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Correct possessive adjective use
Which sentence is correct: "We thank the Board of Directors for its support" or "We thank the Board of Directors ...
adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Nigil
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Adjective or not?
Is 'sea' in sea shell an adjective of the noun 'shell' or not? Or is it together just a noun?
adjective noun 0 votes, asked Mar 23 by Pascal van Geest
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Inversion Adjective & somewhat
Consdering the following sentence: I can take one colourful example, involving the somewhat esoteric subject a statutory scheme designed to ...
inversion somewhat adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 19 by alan
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adjecties, article
Hi, An activity I am working on says that "the" in "the orchestra" is an adjective. Isn't that an article? ...
article or adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 03 by AZTeach
2 answers
I am having a spirited debate over my sentence structure in a question I asked over text message.
I asked this question in a group text: "Still wanting some infused jalapeño tequila steve?" Chaos ensued. I understand that ...
noun Adverb adjective compound 0 votes, asked Feb 28 by Jay B
1 answer
punctuation of adjective phrase with "not"
Is the following sentence punctuated correctly? "It's an active, not a passive endeavor." Should there be a comma after "passive" ...
adjective not punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 24 by TextShark
1 answer
Narwhal song use of awesome
"Narwhals are causing a commotion because they are so awesome." Is "awesome" used incorrectly as a noun in this sentence?
adjective noun 0 votes, asked Feb 21 by Justin
1 answer
adjective phrase help
Fill in the blanks with suitable adjective phrase1) Listen to the sound__________2)She is a woman___________3) The verdict________ was in his ...
adjective Phrase help -1 votes, asked Nov 06 '14 by Priya Sharma
0 answers
What is the Kernel Sentence of this sentence?
"One other key to creating jobs that will gainfully employ a substantial portion of the unemployed is to boost the ...
Infinitive adjective clause Phrase verbals 0 votes, asked Jun 25 '14 by Jerhewd
0 answers
federer blow away by strom names gulbis
find adjective 0 votes, asked Jun 04 '14 by mini khan
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architecture or architectural as adjective
Which form is correct - architecture school or architectural school architecture firm or architectural firm architecture competition or architectural competition ...
adjective 0 votes, asked May 18 '14 by Mary Paul
0 answers
Which is stronger: a noun or an adjective?
I read where two men were debating over a sentence that involved an adjective followed by the noun that was ...
noun adjective 0 votes, asked Apr 27 '14 by Nathan
0 answers
Difference between the use of Enchanted and Enchanting????
Dear Grammarly Answer Community, I'm trying to figure out the difference between the words "enchanted promises" and "enchanting promises", is ...
adjective transitive verb 0 votes, asked Mar 04 '14 by Chris
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Confusing with the use of adverb or adjective ??
We say think big and there is no bigly way ,,we also say treat her good not well ,,sleep tight ...
adjective Adverb 0 votes, asked Oct 19 '13 by Sarah Saad
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Punctuation of long adjective string
I am going back and forth on how to punctuate this sentence: For $100, I was able to buy a ...
adjective hyphen comma 0 votes, asked Sep 02 '13 by Catherine C
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Is it possible to say "less something"?
I found the sentence below in Positive affirmations can also help you reprogram yourself and your way of thinking ...
less adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 25 '13 by Akasago Kunel
2 answers
Using a hyphen in a compound adjective that includes an acronym
In my organization, one of the policies for using acronyms in written material is to first spell out, or define, ...
hyphen acronym compound adjective +1 vote, asked Apr 15 '13 by Chacka Garcia
2 answers
Proper usuage of "manifest" or "manifested"
In our proofing sessions we are divided on the proper use of the word "manifested". Some of us hold that ...
verb adjective manifest manifested 0 votes, asked Feb 07 '13 by Tim Sherwood
2 answers
usage of right as an adjective
"Right since my school days, I had a passion for building anything that is cool" Is this usage of right ...
Usage right adjective 0 votes, asked Feb 07 '13 by steve
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