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differentiating between "more" as adjective or adverb
Is there a proper way to write the phrase "more important information" such that "more" is, without doubt, modifying "information" ...
adjective Adverb +1 vote, asked Jan 04 by Brian Zirkle
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a bit/a lot + comparative form
Is the sentence below grammatically correct? The bread was a lot crispier. I mean the bread was crispier (= more ...
adjective comparative +1 vote, asked Dec 24 '15 by Abdul Quadir
2 answers
Adjective or Possessive?
Someone I know wrote a sentence about the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. In that phrase, wouldn't 'Colts' need an ...
Possess adjective +1 vote, asked Dec 17 '15 by Meganne Bunce
1 answer
"unhappily" or "unhappy"
In editing a book for my friend, I changed the sentence, "[Paula is] new in town, has stress at home ...
adjective Adverb 0 votes, asked Nov 25 '15 by stephen davis
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boiled and boiling - which is the correct Participle as an Adjective
Hi, I have a concern about "particple as an adjective" As we might already known, participle is verb + -ed ...
participle adjective 0 votes, asked Nov 19 '15 by Trần Minh
2 answers
Adjective + noun
Can I write like this: "It had been yet another unbearably challenging of a morning"?My teacher marked the "of a" ...
adjective noun adjectives teacher of 0 votes, asked Nov 18 '15 by Joel Kaasalainen
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adverb adjective confusion
the girl is beautiful - adjective the girl seems beautiful - adverb ?
Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Nov 12 '15 by roger fitzgerald
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The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Grammatically incorrect?
We can say : The bigger they come, the harder they fall. The higher you climb, the further you fall. ...
Easier adjective Adverb +2 votes, edited Oct 21 '15 by Ian Marshall
1 answer
is this sentence correct? "Maya fet badly tha she had to chose one icecream flavor so she chose chocolate an ...
grammar pronouns Adverb adjective 0 votes, asked Oct 15 '15 by Sarah
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Use of the adjective "proudly"
The Fire Department in my City has the moto, "Proudly we serve". Is this grammatically correct? In my mind it ...
adjective slogans 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Spencer Kyle
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how to build correctly compound adjectives
Dera experts, is that correct: blood-transfusion-medicine-and-haemotherapy part of chedule of internship Ia am not sure if this hyphenaction/compound adjective is ...
hyphenation compound adjective 0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Michal
1 answer
fast is… an adverb or adj
In the sentence, “Teresa drives her car fast,” fast is… a. an adverb. b. an adjective. c. a verb. d. ...
Adverb adjective verb preposition 0 votes, asked Aug 10 '15 by Hussain AL-Ghawi
1 answer
Adjective and adverb
My classmate can play basketball ... Because he paraticesevery day
adjective 0 votes, asked Aug 06 '15 by Baking .warm
1 answer
happy / happily
which one is grammartically right? a parents who works shorter hours but comes home unhappy / unhappily
adjective Adverb 0 votes, asked Jul 29 '15 by 예지 박
1 answer
How do I know if it's an adjective or just part of the subject?
For example: "The Miami Heat players are pretty alright at basketball." Is the subject "The Miami Heat players" or is ...
adjective subject grammar adjectives subjects 0 votes, asked Jul 22 '15 by Jason C
1 answer
Adjective at the end of a list.
If I put an adjective at the end of a list such as: You can have a bike, a ball ...
adjective list 0 votes, asked Jul 14 '15 by Douglas Rushton
1 answer
Adjective use
A recent news article read "Gay flag-burning man realeased..." Does the adjective "gay" apply to the "flag-burning" in the sentence, ...
adjective 0 votes, asked Jul 09 '15 by terd bergle
1 answer
Use of present perfect and adjective.
We can ask a question : Have you played ......... ? Is it correct to ask : Have you intersted....
interest interested present perfect adjective +1 vote, asked Jul 02 '15 by Mukund Chaskar
1 answer
Grammar check!
Which of the two is grammatically correct? Sunday is fun day. Sunday is a fun day.
article adjective 0 votes, asked Jun 21 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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'a' or 'of a' following an adjective?
- "He is just as good a teacher as..." or "He is just as good of a teacher as..." - ...
grammar noun adjective 0 votes, asked Jun 18 '15 by Leah Johnstone
1 answer
Can 'scribbling' be a noun?
Hi there! Currently, I'm reading a book on 'Android Phones' and I can't understand the author's use of the word ...
noun adjective +1 vote, edited May 31 '15 by Abdul Quadir
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Word choice, use. Sincerely.
Can I use sincerely in a negative way. "I sincerely worry about the future." Or is there a word that ...
ly adjective sincerely help wordchoice +1 vote, asked May 10 '15 by Danika
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Grammatical function of a future tense verb
Please would someone be able to tell me, what is the grammatical term given to the future tense verb in ...
future verb adjective 0 votes, asked Apr 16 '15 by Sethan
1 answer
Correct possessive adjective use
Which sentence is correct: "We thank the Board of Directors for its support" or "We thank the Board of Directors ...
adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 23 '15 by Nigil
2 answers
Adjective or not?
Is 'sea' in sea shell an adjective of the noun 'shell' or not? Or is it together just a noun?
adjective noun 0 votes, asked Mar 23 '15 by Pascal van Geest
1 answer
Inversion Adjective & somewhat
Consdering the following sentence: I can take one colourful example, involving the somewhat esoteric subject a statutory scheme designed to ...
inversion somewhat adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 19 '15 by alan
1 answer
adjecties, article
Hi, An activity I am working on says that "the" in "the orchestra" is an adjective. Isn't that an article? ...
article or adjective 0 votes, asked Mar 03 '15 by AZTeach
2 answers
I am having a spirited debate over my sentence structure in a question I asked over text message.
I asked this question in a group text: "Still wanting some infused jalapeño tequila steve?" Chaos ensued. I understand that ...
noun Adverb adjective compound 0 votes, asked Feb 28 '15 by Jay B
1 answer
punctuation of adjective phrase with "not"
Is the following sentence punctuated correctly? "It's an active, not a passive endeavor." Should there be a comma after "passive" ...
adjective not punctuation 0 votes, asked Feb 24 '15 by TextShark
1 answer
Narwhal song use of awesome
"Narwhals are causing a commotion because they are so awesome." Is "awesome" used incorrectly as a noun in this sentence?
adjective noun 0 votes, asked Feb 21 '15 by Justin
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