 24 '14 by YossiD
1 answer
Apostrophe usage
I'm creating a photo book and I'm stumbling with a title for a specific section. Which is correct? Guest Portraits ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '14 by Samantha
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apostrophe question
Hi, I am offering meditations for children. *I* have written the meditations to be *used* by children, to be *listened*to* ...
apostrophe object possesive plural 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by minimedi .com
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Use of contractions
Is this correct: Do you know what your doctor's really thinking?
apostrophe contractions possessive 0 votes, asked Oct 15 '14 by Phyllis Renfro
0 answers
You've had a question here about visitors' book and the suggestion was that it should be guest book as the ...
punctuation apostrophe 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '14 by Vally P
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Problem with word love
When love owns something is it loves, love's, loves' or love's'? Demise/product of love - loves, love's, love's or love's' ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Sep 18 '14 by mirko
2 answers
should there be an apostrophe after the s?
In the sentence, 'You have six months' supplies of fuel and food if you are careful.' Should there be an ...
apostrophe s 0 votes, asked Sep 14 '14 by carol powney
1 answer
possessive apostrophe or not?
Which is correct where there are three frogs so plural making noises collectively called a chorus? Is the apostrophe used ...
apostrophe possessive plural 0 votes, asked Aug 08 '14 by carol powney
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Should you capitalize a proper name which has been contracted with an initial apostrophe?
My friend is a fan of the group "The Aquabats". On their television show, they frequently refer to themselves by ...
apostrophe capitalization 0 votes, asked Jun 06 '14 by beavinator1
0 answers
Humanity's or humanities plural possessives
What is correct...? Examples * humanity's history * cornerstone of humanity's issues and problems (....) * a wide range of ...
apostrophe possessive 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by alu
1 answer
apostrophe use
When referring to the Nashua High Girls Lacrosse Team, do you use an apostrophe on "Girls"?
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Apr 11 '14 by jenn Macleod
0 answers
Proper apostrophe location?
Hi there! Where does the apostrophe go in this situation? Post show information on each station’s Facebook page. This is ...
apostrophe possesive 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '14 by Katie McKinney
1 answer
Apostrophe use
Wobbles is the child's nickname so I wasn't sure whether there should be an apostrophe after her name in this ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Jan 20 '14 by carol powney
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Which is correct: The Connecticut Authors' Society or The Connecticut Authors Society?
I'm thinking that The Connecticut Authors Society is correct (no apostrophe) because we are a group but we do now ...
apostrophe authors society 0 votes, asked Jan 18 '14 by Paula Cappa
0 answers
Using an apostrophe for omission
In our business we refer to our people as Enablers, Enthusiasts and Experts. When abbreviating this in presentations, we refer ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Oct 08 '13 by Nikki Whitfield
1 answer
which one of the following is correct ?
which one of the following is correct ?? 1; Programmer's in India. 2; Programmers in India. the one with apostrophe ...
punctuation apostrophe 0 votes, asked Oct 01 '13 by Faheem Rasheed
1 answer
possession after a title
Hi everyone how do I indicate possession when there's a title tagged onto a name - is it: Jane Doe, ...
apostrophe title 0 votes, asked Jul 23 '13 by Don McSwiney
1 answer
Problem with grammarly
I subscribed to grammarly for a couple of reasons. #1. Help with apostrophe usage! #2. Alert to passive voice. Today, ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Jul 16 '13 by Cindy Jeane
2 answers
Correct apostrophe usage in this sentence
"The Smiths' have a lot of experience in educational support." Does the plural of Smith in this sentence require an ...
apostrophe 0 votes, edited May 07 '13 by Amanda Davey
1 answer
To use an apostrophe or not to use.
I'm just wondering which of these is the correct way of writing this sentence. Not sure if the apostrophe in ...
apostrophe Sentence punctuation 0 votes, asked Apr 21 '13 by lee leeeder
2 answers
use of apostophe
I want to describe two lovers - is it two lovers, two lover's or two lovers'?
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Apr 14 '13 by SJH
1 answer
Use of apostrophe
When referring to the response of a particular object, do you use an apostrophe? For example the response of a ...
apostrophe 0 votes, asked Mar 13 '13 by Kalisha
1 answer
Presidents' Day
I'm wondering the correct way to write Presidents' Day. I know singular possessive (President's Day) is incorrect because we honor ...
presidents apostrophe 0 votes, asked Feb 18 '13 by Julia Dvorak
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