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does this sentence need a comma
There is debate about whether this sentence needs a comma and we need to settle the debate so we can ...
comma adjectives 0 votes, asked Jan 26 by Jenny Stevens-Scott
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pls answer
The people enjoy swimming in the clear water.
adjectives 0 votes, asked Jan 13 by David Brian Encienzo
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Is it correct to describe a pronoun in this way?
I was wondering whether this sentence is correct: "Impassive, he sat in his chair." I know that using the adverb ...
adjectives adverbs pronouns 0 votes, asked Nov 11 '14 by Simon
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Question about coordinate adjectives.
Which of these is properly punctuated? "the big, old dog" or "the big old dog" and "the rusted, red wagon" ...
coordinate adjectives 0 votes, asked Sep 17 '14 by Derek O'Halloran
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Adjectives after nouns?
An example..."main library downtown" vs. "downtown main library." I don't feel like the adjective should be after the noun. Anyone ...
adjectives 0 votes, asked Sep 03 '14 by Charla Hudson Oppenlander
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Phrases is a sentences
What are the phrases in the sentences below (Prepositional, infinitive, or participial)are used has adjectives and what word is being ...
Infinitive Preoposition participial adjectives 0 votes, asked Jul 08 '14 by Stacy Parkman-Smith
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where are the adjectives and adverbs
My favorite movie of all time is The Matrix. This movie is intenser than any other. The main character of ...
adverbs adjectives 0 votes, asked Apr 19 '14 by Jenifer Clarke
1 answer
Read the following sentence for once: "Using a knowledge poor approach (explicit information from the text rather than implicit world ...
adjectives and noun 0 votes, asked Mar 24 '14 by Nousher Ahmed
2 answers
What is this {compound noun}, and is it grammatically correct?
I am in the process of writing a literary work and for some reason I seem to remain "unglued" about ...
wordsmithery nouns adjectives participles compound 0 votes, asked Jan 29 '14 by Michael
1 answer
The word latest
My question is about the word LATEST a) the latest fashion / the latest news / the latest car model ...
adjectives 0 votes, asked Nov 24 '13 by mcarlosh
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noun vs adjective
In the sentence "A flash of brilliant blue caught his eye." I know that the prepositional phrase "of brilliant blue" ...
Prepositions adjectives nouns 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '13 by TMVine
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Position of adjectives
I was hoping someone could help me understand why in "something different" the adjective goes afterwards. Usully I see before ...
adjectives 0 votes, asked Jul 12 '13 by Emma Jayne Gray
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Adjectives between nouns and verbs
I am wondering which is the best way to set up this question. Is it okay to put an adjective ...
adjectives between noun and verb 0 votes, asked May 01 '13 by Stacie Wolfe
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Modifiers !
" What are supplied by the Municipal Corporation, is not free from contamination." Find out the Post Modifier.
modifiers question grammar vocabulary adjectives 0 votes, asked Mar 14 '13 by Pyaree Dash
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The New York Times.
Hi, In the sentence "The New York Times." what is New York? Is it an adjective?
sentance sentence-fragment adjectives +1 vote, asked Dec 17 '12 by Vadim D
3 answers
"New <noun>" = "<noun> of new"?
Good evening, My question is the following: Is "New " equal or equivalent in any way to " adjectives nouns 0 votes, asked Nov 14 '12 by Vítor Costa
1 answer
multiple adjectives
When a noun is described by two or more adjectives that are side-by-side, place a comma between the adjectives. For ...
adjectives comma hyphen 0 votes, asked Oct 22 '12 by Stephen Dix
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