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Commas and conjunctions
Is the comma after the word business necessary? Her career interests include journalism, chemistry, law, business, and pharmacy. Thanks
conjunctions and commas 0 votes, asked Dec 27 '14 by Hilda
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Use of multiple ANDs in a sentence
Hi, I want to say in a sentence: I liaised between: 1. A and B; and 2. A and C. ...
and 0 votes, asked Nov 20 '14 by Ken Yunbei Kang
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Using And
The sentence is I didn't stay home and miss work. My question is what does the whole sentence mean? Does ...
omit and compound 0 votes, asked Nov 07 '14 by Nino Guti
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Using "and" twice in a list
Is this correct? "Check the weather, send and receive messages, find your soulmate, and learn to fly all on one ...
list and 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by grandpa joe
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When “and” connects two subjects, can we remove the article of the latter ?
When “and” connects two subjects, can we remove the article of the latter ? For example: Original sentence: The implementation ...
and article 0 votes, asked Aug 13 '14 by shuiying wang
1 answer
and I and me
Which is correct: Billy,did you go to school with Faye and I? OR Billy,did you go to school with Faye ...
and I or andme 0 votes, asked Jul 01 '14 by BillLacy
1 answer
Read the following sentence for once: "Using a knowledge poor approach (explicit information from the text rather than implicit world ...
adjectives and noun 0 votes, asked Mar 24 '14 by Nousher Ahmed
0 answers
The memoir is all about how i sang at the turkey dinner in front of my classmates. I was thinking ...
nervourseness and shy memoir 0 votes, asked Feb 19 '14 by timileyin
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Using and
Is there a rule to,say how many times and can be used in a sentence
Using and 0 votes, asked Feb 12 '14 by Sue sy
2 answers
Usage of singular and plural
Pls let me know the correct one.. Discuss the types of competency involved in your organisation. Discuss the types of ...
singular and plural 0 votes, asked Aug 13 '13 by Shefali Kaushik
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correct answer
which is the correct answers? 1) journey from hell and back to heaven. 2) journey from the hell and back ...
hell and heaven -1 votes, asked Jul 02 '13 by Mahendra Thakuri
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cannot use grammarly
When I copy my sentence and use paste...nothing shows up in grammarly. What could be the problem?
CANNOT copy and PASTE 0 votes, asked Jun 23 '13 by Brenda Thompson
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Adjectives between nouns and verbs
I am wondering which is the best way to set up this question. Is it okay to put an adjective ...
adjectives between noun and verb 0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Stacie Wolfe
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Which would be correct
I am wanting to know which way this sentence would be correctly punctuated. He covered his eyes with both hands ...
commas and dashes 0 votes, asked Apr 25 '13 by lee leeeder
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'at which' or 'to which'?
Do you use 'at which' or 'to which' when you write, for example, X said ....., __ which Y replied ...
which and Prepositions 0 votes, asked Apr 06 '13 by Grace Yee
1 answer
and vs -n-
hot and fresh vs hot-n-fresh, in and out vs in-n-out . I would appreciate if someone would be able to ...
grammar hypehn and n - 0 votes, asked Feb 06 '13 by oh
2 answers
Some people put a comma before 'and' in citations or texts. Citations Jan Mees, Jan Seys, and Eric Coppejans My ...
comma and 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '12 by Ingrid
1 answer
Proper use of the comma in 'and'
Is it correct to use the comma after the word 'and'? E.g: Pressure canning is a method used for processing ...
commas and 0 votes, asked Nov 16 '12 by Jaira Angeli B. Casipit
1 answer
Does this sentence have too many "ands"?
The sentence: "There is a relationship between schizophrenia and knowledge and contact." What I'm trying to say is that there ...
and correct wrong Sentence cheeseburger 0 votes, edited Aug 19 '12 by eduardo
1 answer
BEFORE or UNTIL? Does it matter?
Please tell me if it matters whether I use, BEFORE or UNTIL, in the following sentences: 1. We had to ...
BEFORE and UNTIL 0 votes, asked Jun 13 '12 by Ian Marshall
2 answers
differences between lose and miss
What is the diffrence between lose and miss?
Difference between lose and miss 0 votes, asked May 26 '12 by Ivan
1 answer
Them and I will be
Would you change "Them and I will be" for the pronoun to "We will be"?
Them and I or WE 0 votes, asked Apr 20 '12 by Dawn
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